3 Attention Grabbing Crocodile Briefcases For Your IPad or Laptop

If one thing’s certain about a tech fueled lifestyle, it’s that style is as important as ever. In an era where private yachts, extravagant escapes, and internet access on your watch come in to play as cool ways to escape the perils of city life, modern gentlemen are grabbing onto crocodile briefcase designs, as a way to place a symbolism of sophistication and charm at the centerpiece of a busy, and sometimes hectic lifestyle.

Trending fashion is in and out at an alarmingly fast rate, that not even the top, fashionable elite can keep up with. The key to staying relevant with technology, and the lifestyle that you desire, is to make sure that the essentials of style are included in your wardrobe. Crocodile briefcases are high up on the priority list of the luxury male shopper’s list for a very good reason, convenience and style – the mantra of the 21st century.


Men who are brave enough to sport something daring, that speaks volumes of his nature, and apt for a fine daily experience, understands that quality is never, ever compromisable.

From the Oxford street exceptionals to the Italian leather experts, crocodile briefcases are the goto essential for men who are feuled by ambition, technology, and passion. Here are 3 attention grabbing crocodile briefcases at PILAEO that will surely keep you nothing short of attractive, and prepared for anything, with style, wit, and poise.

Retro Upscale Hard-shell Genuine Crocodile Leather Briefcase

Retro Crocodile Leather Briefcase At PILAEO

The retro style never ceases to amaze. Top artists and fashion critics all acknowledge the timelessness of genuine crocodile leather briefcases. Laptops, i pads, and more can essentially fit into sleek, crocodile briefcases that have a retro design, mostly because of the size and shape. A boxed shape that’s spacey is always more than convenient, and in some cases might even function as a weekender bag. Staying passionate about your daily routine, profession, and lifestyle really lies within how prepared you are, and sticking with crocodile patterned briefcases, retro, boxy styles, in particular, not only shows your knack for fine style, but also, character, and an excellent, organized nature. The retro, boxy genuine crocodile leather briefcase is available here at PILAEO.


Crocodile Patterned Satchel Laptop Bag

Satchel Crocodile Patterned Mens Briefcase At PILAEO

One reason why designer briefcases are prevailing, even in an era where the luxury backpack is staging an interesting rise, is truly in the fact that the elegant factor of a successful businessman or woman is much more identifiable with the briefcase. In truth, though briefcases have existed long before the laptop computer, there’s no denying that the briefcase was made to neatly compartmentalize documents, and apparently, but eventually, sleek, slim, electronics such as laptops; Or perhaps even phablets? Modern gentlemen who are savvy enough to sport a satchel briefcase, but just can’t seem to put a finger on which style to go with for office or business-causal use are going the way of the crocodile satchel. The crocodile patterned leather briefcase is available here at PILAEO.


Excellent Brown Crocodile Leather Mens Briefcase

Brown Crocodile Leather Mens Briefcase

As the title suggests, this briefcase exhibits just that – excellence. The truth about brown briefcases are that they are usually a hit or miss, due to the prevalence of brown in casual fashion. Fashion has made strides over the years, particularly mens fashion, and the brown briefcase is the ultimate symbolism of the leaps, bounds, and success of modern style. For men who want to join the movement of modern menswear, and be an example what perfect mens style looks like, this is your briefcase. This brown crocodile leather briefcase is available here at PILAEO.


Summing Up The Selection

When a busy, yet successful lifestyle calls for a wardrobe that needs to fall in line with achievement, a style that shows you character, passion, and sophistication is important. It not only gives you an upper hand in your lifestyle, but also an amazing sense of self. Sticking with timeless briefcase styles such as the crocodile briefcase has been the secret of truly stylish gentlemen for decades. Exactly why the crocodile briefcase has emerged as  the clear winner among the wide selections of briefcases designed by fashion craftsmen, really is within it’s unparalleled level of clout and sophistication. With a crocodile briefcase, somehow style becomes easier, and daily errands become more manageable. One of the often overlooked things about briefcases are that they do not need to be hand-carry-only. Shoulder straps which are usually detachable, make briefcases comfortable, and are just another reason why the crocodile briefcase trend is one to pay attention to.

Gentlemen who are on the fence about briefcases appearing a bit too reserved for strict office professions, can stick with a satchel style, if extra room is your concern, a boxy, retro style, and if excellent style and luxury tops your list, then brown, genuine leather crocodile briefcases are sure at among the styles to put atop your list. Looking awesome with crocodile briefcases will do wonders for look, and the way you’re perceived, and also make your life a lot more hassle- free, because of the exceptional convenience.

11 Practical Ways To Put Luxury Into Your Lifestyle

For centuries, the elite have enjoyed the pleasures of extreme luxuries, a lifestyle of exclusivity and access that is often admired. However, with the introduction of a technologically-centered lifestyle, the pleasures of true luxury aren’t as far away as you’d assume. Modernism brings with it increased challenges, such as global warming, hunger, and water issues which are definitely obstacles to tackle, but along with it comes opportunity, hope, and excellent things such as luxury.pilaeo-magazine-luxuryfashion

Seeking out key ways to enjoy your life on a more savvy and sophisticated level, is all within how you craft your day, clothing, and social surroundings. Staying in style, as well as having optimism will always prevail as the true luxuries – however In order to have these things, knowing practical ways to put luxury into your lifestyle is paramount. Here are 11 ways you can do exactly that:

1. Rev up Your Bag

crocodile briefcase via PILAEO

Bags for men have become somewhat of the new must have fashion phenomenon, solely because of their ability to really make any gent’s outfit savvy, modern, and timeless. Having a style that can reflect your character, as well as provide an awesome level of convenience for you is truly one of the best benefits of sporting a briefcase, or leather backpack. Fashionable men have long known that the key to traveling in style is a bag with the right hue, material, and level of elegance. The crocodile patterned briefcase, along with the brown messenger bag have time and time a again, been touted as some of the best bag trends to pay attention to.

Crocodile Briefcase

Brown Crocodile Briefcase via PILAEO

The brown crocodile leather luxury briefcase is available here at PILAEO

Crocodile briefcases are essential to luxury mens accessories, just as much as the wrist watch is. Men who are savvy enough to sport the crocodile patterned briefcase, have for decades reaped the numerous pleasures and style benefits that come with the essential item. Stylish  gentlemen have long clinger to to luxury fashion brands that tout crocodile briefcases for a reason – they simply help them look better, and consistently! The truth is, that some fashion items are in an out of trend, mere fads. Crocodile patterned styles are timeless, here yesterday, today, and eons into the future.

Brown Messenger Bag

Brown leather mens messenger bag

The brown leather men’s messenger bag is available Here At PILAEO

Brown messenger bags somehow silently crept their way into the the forefront of modern fashion, impressively. The brown messenger, a traditional mens fashion ‘must have’, always keeps its promise. A unshakable promise of delivering , and having the ability to be as flexible as it is. Th brown messenger has undeniably become one of the most prominent and must have fashion items for men. The great thing about the style is that they are just as much perfect for casual wear as they are for any business suit. In fact, even college student, fashion crowds are raving about brown messenger bags.

Why Bags Are Essential To a higher quality lifestyle

Bags have always been at the top of a fashionable gent’s shopping list. The issue with shopping for bags and briefcases have always been the uneasiness that comes with not knowing whether or not the size or style might be suitable for everyday use. Leather briefcases and bags in particular are essential for a higher quality lifestyle, because they are convenient, and stylish, serving a purpose more than ever. Convenience ties into the comfort and accessibility factor of modern living. Whether it’s a luxury crocodile pattern or an awesome vintage, brown style, modern men are living elegantly and in luxury with leather briefcases and bags.

2. Jewelry

It should not come as  a surprise to know that the royalty of all kingdoms, countries, and civilizations have prized silver, gold, diamonds, and other rarities. One of the best and more effortless ways to perk up your style without doing too much is to get jewelry that complements yours lifestyle, dreams, and goals. Staying grounded with the right accessories is key to staying true to your own character and passions. Jewelry has always been one of the best representations of luxury, and silver and leather bracelets are certainly no exception to that.

Silver Bracelets

Brilliant Sterling Silver 925 Mens Bracelet 3

The sterling silver 925 luxury men’s bracelet is available Here at PILAEO

The silver bracelet, the prime accessory that somehow managed to quietly nibble away at some of the luxury watch’s prominence, has for centuries been a symbol of style. Gentlemen who are on the fence of sporting a watch, or maybe even a smartwatch or fit bit on a regular basis, can now take a sigh of relief, to know that silver bracelets are available in so many different styles, that you seriously can have one for each weekday. From the dragon shaped charm bracelets, to the creative leaf shaped designs, savvy men who are brave enough to step out with charm, and unmoved by challenges, but rewards himself with pleasures and quality, can all attest to the excellence of the silver bracelet.

Leather Bracelets

Mens Adorn Rope Design Leather Bracelet

via leather bracelets at PILAEO

Over the years, the accessories collection of many major fashion houses have been rearranged to tailored around the leather bracelet. At some point, it did seem as if it would be a mere fad, in and out within a few seasons. However, modern men have found the excellent accessory to pair with the leather briefcase, belt, and dapper loafer with. Leather bracelets have zero chance of fading into oblivion, at least for now. The truth is, timeless fashion usually revolves around items that can be centered around lifestyle, such as travel, preferences of dining, and even socializing. Leather bracelets certainly have some style ‘mojo’, and modern men who are ahead of the so called fads have embraced the look, with absolutely no hesitation. Taking a place right by the silver bracelets, and luxury wrist watches, the leather bracelets is truly making a place for itself, on the wrist of the elite, and fashion forward.

3. Get A Crocodile Leather Wallet

Genuine Crocodile Leather Mens Classic Black Continental Wallet

The genuine crocodile leather continental wallet is available here at PILAEO

Crocodile leather wallets are one of the mens fashion items that simply last. A fashionable pattern that dates back eons made it’s way to the forefront of style effortlessly, among crowds of fads and temporary trends. The wallet, and essential for any gentleman, is of course the ultimate sign of competence, and really shows that you’ve got an organized nature. The crocodile wallet is distinctive, and can serve as a true symbol of luxury.

4. The Velvet Blazer

Sleek New Luxury Mens Black Velvet Floral Blazer

via PILAEO blazer selection here

If you’re not the kind of gentleman who tends to be picky with fashion, the velvet blazer will make you rethink that way of looking at fashion. The intricate material screams luxury all around, and sophistication like nothing else! The velvet material has long been prized for it’s royalty-like knack, and exceptional quality. The man who is looking for an effortless way to introduce luxury into his lifestyle, need look no further. Velvet blazers have always delivered.

WHy It’s Essential.

Truthfully, some items in mens fashion just aren’t necessary. But every smart guy knows the value of a decent, fit suit jacket, and aside from the regular, office blazer, the velvet blazer is essential. When the expert tailoring, and right selection of color comes into play, the velvet material makes anyone nothing short of attractive and unforgettably charming.

5. The FLoral Blazer

Amazing Royalty Style Mens Fashion Velvet Blend Floral Blazer

via PILAEO blazer selection here

Floral blazers have long taken the crown over from the suit jacket and boutonniere look, as the ‘go to’ essential. Men who can claim a wardrobe full of vibrant outfits and charm, certainly have at least one, or perhaps two racks of floral blazer designs. If your style is not neccarilly on the bright, more dandy side, then good news; Floral blazers are available in many different patterns and styles. From simple, single color, subtle styles, to the more elegant designs, though not at the compromise at an artistic edge.

WHy It’s Essential

Floral designs have come from being staples in artwork of work renowned artists, to a menswear ‘must have’. Essential fashion for men starts with getting styles that are sure to last a long time. Things that have beauty, significance,e and charm effortlessly, always stand the test of time. Getting a floral blazer that is on the more subtle side, can certainly make it a lot more flexible and suitable for a casual outfit. Luxury fashion at it’s best always means owning your own look, complementing it with stellar designs, which of course includes floral blazers!

6. Mocassins – The secret foowear of the the famous

Patent Leather Luxury Black Moccasins For Men

The black luxury patent leather moccasin loafer is available Here At PILAEO

Moccasin shoes are undeniably, the shoes that the most elite and fashionable gentlemen take pleasure in sporting. They are comfortable, stylish, and relevant. Moccasin shoes have quietly become the ‘go to’ footwear of choice for fashion forward gentlemen of the country clubs of Beverley Hills, to the wine tasting events of Singapore. Modern flair truly meets traditional luxury with moccasin shoes.

7. Travel


Traveling has become the new style ritual. Taking time out to travel is one of the best decisions anyone can make. Exotic and fun locations that offer a higher quality lifestyle, seem to really have a lasting effect on most people. Luxury dining, shopping, and experience is what all the rave is about. One of the best ways to put luxury into your lifestyle is to focus on making your vacations superb.

Key Destinations

There are tons of destinations around the world that are noteworthy However, here are some key spots that are currently trending; Furthermore, at some destinations, spotting a celebrity is nothing new!

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

KiChic, Peru

St. Regis Princeville, Hawaii

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Imanta, Mexico

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

Fowl Cay, Bahamas

Mukul, Nicaragua

Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa, French Polynesia

Bedarra Island, Australia

Cheval Blanc St-Barth

Isle de France, St. Barth

Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji

Tip: If you’re unable to travel far to an exotic location. Good news – use Google to search for local yacht or junk parties, this way having a great time on a luxury yacht somehow becomes realistic! Yes, you can esily join in on the fun, at a convenient time and location.

Tips While Traveling

Traveling and leaving your routine behind can mean white sand beaches, opportunities, tranquil, and exotic locations off the coast of some low key location. However, essential information such as safety, and language guides should by no means, be left out of the equation.

Food safety – might be high on your list of cautions, especially if you want to indulge in something you’ve never eaten before. Consider checking your destination’s tourist guide for this important information

Clothing – Pack lightly. Smart packing means folding your clothing wisely and really using up every bit of space in your suitcase or duffel bag. This way you can bring some of that vacation back home.

Airfare – There are some key ways to get the best deals on airfare. Handy sites for vacation packages are many from Expedia to Travelocity. Tip: book your reservation at least 8 months in advanced for the best pricing.

Mobile phone & Internet access – Before your vacation, be sure to check with your mobile phone carrier about roaming charges. Far too many travelers don’t take advantage of the deals that local mobile phone carriers have with international carriers. The world is truly connected.

8. The Luxury Wristwatch

Wristwatches have long been the symbol of sophistication. Businessmen take pride in wristwatches, as they are the ultimate symbols of success. Collectors admire their collections of luxury, branded pickups as they increase in value as time goes on. The wrist watch is an effortless way to look and feel excellent. Regardless of your profession, the right watch is bound to bring more than just a bit of luxury into your lifestyle.

9. Fine Art & Photography

Art and photography are two of the most revered kinds of hobbies and admiration for a good reason. Anything that can produce quality, pleasure, and meaning will always be significant and captivating. Art and photography surely have their way of making your lifestyle one that you’re satisfied and comfortable with. Modern and traditional, rare art collections have a high value and are routinely auctioned off at astronomical figures. Appreciating the creativity, history, and craftsmanship put into art and photography is just another practical way to put luxury into your lifestyle, regardless of your location.

10. Wine – An excellent pleasure

Wine tasting evens have secret sprung up at almost every corner of the the worlds most popular, and fashionable cities. Businessmen and women gather to taste the variations of wine, and enjoy it. Wine tasting itself has somewhat become a sport. Find the nearest wine tasting event using Gaylot. Taking pleasure in another stellar sport that was once reserved for the elite, is just another way to put luxury into your lifestyle.

11. Hair & Skin Care – Why They Can Improve Your Style

Even the most macho of gentlemen takes pride in having a great hair and skin. Fashionable men and women unhesitatingly, yet subconsciously flock to the best looking counter part in most situations. Simply because great hair and skin can often mean quality, or at least this is the usual justification for it. Focusing on your hair style, grooming, and skin care routine; Having that in place absolutely makes way for a higher quality life, all around, through perception from others, and how you feel about yourself. A luxury lifestyle means a high quality lifestyle, and looking your best can do wonders in that area. Find a skin and hair grooming routine that’s simple, easy, and stick with that. Improving our style by paying more attention to your skin and hair is a great way to put quality and luxury into your lifestyle.

In Conclusion

From the white sand beaches of Fiji, to silver bracelets, and luxury watches, practical ways of putting luxury into your lifestyle are not as tough you might assume. Staying creative with your own style, and passions is paramount, which ultimately make way for a quality and enjoyable routine, regardless of your location. Fashion has come a long way, and so has lifestyle and luxury. Putting quality first, while maintaining great character is key to all things luxury. PILAEO offers luxury fashion essentials for fashion forward men.


Luxury 101: Wearing Velvet…The Right Way

Given that mens fashion has experienced numerous changes over the years, it’s easy to write off any clothing fabric or material that may have been popular in the era of your ancestors. However, royalty doesn’t stop at crowns, castles, and a prince’s charm, it often included velvet, which was, and still is seen as prestigious. Pleasing to the eye, easy to touch, feel, and wear are just a few awesome characteristics of the velvet fabric. With the intro of quasi, luxury, fashion and other creative initiatives of the fashion industry, smart gentlemen are pushing back against the tidal waves of style that may one day redefine exactly what mens fashion is. Tradition, charm, quality, and character – essential characteristics that are often left out of the consciousness of modern design. Having a great way to express yourself through style has never come at a more demanding time in fashion. Velvet blazers may just be it – that item that will can reclaim the face of menswear, in an era where modernity has to carefully fuse itself with value, and tradition. Wearing the velvet blazer the right way means fit, it means having the right pants, or even denim jeans, as well as…wait for it… your own character. This is luxury 101: The essential habits of the velvet blazer.


Fit is everything. Really.

A man’s style is not necessarily determined by the brand, or even the design of his clothing, but the fit is often the essential aspect of his look, making way for all the other things he sports, to fall perfectly into place. Italian tailors have perfected the craftsmanship of blazers, over the course of centuries; And these expert techniques has gone on to shape the mens fashion industry’s perception of exactly what a blazer with a great fit looks like. Your velvet blazer can reflect royalty, luxury, and passion, with just a bit of fine tailoring. An excellent fit will always complement your look , regardless of our height or weight. From the precise length of the sleeve, and how it complements your own arm’s unique length, along with the hem’s style, fit truly can make or break any gent’s outfit; Frankly speaking, the fit isn’t exactly something you’d want to ignore when it comes to velvet blazers.


Pants can make or break your outfit.

Pants have always been one of the most controversial items in mens fashion, and for a reason. The truth is, if the pants don’t fall at the right length, then it can seem as if you are completely out of touch with style. Whether worn with your skinny slim-fit jeans, plain dress pants, or even the ever-trending chino pants, velvet blazers can enhance the look of any kinds of pants you have. Straight fit, khaki pants are no exception, by the way. In order to truly take your style to new heights, you have got to sport pants that boast materials that offer quality, and a look that can compete with velvet. This mean suede, high quality denims, and even wool trousers. Complementing velvet blazers with the right pants are essential to owing your look. Great mens fashion always starts with comfort, but not at the compromise of quality, of course, an important aspect luxury.

Bringing your own character to the table

In truth, just about anyone can sport a suit that’s tailored to perfection, or even a luxury watch selected from a top luxury house, however the key to making luxury work for you is adding a bit of your own style to the look. If every guy were to have the same approach to fashion, in particular luxury style, then creativity would be pointless. Bringing your own character to the table, perhaps your favorite t-shirt inside that velvet blazer, or even paired with your taste of tie? Excellent fashion is essential in a competitive era, and velvet blazers can serve as the base of that, propelling modern men to a lifestyle that offers quality that’s nothing short of outstanding!

Summing Up The Look.

In order to wear velvet blazers the right way, knowing exactly which other clothes to sport it with are key. Character, charm, and style are all tied in one menswear fiasco, actually. Pants – Fit- Character : Luxury 101 for velvet blazers. PILAEO offers luxury velvet blazers and quality-uncompromising essentials for the modern man. Timeless style is something that’s cultivated over a lifetime, this is why staying true to your own character, dreams, and ambitions is essential to developing your own style, which of course, is the best style!

#truetoyourself via pilaeo.comLuxury-Floral-Butterflies-Elegant-Fashion-Blazer-1

3 Ways The Crocodile Briefcase Is Seriously Changing Mens Fashion

Getting the perfect look, that can effortlessly walk the very fine, almost not existent line between sleek fashion and luxury for men, comes with a hefty amount of knowledge of style needed, one that the everyday businessman-next-door might not be too fond of. Retro Leather Genuine Crocodile Leather Briefcase At PILAEOBut this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel just yet, after all, style can be effortless with a few key essentials, most notably, the crocodile briefcase; An essential that is certainly shifting men’s perception of what true fashion means. For some time, it may have seemed as if a certain look for modern men was all too common with a conveyor belt-like reproduction of the same kinds of messenger bags, and chukka boots, along with that all too familiar plaid dress shirt.

Crocodile briefcases are for the men who have the might to make initiative In an  era fueled by Starbucks aficionados, and social media led fashion fads. Three ways the crocodile briefcase is really changing fashion as we know it, are that they are introducing flair, and sophistication back into the lives of gentlemen, the briefcase is popular at the right time in fashion, where technology is increasingly a significant aspect of the industry, and it allows a traditional menswear item to coexist in an era where cool luxury backpacks and even clutches for men somehow came to rival their very existence.


Bringing sophistication Back  – The Crocodile Briefcase

Sophistication in menswear may have taken somewhat of a hit, somewhere along the lines of immense street fashion cultures around the world, and a newfound dare we say, vulgarity, and rebellious nature that’s managed to have an impact on style. The crocodile briefcase holds it’s charm in it’s remarkable pattern, look, and flair. Not just any material can offer an intrinsic look, and appeal, that has stood the test of time, through fads, and so called trends. Sophistication may or may not be in the eye of the beholder, but the crocodile briefcase look is one that seriously is making men think twice about steering away from an elegant look.

Classic Crocodile Genuine Leather Texture Brown Bag At PILAEO

Convenient & Style

In an era where technology rules, but style also is relevant, menswear has come to a cross roads where certain timeless pickups are going to be the definers of exactly what modern fashion for men is. With the compartmentalized pockets, and handle, which is often designed with the infamous pattern as well, convenience is a big part of the crocodile briefcase’s appeal. A stylish yet truly convenient essential such as the crocodile briefcase is high on any fashionable forward gent’s list.

Stylish Crocodile Leather Diagonal Cross-Section Brown Bag At PILAEO

The True Champion Of Traditional Menswear

Traditional menswear has made huge strides, there’s no denying that. A sleek, charming appearance has always been admired, but can modern men  keep the essential qualities of exactly what a gentlemen is, all while progressing in to the realms of post modern fashion?  Crocodile briefcases are one of the only essentials that can surely change and propel mens fashion in a new era, where tech, style, convenience, and charm are paramount to any gent’s lifestyle. A true champion of the excellent potential of modern menswear is truly the crocodile briefcase


In conclusion

A sophisticated, sleek style, along with convenience are just a few reasons why the crocodile briefcase makes for an excellent mens fashion pickup, as trends go in an out, throughout the years, having an timeless item that is a centerpiece to the changes of style in a new and vibrant era of style, is comparable to the value of not many other menswear items out there. And being apart of such a profound, and meaningful change is worth it, especially for fashion forward, dapper gentlemen.

gentleman-crocodile-shoulder-messenger-backpack-black-bag-1 gentleman-crocodile-shoulder-messenger-backpack-black-bag-6

PILAEO offers men fashion essentials and luxury briefcases for men that propels the lives of gentlemen in a modern era.

10 Charming Ways To Wear A Velvet Blazer

The velvet blazer is often depicted as the so called “cream of the crop” for men’s luxury wear. The timeless fabric is full of life, vibrant shimmer, and a priceless feel. Men have kept the velvet blazer as a staple for eons, and this serves as a testament to the nature of quality fashion. getting that charming look, that savvy men have claimed ownership of for years, comes with a bit of knowledge actually – mostly knowing exactly which pieces of clothing to sport with that cool, upscale, velvet blazer you’ve been wanting to wear, again, and again in many different ways, but perhaps you weren’t sure exactly how. From floral and paisley neckerchiefs, to elegant bracelets, and even denim jeans, the charming look doesn’t have to be as complicated to get as you’d expect – despite the occasional emphasis on simplicity.

Tan Gold Blazer With Art Featuring Velvet For Men

Tan velvet blazers are always classy, especially when designed with a unique and fashionable pattern. Style is truly yours with a velvet blazer that makes you dapper and fashion forward.


The Neckerchief


The neckerchief’s easygoing, yet clean look makes it an appealing addition to your velvet blazer based outfit.

The neckerchief has always been an effortless accessory that real gentlemen can tie around the neck to enhance the look of a casual or even business casual outfit. Quiet solid color sweaters, can turn into upscale, creative ensembles, and comfortable white button down shirts seemingly appear all the more jazzier. The neckerchief has constantly served as a way to bring about real style on a mans outfit, giving him a sense of being courage, and accepting of his outgoing nature.

(1.) The Floral Neckerchief

The floral neckerchief is a smart pickup that if often overlooked for fear of appearing too “light” per se. However, it’s important to note here that flowers were long sported as boutonnieres or as the designs on ties, and handkerchiefs for decades. A floral neckerchief would absolutely be no exception in it’s ability to show that a man’s got style, and really is competent, and nothing other than fashion forward.

(2.) The Paisley Neckerchief


It is quite impossible to not have a charming look with a paisley neckerchief /velvet blazer.

Whenever a floral or plaid design just will not due, modern style calls for a classier take on floral motifs – paisley. Paisley pattern has long remained a staple on the socks, handkerchiefs , ties, and even hats of some of the worlds more creative and dapper, stylish gentlemen. The paisley neckerchief is a timeless take that appears to make men look classy and conservative, but definitely not at the compromise of a modern look.


How To Wear This With A Velvet Blazer


Royal blue velvet blazers – Other than being simple, yet trustworthy, are excellent for the business-casual look.


Velvet blazers that feature an interesting floral design, that isn’t necessarily bright and loud as some other floral printed blazers are perfect because they show that subtly is usually key in luxury fashion.

The floral and paisley neckerchiefs are two patterned accessories you might want to consider if you have a darker color velvet blazer such as forest green or tan. The neckerchief’s paisley and floral print truly brings out the elegance of the velvet and the two play hand in hand, beautifully alongside each other. Wearing a velvet blazer with floral or paisley just became a lot more comfortable, especially if you’re wise enough to tone down the other items in your outfit, making way for an emphasis on that awesome floral or paisley design.

The Charm Bracelet


Dazzling and adorned – Keywords that describe the gentleman smart enough to pair the velvet blazer with a silver bracelet.

Charm bracelets are the new Rolex. Gentleman aiming for an easy, and modern, light weight accessory to wear on the wrist, which seems to magically work in most social situations, have been opting for the charm bracelet. Classy wrist wear has never fallen short of being an excellent way for a real gentlemen to show that he’s just that – a gentleman. Great style on the wrist means one thing for most fashionable gents – character. Character and luxury fashion are companions – One requires the other.

(3.) The Leather Bracelet


One reason why leather bracelets work perfectly with velvet blazers is that it they really tend to make the entire outfit more flexible, and your look, much more outgoing.

The leather bracelet is a fashion statement in itself. Just as any other wrist wear, and accessories in general, a man’s style is very much depicted by what’s worn here. The leather bracelet, often designed woven, smooth, or even sometimes with silver or gold, can be a timeless essential, depending on your lifestyle. Men who are after a casual look, but intend to have that fashion spotlight zeroed in on him in social situations, are prime examples of leather bracelets worn with perfection.

mens velvet blazer featuring paisley and leather

The velvet blazer featuring paisley pattern is just one reason to make velvet blazers a staple item in your wardrobe.


(4.) The Silver Bracelet

The silver bracelet can be said to have the charm that no other kind of bracelet can evoke. Really. Even gold bracelets don’t necessarily have the certain fashion savvy that silver bracelets have. Just about all businessmen can relate to the innumerable successful other businessmen and women he’s met that flaunt silver bracelets, regularly. If there is one accessory that’s a successful gent’s “must have” perhaps, it’s may just be the silver bracelet.

How To Wear This With a Velvet Blazer

Though charm bracelets are really nothing new, a modern era, where sophistication in mens fashion rules,  an original, and genuine fashion style, that’s really impossibly;e with modern day, fast fashion, is increasingly admired. Velvet blazers are as charming as any clothing in mens fashion can get, it’s why designerss have used them as a model, and base for millions of designs throughout the years. A velvet blazer can be worn with a charm bracelet effortlessly, but in this case it really is all about the blazers fit, and tailoring. The sleeves, really have to be at the right length, modernly slim fit, where the sleeves reach just above the charm bracelet. This is silver bracelet passion. This is exactly how velvet blazers and charm bracelets have long been a winning combination.

Shirts & Outerwear

You might not be thinking much of that t-shirt that you’ve got lying around, but truthfully, it can make or break your entire outfit. Yes, actually any thing sported above the waist has a profound effect on your look, and of course, ultimately your confidence. The importance of wearing outwear and shirts that are up to par really can not be stressed enough; Especially in menswear where the mantra really is “less is more”. The cardigan swearer, t-shirt, dress shirt, or turtle neck you’re planning on wearing – well, let’s just hope it’s more a neutral color, primarily because the  velvet blazer brings shimmer, shine, and elegance to the look, which of course isn’t an awful thing at all.

cardigan swear with buttons

The cardigan is a warm, and stylish take on mens style. Including a velvet blazer with this makes for the perfect look of comfort and charm!


(5.) The Cardigan Sweater Alongside The Velvet Blazer For A Charming Look

Cardigan sweaters – perhaps are one of menswear’s best kept style secrets. In fact, not to mention the fact that such a simple and lightweight essential can bring a certain level of uniformity to your look; Warmth, style, and poise are all extra added benefits of sporting this gem. However, the magic happens when a velvet blazer is thrown on over a cardigan. Think burgundy velvet blazer, perhaps plaid, with a plaid or checked, cool blue buttoned cardigan. Savile Row luxury style surely has gotten timeless mens fashion right.

(6.) The Simple T-Shirt Alongside The Velvet Blazer For A Charming Look

Mentioning “business casual” with any modern, fashion forward gent may meet you with a frown. After all, fashionable men are either wildly fashion forward, or conservative in style, yet not necessarily outdated. The t-shirt and velvet blazer look is one that is worn as a last minute look, when you’re headed unsure of whether or not you’ll need to be in tip top style or dressed casually. Velvet blazers and the t-shirt are much more of a winner together, than regular cotton based blazers, because the pair is hard to take on an unpleasing look. In fact, the velvet blazer maybe be the t-shirt’s only hope of coming anything close to ‘charming’.

(7.) The Dress Shirt Alongside The Velvet Blazer For A Charming Look

luxury velvet blazer featuring burgduny stripes and heart shaped motifs

Burgundy blazers rule. Especially when in velvet. This dapper pickup is luxury at it’s finest and shows true craftsmanship in it’s design, and fit. Sport this with any color slacks, even khaki, and you’re sure to impress.

mens dress shirt

Dress shirts for men are a smart way to stay effortlessly sharp. Sport this with your velvet blazer for a smooth and clean look that’s certainly capable and charming.

As a staple for the tuxedo and tailored suit dressed man, the dress shirt, honestly doesn’t really need much to give you a charming look, as much as a t-shirt  would. But great style certainly is taken a few bars higher with the marriage of the dress shirt and velvet blazer.

(8.) The Turtle neck shirt for sophistication

A simply and undeniably effortless way to ensure an neat look will be to sport a turtleneck with a velvet blazer. This look screams nothing but sophistication. The turtleneck shirt is often ignored as a mens pickup, but as modern style revolutionizes what menswear means, placing an emphasis on traditionalism that’s posh, neat, and clearly high end, velvet blazers and turtleneck shirts can be the next  “go to” look for stylish men.


Charmed With Pants.

mens chino pants

The mens chino trouser can be confidently sported with velvet blazers, especially if it is the perfect fit.

Trousers are often worn with the intention just to serve it’s purpose. But with modern style’s emphasis on fit, pants can go a long way to make your look worthy of being in the next Esquire photo shoot. Style in the 21st century seems to be going forward in an exciting, unforeseen, but certainly comfortable way. Pants can be one of the main ways to rev up your look, especially if you’ve got a stylish velvet blazer you plan on wearing.

(9.) Denim Jeans & The Velvet Blazer

Denim jeans have not been a top choice, even rivaling the so-called fad of the chino pants. Denim jeans, are casual yes. But can not be ruled out as as a staple. In fact, even formal looks can be quite achievable with denim jeans, sporting a velvet blazer with denim jeans are a greet way to stay grounded, but not compromise a charming and luxury look. Having an appeal that flexible is important in mens fashion. Denim jeans – yes. Velvet blazers ABSOLUTELY!

(10.) Dress Pants For A Luxury Look

Dress pants are a tailors best friend. Men who are used to having hems perfected, and sleeves lengthened, can all attest to the difference of a dress pant’s fit. Velvet blazers only add to this perfection of style with it’s look. A charming style is achievable, pretty effortlessly with the right dress pants. Sport your navy blue fitted dress pants, perhaps cotton, polyester blend, coupled up with a plaid or floral blazer, and yes, prepare for complements as this look will make you more dapper, approachable, and yes, charming than ever!

Tan Gold Blazer With Art Featuring Velvet For Men

the craftsmanship of the luxury velvet blazer. Detail & perfection wins here.

Summing Up

Though one of the most obvious and common pieces in men fashion may not be mentioned here – ties, they too have their place with velvet blazers. A sleek black tie or even bow-tie for that matter , along with a chic velvet blazer certainly makes for an attractive you, and is definitely not an uncommon sight on some of the world’s most savvy gents. However, the velvet blazer gent prefers a more outgoing, but respectful look, perhaps a slim fit tie. Style and charm are true companions here, and velvet blazers truly lead the way as the maverick “must have” item to have for a man who is a fashion icon in his own right. PILAEO offers luxury menswear for the utmost modern and fashion forward gentleman. The PILAEO velvet blazer selection features timeless styles for the utmost stylish gents around.