8 Cool Mens Summer Blazers That Will Make You Look Awesome

Making anything near what looks like a significant mark of cool style in spring or summer fashion is said to be somewhat impossible without a dapper, stylish, and well structured blazer, or a few, on hand. Spring and summer seasons are a time not only for cleaning out all the unneeded items from fall and winter, but also a time to renew your sense of style. Sticking with essentials but at the same time, embracing modern and artistic designs in men’s fashion is key to truly staying at the tip top of your style game in the colorful, and travel-savvy SS season!

Wearing spring and summer clothing, in particular blazers are something that’s all too often over complicated. With a plethora of high end designs and sophisticated accessories being touted down runways, it’s very important to stay focused on not only dressing lightly, and more or less effortlessly, but also carry an air of savvy, and change with you. What better way to embrace the season than to flaunt floral, geometric, and short sleeve, or maybe perhaps velvet summer blazers.

Choosing the right accessories for your look is an ultra smart way to seriously own that neat, intact, and ALPHA-LOOK, that’s very much well sought after in modern mens style.

Here are 8 Awesome summer blazers for men at PILAEO – summer blazers that’ll simply deliver, every time you wear them!

Cyan Blue Fashionable Floral Print SPRING/SUMMER Mens Blazer at PILAEO

Cyan Blue Fashionable Floral Print Blazers For Men Spring/Summer PILAEOCyan blue is one of those catchy colors that are almost synonymous with good weather. The sky blue hue is a popular color during the season – add on a vibrant floral design and you’ve got a blazer that is hard to ignore. The key to wearing this stellar blazer here is all about neutrality and subtlety. White t-shirt inside and khaki trouser with white tennis shoes should suffice. Staying neat, clean, and dapper in this blazer with a causal look, is perfect for spring/summer.

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at PILAEO

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazers For Men Spring/Summer at PILAEOAnything embroidered in mens fashion is almost always associated with a really good tailor. This tailored burgundy,black floral blazer is the epitome of the sophisticated gent. With a with an upscale design of floral motifs that seem as if they’re out of a classic Parisian novel or something, there’s nothing but WINNING for the gentleman who embraces this superb style. During spring, and summer, sporting a blazer like this with linen trousers, along with leather sandals are an excellent way to stay well groomed but also comfortably in style!

All High End Summer Butterfly Print Short Sleeve Navy Blue SUMMER Blazer at PILAEO

All High End Summer Butterfly Print Short Sleeve Navy Blue Blazers For Men Spring/Summer at PILAEOShort sleeve blazers are not something new, however, their prevalence in mens fashion has certainly made them seem renewed! This butterfly patterned blazer is timeless, because its pattern is simple, but says so much. Gentlemen who are aware of exactly how important, a good fitted blazer is, can all speak really highly of the wonders of what they can do for your look! Wear this awesome navy blue blazer with either kahki pants, or even a bright color linen trouser such as orange or even light khaki. Finish this look of with tennis shoes or even your favorite summer sandals.

Embroidered Blazer Featuring Mens Elegant Multicolor Floral BLAZER at PILAEO

Embroidered Blazer Featuring Mens Elegant Multicolor Floral Blazers For Men at PILAEOOnce again, this blazer is an example of embroider, simply being stunning. Minding your own business while wearing a pickup such as this ought to get you nothing but good attention. If you’re a real lover of sophisticated style that’s utter creative, and appealing, this is your go to. Wear a bright color inside-shirt such as orange, or even white, along with denim jeans to make this hip blazer casual, yet truly an item that you would find yourself wearing regularly!

Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazer at PILAEO

Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazers For Men at PILAEO Grudge floral designs are exactly what the stylists are suggesting. Short sleeve – round hem – and single button, all the excellent qualities that modern men find attractive in a quality suit jacket.  the 3/4 length sleeves are at the right length to call this item professional, but at the same time, very very fashionable. This blazer screams khaki pants, and black, leather summer sandals. Wear a white or black t-shirt inside, and if you’re really visiting a warm weather local, then a netted t-shirt will speak volumes of your modern flare.

Amazing Floral Paradise Blue High End Creative Blazer X09889I08 at PILAEO

Amazing Floral Paradise Blue High End Creative Blazer For Men X09889I08 at PILAEO 2017Single button blazers are known to make even the most reserved gents, well more easy going and simply cool. Throw in a creative design along with the right outfit and your nothing other than stellar. Summer style is all about embracing hues that speak nature, fashion, and boldness. The key way to look awesome with a summer floral blazer is one that you can wear with sneakers or moccasins, as well as a plain- white t-shirt. Pair this floral blazer with a simple white t-shirt and tennis shoes for a look thats easygoing, and really ,really fashion forward.

Attractive Linen Light Grey Long Sleeve Blazer at PILAEO

Attractive Linen Light Grey Long Sleeve Blazer For Men at PILAEO

Its not a secret that linen is the best fabric to wear during a hot spring or summer afternoon or evening, however one factor to pay attention to is the fit. Wear a grey linen blazer with matching pants or shorts coupled up with brown leather moccasins, and you’ll be looking dapper, clean, and effortlessly in style.

Awesome Peach Linen Paisley Trim Mens Short Sleeve SUmmer Blazer at PILAEO

Awesome Peach Linen Paisley Trim Mens Short Sleeve Summer Blazer at PILAEO3-4 length sleeves blazers are the things for spring,summer; especially if there is paisley and linen involved. This paisley trim , double buttoned blazer is perfect for leisure or casually dining out. Pair this with white linen trousers or even black denim jeans for a look that’s sleek, comfy, and very modern.

Wearing blazers during spring/summer that are easy pair with your other essentials, and accessories, makes getting stylish for the season easy and comfortable – things highly sought after in mens fashion. Looking forward to a better you, superb,more cool style, and and awesome season is the best way to wear any apparel! Sticking with vibrant pieces that embrace the weather and of course nature, and technology are just as wise, actually!

8 Best Patterned Blazers For You To Wear Year-Round

One savvy patterned blazer might just be the icing on the cake for your seasonal fashion, if you’ve been doubting your style even the slightest. Lets face it, fall fashion can be  complicated. Being in the midst of potentially freezing weather and also the occasional day that seems like summer never left, can make any guy rethink his fall fashion habits.

After all, no one likes uncertainty. Tip toeing that fine line of neat menswear, and casual fashion can really screw up the overall vision you had for your own style. Conquering seasonal fashion is key to prepping your wardrobe for winter!

Here Are 8 Patterned Blazers That Will Make You Conquer WINTER-Autumn :

Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer

Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Abstract Geometric Art White Black Creative Blazer

Abstract Geometric Art White Black Creative Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Abstract Geometric Art White Black Creative Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

 Upscale Grey Navy Blue Grunge Pattern Blazer

Upscale Grey Navy Blue Grunge Pattern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Upscale Grey Navy Blue Grunge Pattern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Luxury Floral Butterflies Elegant Fashion Blazer

Luxury Floral Butterflies Elegant Fashion Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Luxury Floral Butterflies Elegant Fashion Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Charming Blue Antique Floral Leaves Blazer For Men

Charming Blue Antique Floral Leaves Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Brilliant Mens Floral Modern Blazer

Brilliant Mens Floral Modern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Brilliant Mens Floral Modern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Admired Gentlemen Black Velvet Dragon Blazer For Men

Admired Gentlemen Black Velvet Dragon Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Admired Gentlemen Black Velvet Dragon Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Bold or even semi bold art, and patterns that range from controversial or somewhat conservative are what own the whispers in the style crowd for men during fall season. Blazers, in particular, patterned blazers might be the exact item that’ll conveniently provide the right amount of warmth, but also own up to style, creativity, and yep, luxury.

Staying in style during fall is all about having the right outerwear. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a stylish, occasional sweater or hooded sweatshirt, here and there, but for most days, days when the inner gentleman reveals himself, focused on his goals, and career; and days when style somehow becomes as important as shaving, or having the right color tie for the right day of the week, patterned blazers – in particular, the styles that evoke a vibrant, upcoming or established gent, will take on the role of your awesomeness; your cool character.

A look into Wearing Patterned Blazers

The great thing about wearing the patterned blazer, especially during fall, is that you can bring out all your usual patterns, and materials from wool trousers, to your brown Chelsea boots, and have everything work, in tune with each other. In fact, every single piece of clothing you’re wearing can be totally neutral while the patterned blazer remains the sole item in your outfit, that shows you’ve got some sort of style knack to your step.

Any stylish guy who has a knack for minimalism is always admired in modern style culture , he’s seen as elegant, sophisticated, and high end. On a side note, we all love surprises; And A random patterned or artsy blazer over all the neutral, usual patterns will make you something similar to “the gent of the century”. Furthermore, Not to say that patterned blazers are a norm, but they certainly have the ability to be. Timeless essentials in fall, coupled up with blazers crafted with true art skills is hard to ignore.

Animal Print

Animal print is an exotic touch on such a timeless piece, and frankly, not something most would expect to see. Whether it’s an enraged tiger, or an innocent parrot, the unique nature of an animal print patterned blazer makes it desirable on multiple fronts, whether you’re into the wild fashion or not. Animal prints have been around for a while, but only recently have they become more or less accepted and prevalent in mens fashion.

What to wear with the animal print blazer

In more cases than not, an animal print blazer will be on the wild side, especially if it boasts bright colors such as yellow, or bright green. Toning this look down with earthy and neutral tones is key. Wearing black pants, along with a plain, white t-shirt or dress shirt with your animal print blazer wont just make you look dapper, and neat. But also stylish, and truly hip. Finish this upscale look off with a pair of dark brown dress shoes. Ah, perfection!


One of the best ways to assure yourself of just how forward modern men are, and how extreme, yet subtle mens fashion can be, truly lies in the embrace of the floral blazer. The patterns on most mens floral blazer styles aren’t necessarily feminine. Savvy designers have been smart enough to craft them into pieces that are timeless, elegant, and vibrant, and yes colorful. However, not at the expense of masculinity in any way. In truth, it all starts with great tailoring. The floral patterned blazer is a modern take on the traditional boutonniere or brooch, and is certainly an awesome way to embrace fall season; or well, any season at all.

what to wear with the floral blazer

Floral blazers during fall would more likely than not be made with wool, or some other heavy, warmth providing material. The colorway of fall floral blazers for men usually vary from dark grey, and black, to the more obvious, slightly louder hues such as red and burgundy. Wear a dark grey floral blazer with black or khaki pants, meanwhile finishing off this cool look with your high top brogues or dress shoes. Burgundy floral blazers are a prime example of an item that can essentially turn around your wardrobe, for the better, instantly. Wear a burgundy or red floral blazer with denim jeans or black trousers for a casual, yet really stylish outfit.



If paisley was one pattern that traditionally was a favorite, then its certainly a must have pattern now. Paisley pattern is mainly an offshoot of floral, however with a more uniform, and dare we mention professional design. Designed usually with  just under 5 colors, paisley pattern has become a popular, and essential style mantra of the worlds most fashionable men, regardless if you are wearing a simple neckerchief, or pair of socks, the paisley pattern is vibrant, and yes, certainly worth every ounce of popularity it’s gained!

what to wear with the paisley blazer

The paisley blazer is unique in that it’s one of those rare luxuries, that not just any fashionable man can wear. It truly takes some level of style know how to put together an outfit with all that paisley, and make it work in a way that the only criticism you’ll be getting will be the kind that will make you somewhat of an Instagram model. Wear a multi color paisley blazer during Fall with a solid color turtle neck or wool sweater, with dark brown boots, along side wool trousers. Who would have known that a truly upscale, and effortlessly dapper look could have become this easy to get. Perfect.


Key tips for maintaining your patterned blazer

Maintaining your patterned blazer, just like maintaining any luxury item is all about preserving the form and function. Given the nature of the design,  printed or embroidered, take care of your patterned blazers in particular with a bit more true loving care. Professional cleaning is a must with such items. The steps of your blazer maintenance should literally be, dry cleaner – suit bag – a nice air able are of your closet. Sometimes it’s actually good to be picky, and in the case of maintaining a patterned blazer, it certainly is a must. If you insist on taking care of your blazer at home, instead of going the professional way, then one special note you should follow is : BE VERY GENTLE. Clothes have feelings, well not technically. However, it’s wise to handle your blazers with care and they will certainly reward you ten times over!


Keeping the style mojo – even in a professional environment with patterned blazers?

Truthfully speaking, the key to looking great in a professional setting is all about uniformity. Blending in with a company’s culture, or “attitude” will go a far way in pushing you up the ranks. Knowing where to draw the line of how loud your blazer can be, will save you worrying lots, indeed. With patterns that have a reputation as being quite loud, going against the normal expected look, by countering that  “loudness” with neutral items is a wise choice. The secret to making the patterned blazer work in a professional environment? SUBTLE + NEUTRAL. Keeping your colors neutral, and the patterns on your blazer on the subtle side will do wonders for your comfort in a professional environment. You’ll be unique, showing off that you’ve actually cared about your style, but all while blending in.

Summing Up.

Whether your blazer choice has the pattern of floral, animal, or paisley, you’d be far more effective in your fashion approach during fall, by coordinating wisely. Taking a minute or two to piece together what you wear your patterned blazer with, whether it’s in a casual environment, or even a more professional setting, will certainly play into how well you enjoy the season. Blending in at professional environment by keeping your look subtly decorated with neutral colored patterns is wise, just as much as the tailoring or material of the blazer itself! Fall fashion for men has been conquered, well at least for the pattern savvy gent, that is!

Velvet Blazer GUIDE – How To Wear This Essential ANYWHERE

The velvet blazer is one of the prime examples of exactly why blazers became a stylish item to wear for gentlemen, for decades, in fact. With a fabric that has telling signs of quality, a shimmery vibrant look/feel, and capable of being crafted into something artsy and seriously dapper, the velvet material itself is a treasure, one that was once traded as the same weight as precious metals. No wonder fashion conscious gentlemen and women who are savvy enough to acknowledge great style have taken a liking to the intricate, upscale velvet blazer. These must have pickups are nothing short of the very meaning of luxury, and dare we say sophisticated and high quality. Yes, the velvet blazer is a treasured essential, and here is an in depth guide on exactly how to wear them, anywhere.

Black velvet dragon mens fashionable luxury blazerThis velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

For starters, it’s worth mentioning the different kinds of velvet; and how blazers that are manufactured with those particular kinds of fabric/fabric combinations have a significant impact on your style. Though the name velvet has been applied to so many kinds of the variations of the fabric across the board, essentially 100% velvet would be ideal, but not necessarily a MUST.

burgundy mens fahsion blazer

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO


velvet blazer mens butterfly fashion luxury essential at PILAEOThis velvet blazer is available at PILAEO


Silk Velvet/Cotton Velvet Blend

Silk and cotton are two distinct materials, perhaps at different ends of a spectrum. However, when blended with velvet, the material makes for excellent, and flexible blazers. One one hand, silk is often perceived as a more high end, and luxury material, while cotton is seen as more casual per se. However when velvet material is a cotton/velvet blend, sleek, sophisticated, and even professional blazers may be, and in many cases, are the result.

How This Velvet Kind Affects Your Style

If one thing’s certain, it’s that your style is reflective of your personality. Selecting a velvet blend material that drapes in a way that’s too ‘flowy’ may make you a bit over the top. However, with the right proportions of velvet to cotton or velvet to silk, there’s plenty of room left for designers and craftsmen to create a brilliant item, one that’ll possibly have you looking nothing short of amazing.



Though not actually velvet, velveteen is quite popular. There’s very little drape, and it’s extremely wearable. Velveteen is usually a mixture of silk, and cotton. Velveteen fabric is easy to print on, making it a highly familiar material in the fashion industry. In recent years, craftsmanship has become so fine tuned that in many cases the look and feel of velveteen is often mistaken for real velvet. Perhaps the actual worth and value of the velveteen fabric itself has made it a luxury, a fabric that’s desirable, and effortlessly allows artists to showcase their skills on.

How Velveteen Affects Your Style

Velveteen is perfect for style conscious men and women who are unsure whether or not they want to deal with the nuances that come with dealing with a more ‘drapey’ kind of fabric (perhaps 80% silk, 20% velvet in that case). Wearing a velveteen fashion blazer, might not be velvet exactly, but if creativity is your thing, perhaps you might not be so surprised to find one of your favorite items might just be made exactly this kind of material.


Embossed Velvet

Embossed velvet is a style of velvet, usually rayon, that’s been carved out to show designs in a creative yet subtle way. Different combinations of velvet material can be made in to an embossed style and then further crafted to make blazers, trousers, etc.

How This Velvet Kind Affects Your Style

Embossing adds more detailing to your clothing, and  can make or break your look. Depending on the colors, and how subtle the embossed style is, you may be surprised by exactly how crafty, yet formal embossed velvet can be. Upscale designs often feature embossed velvet. If you’re after a style that’s high end, and signifies quality, and art, then the embossed velvet blazer may be our best friend.


Wearing The Velvet Blazer Casually

Causally speaking, velvet simply doesn’t fit the bill, usually. However, with the introduction of other popular apparel such as denim jeans, and brown footwear, velvet and casual are seen in a new light. The denim jeans and velvet blazer look simply works, and is one that’s hard to not have seen before. Casual velvet blazer trends are on the rise, as having a neat, yet laid back look is timeless, and certainly a kind of easy going style that’s always raved about.

Mens black velvet blazer luxury double buttoned round hem high end via PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

Velvet Blazer.. Professionally

In a professional environment, the velvet blazer might be assumed to have too much sheen and shine to it. However, the truth is , it all lies in the selection of colorway, along with the fit of the blazer. Keeping it neutral by wearing black, dark brown, dark grey, navy blue and dark green hues of velvet blazers makes way for a look that’s comfortably professional and not to mention super sleek.

A professional look in a finely tailored velvet blazer is one that’ll keep you ready for business, and truly stylish at the same time. Not going the way of over the top hues and extravagant patterns, while around the office will keep you inline with the culture of the environment. Velvet blazers are a popular item in most professions, thanks to their luxury, and timeless nature!

The Trending Velvet Blazer: Styles To Keep An Eye On

burgundy velvet blazer

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

Luxury 101: Wearing Velvet…The Right Way

Given that mens fashion has experienced numerous changes over the years, it’s easy to write off any clothing fabric or material that may have been popular in the era of your ancestors. However, royalty doesn’t stop at crowns, castles, and a prince’s charm, it often included velvet, which was, and still is seen as prestigious. Pleasing to the eye, easy to touch, feel, and wear are just a few awesome characteristics of the velvet fabric. With the intro of quasi, luxury, fashion and other creative initiatives of the fashion industry, smart gentlemen are pushing back against the tidal waves of style that may one day redefine exactly what mens fashion is. Tradition, charm, quality, and character – essential characteristics that are often left out of the consciousness of modern design. Having a great way to express yourself through style has never come at a more demanding time in fashion. Velvet blazers may just be it – that item that will can reclaim the face of menswear, in an era where modernity has to carefully fuse itself with value, and tradition. Wearing the velvet blazer the right way means fit, it means having the right pants, or even denim jeans, as well as…wait for it… your own character. This is luxury 101: The essential habits of the velvet blazer.


Fit is everything. Really.

A man’s style is not necessarily determined by the brand, or even the design of his clothing, but the fit is often the essential aspect of his look, making way for all the other things he sports, to fall perfectly into place. Italian tailors have perfected the craftsmanship of blazers, over the course of centuries; And these expert techniques has gone on to shape the mens fashion industry’s perception of exactly what a blazer with a great fit looks like. Your velvet blazer can reflect royalty, luxury, and passion, with just a bit of fine tailoring. An excellent fit will always complement your look , regardless of our height or weight. From the precise length of the sleeve, and how it complements your own arm’s unique length, along with the hem’s style, fit truly can make or break any gent’s outfit; Frankly speaking, the fit isn’t exactly something you’d want to ignore when it comes to velvet blazers.


Pants can make or break your outfit.

Pants have always been one of the most controversial items in mens fashion, and for a reason. The truth is, if the pants don’t fall at the right length, then it can seem as if you are completely out of touch with style. Whether worn with your skinny slim-fit jeans, plain dress pants, or even the ever-trending chino pants, velvet blazers can enhance the look of any kinds of pants you have. Straight fit, khaki pants are no exception, by the way. In order to truly take your style to new heights, you have got to sport pants that boast materials that offer quality, and a look that can compete with velvet. This mean suede, high quality denims, and even wool trousers. Complementing velvet blazers with the right pants are essential to owing your look. Great mens fashion always starts with comfort, but not at the compromise of quality, of course, an important aspect luxury.

Bringing your own character to the table

In truth, just about anyone can sport a suit that’s tailored to perfection, or even a luxury watch selected from a top luxury house, however the key to making luxury work for you is adding a bit of your own style to the look. If every guy were to have the same approach to fashion, in particular luxury style, then creativity would be pointless. Bringing your own character to the table, perhaps your favorite t-shirt inside that velvet blazer, or even paired with your taste of tie? Excellent fashion is essential in a competitive era, and velvet blazers can serve as the base of that, propelling modern men to a lifestyle that offers quality that’s nothing short of outstanding!

Summing Up The Look.

In order to wear velvet blazers the right way, knowing exactly which other clothes to sport it with are key. Character, charm, and style are all tied in one menswear fiasco, actually. Pants – Fit- Character : Luxury 101 for velvet blazers. PILAEO offers luxury velvet blazers and quality-uncompromising essentials for the modern man. Timeless style is something that’s cultivated over a lifetime, this is why staying true to your own character, dreams, and ambitions is essential to developing your own style, which of course, is the best style!

#truetoyourself via pilaeo.comLuxury-Floral-Butterflies-Elegant-Fashion-Blazer-1

Mens Luxury Checklist V.1 | The 3 Stellar Blazer Picks For Dapper Men

The Stellar Picks

Luxury blazers for men are not exactly the kinds of clothing ignored by stylish gentlemen while shopping. Partly because the quality is all ways up to par, ahead of so called fads, and usually has much passion and a meaningful message designed into the craft. Savvy fashionable men are defiantly not hesitant to ride the wave of luxury style, which has long made royalty and celebrities alike, figures often put up on a pedestal of some sorts. Most men can agree that a dapper look and feel goes hand in hand, especially when blazers are involved. pilaeo blazers for men

With a fashion market placing a dangerously high emphasis on mass consumption aka fast fashion, the true image of a gentleman’s style seems to be fading, however, the truth is, men have grown more demanding of styles that are timeless, signify a gent’s personality, and truly are capable of making a wardrobe modern, without going out of style in the name of traditionalism. Gone are the days where certain style are too loud, just as much as the days of styles being too old -fashioned are obsolete. The key is to find the right balance of dapper, elegant style that can be flexible enough for an upscale event, but casual enough for a mere hanging out in a New York cafe. 2016 is about fashion for men in a way where emphasis is placed on neat and truly gentleman-like styles full of character, creativity, quality and looks that speak nothing but true substance, propelling men to new ways of coping with the realities of modernity – helping him realize new dreams, goals, passions, for the betterment of himself, his style, and society.

Floral Blazers

mens luxury velvet blazer

Floral Blazer At PILAEO

To be fair, there isn’t really a rule making floral blazers reserved just for woman. In fact, the whole floral+blazer ensemble did start with classic gentlemen. Hoping to push the limits of what is seen as chivalrous and charming, men at the forefront of style can be said to be the actual makers of modern day floral trends, at least for men. With high end designers mimicking the look in thousands of different ways each season, the floral blazer look for men seems to be a timeless and truly viable means of getting that modern look and making it become a staple in your wardrobe. Loving the best things about this out-of-the-ordinary style such as the patterns, mixes of colors, and daring nature of the whole look certainly makes it much more enjoyable.

Floral Artistic Blazers

Artistic floral blazers can be said to really be more of the exact kinds of floral designs that make them capable of being in the luxury section of the shopping mall. Any gentleman that loves style to the extent that floral blazers are a staple, knows for sure that the artistic styled floral patterns are a must, and for very good reasons. Style starts with the artistic looks that make your wardrobe pop and can be sported to an event, taking on even the traditional tuxedo for a seat as the best dressed gent’. Floral blazers have become edgy in the sense that art rules here. Designers are creating art on blazers for men in a way that their passion shows, and this channels over to the wearer – making way for a new generation of men who are dressed in the most chic, and highly prized style of art and clothing.

Colorful-Floral Blazers For Men

wool velvet mens floral blazer

Floral Blazer At PILAEO

One of the main reasons why floral blazers became acceptable for men, has been the fact that the colors can be diverse, making way for a crop of styles that aren’t your traditional colorful floral motifs. Some get-togethers might call for a floral blazer that’s on the more subtle side, while others, such as fashion events, weddings, and even proms might scream “YES!” for the more vibrant and colorful designs. Colorful floral blazers have remained a ‘must have’ in men’s wardrobes for the reason that floral designs , by nature represent hues, of different variations, sizes, and designs, creative art, ultimately bringing about that hard-to-get charming and natural chivalrous look most men crave.

Floral Round Hem Blazers

Round hem floral blazers are undeniably a top pick, even if the blazer has just a small amount of floral designed on it. The style is timeless, extremely easy to wear, and just CAPABLE. Here’s Why. The soft contours on round hemmed blazers really make them perfect for casual events, while keeping a sense of uniformity, necessarily for more professional situations. Round hem floral blazers are really the most modern that floral blazers can get in the sense of tailoring. For this reason, round hem floral blazers certainly should be on any savvy gent’s checklist for 2016.

How To Wear The Look

Floral blazers for men that are artistic, colorful, and round hemmed all chime in as some of the best styles of floral blazers to get in 2016 if you’re after a successful, luxury look. The key is to get styles that boast the right amount of floral for your specific lifestyle. For example, if you’ll be wearing a floral blazer on occasion, maybe bi-monthly, say weddings, networking and so on – round hemmed and moderately colorful is the way to go because here you definitely don’t want to be extremely conservative, but not necessarily too loud!

Cotton Blazers

Cotton blazers are most likely some of the most revered kinds of blazers that a man can own. The cotton material really gives way for an easy way to design and craft the fabric into unique ways. Cotton blazers are so flexible that even the sleeve length, and lapel are often tampered with by designers, in hopes of creating the next best fad. Cotton blazers are a timeless pickup for any man – Professional or not. Style is something that needs to really be crafted  on a per character basis. Sporting your cotton blazer with the right fit, and designs will make it the perfect choice specifically for you. Artistic, colorful, and round hemmed cotton blazers have become staples, especially for 2016.

Men’s Cotton Artistic Blazers

cotton blazer

Cotton Blazer at PILAEO

Artistic cotton blazers can be a perfect pick for men who love to layer during the fall, and spring, but wear less during the warmer months.  An artsy cotton blazer will make you really more apt to fashion overall because of the different styles that are being churned out by savvy designers. From zig zags, leopard, and exotic zebra patterns, cotton blazers that are creative, really boast responsibility for some of the huge leaps that menswear ha made in the 21st century.

Colorful Cotton Blazers


Colorful cotton blazers for men really make the artistic trends all the more worthwhile, and can make gentlemen just as elegant as upscale floral blazers can. Given the design, pattern, and tailoring, colorful cotton blazers can make or break your entire look. Successful fashion weeks such as the London menswear collection have always been revered for their fun, and creative styles that are revolutionizing modern style for men. Colorful blazers certainly play a part in how effective they are in making the modern man’s look more achievable in a fun, and futuristic nature.

Mens Cotton Round Hem Blazer

Round hemmed cotton blazers are also a staple, with slim fit styles remaining both a necessity for professional and business-casual gents. The round hem tailoring, with a slim fit takes its influence from sartorial, Neapolitan style clothing, specific to Italy, which has long been popular for it’s timeless, luxury designs, and craftsmanship for men. Round hem cotton blazers should definitely be on any man’s 2016 checklist, simply because the fact that traditional Italian Neapolitan style clothing is world renowned.

How To Wear This Look

Cotton blazers are a must have for a reason – flexible, easy to wear, and artsy. Whether your day calls for denim jeans, or slim fit pants, you can make the cotton blazer look successfully give you the dapper outfit that you’ve been craving. For starters, blazers that are already designed with great tailoring definitely does not require a tie, neckerchief, or handkerchief, the design itself can be emphasized more throughout your look, by sporting natural color pants, and a dress shirt/t-shirt. Sport your favorite, colorful, artsy cotton blazer with denim jeans and casual shoes , and of course a white or black t-shirt under that, for a simple, yet really fashionable weekend outfit.


Velvet Mens Blazers

luxury butterflies mens creative blazer

Velvet blazers are, by many fashionable gentlemen, the only real deal, as far as luxury fashion for men is concerned. The fabric after all, once reserved for royalty, is soft to touch and effortless to wear. The great thing about velvet blazers are that they give you more of an excuse to simplify your look. As with any high quality, rich material, or fashion in general, less is really more. The minimalist fashion style isn’t a mere fad, it’s a way of style itself. Velvet blazers that are artistic, colorful, and have round hems should certainly be atop your luxury checklist for 2016.

Artistic Velvet Blazers

burgundy black mens velvet blazer

Velvet Blazer At PILAEO

Artistic velvet blazers may be one of the most revered and highly prized blazer styles out there. Top designers from YSL to Dior, and Gucci have all made the look ‘musts’ on their runways. Luxury style is synonymous with a unique and artistic look. Gentlemen having an emphasis on quality and style have long known that the artistic velvet blazer is by default, a pickup. Artistic styles from grunge designs, to other sophisticated patterns, featuring stunning floral and mosaic designs are proof of the velvet styles remaining on the luxury checklist of stylish gents year after year, and 2016 is of course no exception.

Colorful Velvet Blazers

One of the reasons why the velvet blazer is really a favorite is it’s ability to effectively reflect color and make the colors on a blazer stand out in a more vibrant manner. Colorful blazers designed with velvet material are one of the secrets of some of the world’s most fashionable people. Velvet blazers evoke a sense of style that many other kinds of clothing have a tough time doing. This is exactly why velvet blazers that are colorful make the checklist for 2016’s mens luxury must have’s.

Round Hem Velvet Blazers

By now, you’ve probably gotten a grasp of the value of focusing on blazer tailoring and fit, From round hems to slim fit tailoring and lapels, the fit of the blazer can make a huge difference in your look. The truth is, any gent can wear a suit, but just a few are really “sharp” indeed. That sharp factor has alot to do with the tailoring such as the hem, and the fit. Velvet blazers  that have a round hem is a must for any man who is looking for an effortless, luxury look for 2016.

How To Wear This Look

The velvet blazer look is an easy one – capable of turning a guy’s look for nay to yay within a millisecond. Sport your favorite dress shirt, with solid color slacks for an impressive, and adorable evening.

Summing Up The 3 Stellar Blazer Picks

2016 is the year to ultra modernize blazers that are floral, cotton, and velvet. Mens fashipon is taking a que from the way of the times. Modern, fast, and city-driven. Staying atop the fashion trends is important, but certainly not to the compromise of a traditional moral values, and charm that come with style. Smart gentlemen are sticking to the time tested rituals of style which include a sharp look, and yes that may certainly include floral, cotton, and velvet, especially in 2016. PILAEO offers mens luxury fashion clothing and accessories for the fashionable forward.