Ostrich Grain Briefcase For Proffessional, Dapper Men

When just any regular briefcase wont synchronize with your style, what is a professional gent to do? Perhaps he’d dust off his backpack from college, and sport that around as an attempt to reinvent a college-inspired fashion trend around the busy office. Or, he might consider modern briefcases, a far cry from the traditional styles (not to say they are boring or unfashionable). They just give an outfit more style, more charm, and more fashion clout. An outfit on its own is by all means sharp, well given the tailoring is up to par with some of the Italian craftsmanship techniques. But what about guys who love a casual, business suit for the sake of comfort without compromising quality and style? An ostrich styled briefcase might be the exact ingredient missing to your professional style recipe. With a timeless pattern known for it’s luxury and sophisticated design, ostrich styled leather has been featured back to back my major fashion houses and now professional men can sport the look every day. Suitable for laptops, tablets, and documents, the ostrich briefcase is truly impresses.

PILAEO Ostrich Briefcase For Men

The ostrich patterned briefcase is available at PILAEO

Elegant and Convenient.
Excellently crafted using high quality, genuine leather, the ostrich pattern briefcase will surely stand out in an office full of plain briefcases. Perception is really influenced much by appearance, and if there was one item that would instantly turn you from ‘professional gentleman’ to ‘professional cool gentleman’, it would be the ostrich briefcase, known for its savvy design and fashionable style.


Ostrich is a highly prized, luxury leather that’s fashionably timeless and valued by many in fashion. The Ostrich patterned briefcase boasts a gold tone zipper along side the sleek black leather, which is true luxury in itself.

Luxury-Ostrich-Grain-Mens-Black-Leather-Briefcase-IJIX878789-PILAEO-5 Luxury-Ostrich-Grain-Mens-Black-Leather-Briefcase-IJIX878789-PILAEO-6

The briefcase conveniently holds essential items. Neat, Trendy, Friendly.

Excellence in mens fashion has just arrived, and the ostrich pattern leather briefcase is the ultimate example of that!

The Rise Of The Mens Oil Waxed Black Leather Backpack

The era of all men typically dressing the same,  and adhering to so called traditional rules of fashion is really a thing of the past. With technology becoming essential in many of our lives, knowing how to work with it is the best route to a comfortable lifestyle. For decades, businessmen have latched proudly onto their briefcases one their way out the door each day. They used it as a tool for convenience, and a symbol of professionalism and style. Now in the realms of increasing technology use around the world, men are grabbing backpacks and putting down their briefcases. Briefcases are by no means over and done with, but they certainly are increasingly left at home. Though backpacks are flexible, and comfortable, they have one major benefit over briefcases. THE ABILITY TO BE HANDS FREE; Therefore mobile phones and other gadgets can be used with ease.

Tip: If you are a professional gentleman, and are on the fence of getting a backpack, be rest assured. You have many options. Sport a black leather backpack for a neat, sleek look. This matches perfectly with your suit, is convenient, and very stylish.

Pilaeo Oil Waxed Luxury Mens Backpack

The oil waxed beauty seen above is an example of a backpack that can be worn with style and confidence to the office. The common misconception that backpacks are for kids, is outdated.  A new take on mens fashion has really arrived. Menswear is changing with the times, and changing in a way never experienced before. Grabbing a leather backpack is an excellent way to symbolize style while the rest of your outfit needs to respect office dress code.


Fashion forward gentlemen have long known that style and comfort is key to dressing and feeling great. Genuine leather luxury backpacks offer a great option as an alternative to briefcases. Staying ahead of mens fashion trends is one aspect of a modern gentlemen’s survival, but embracing comfort and convenience is just as important.

The Floral Blazer That Changed Menswear..Seriously

Some blazer jackets can claim that they are held on a pretty high pedestal by men. However, expect the unexpected. One particular blazer has stylists in such a frenzy, so much that it’s sort of wild, but truly elegant, and very fashionable.  The modern blazer with an artistic red and blue floral pattern is in a class of it’s own. The material, cutting, and pattern comes together beautifully to create a new synergistic style that mens fashion has never seen before.

Pilaeo Mens Floral Blazer

Style has been redefined. With this classic artwork styled floral blazer, there is only one option men have while shopping, and it is truly this item.  Wearing floral blazers can be what may seem like a task for some, but wearing them with the right clothing and footwear is key.

Meet Awesome. The crocodile style patent leather moccasin mens loafer shoes by Pilaeo.com

mens black patent leather mocassins

If there were awards for the most fashionable guy of the decade. The guy wearing this stylish blazer and moccasins loafer duo would surely be at the forefront.  The misconception in a modern era is that looking nice is complicated. Being too flashy may not be something most guys want, but being modest and high end is surely something that is interesting.A really cool floral blazer that is modern and creative, along with patent leather black moccasins are not the pair that you’d want to ignore.

Sporting blazers have been a favorite of  gentlemen for decades, if not centuries. The stylish, and very neat garment simply works, and will work beautifully with most outfits. Professional, casual, or business-casual; blazers fit their way into the mix perfectly. And even GQ Agrees.  The fashionisto crowd of men who tend to always wear the most stylish clothes are scrambling for something new, creative, and awesome. The floral blazer in red and blue is the answer that will rev up wardrobes, and really do wonders in the looks department!