Modern Men’s Guide To Using Briefcases | PILAEO MAGAZINE

The briefcase is one of the few mens fashion essentials that's a modern gent's must have. From carrying your documents, tablet pcs, and even cash, or merely keeping you in style, luxury briefcases are a key way to have something with quality, style, and convenience in your daily outfit.

This briefcase guide will show you how to use and shop for the best briefcase for an amazingly in-style, and modern look.

3 Fantastic Ipad/Laptop Briefcases For A Fantastic Look | PILAEO MAG

If one thing’s certain about a tech fueled lifestyle, it’s that style is as important as ever. In an era where private yachts, extravagant escapes, and internet access on your watch come in to play as cool ways to escape the perils of city life, modern gentlemen are grabbing onto crocodile briefcase designs, as a way to place a symbolism of sophistication and charm at the centerpiece of a busy, and sometimes hectic lifestyle. read more

3 Beautiful Mens Crocodile Briefcases That’ll Make You Look Irresistible | PILAEO MAGAZINE

Getting the perfect look, that can effortlessly walk the very fine, almost not existent line between sleek fashion and luxury for men, comes with a hefty amount of knowledge of style needed, one that the everyday businessman-next-door might not be too fond of. But this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel just yet, after all, style can be effortless with a few key essentials, most notably, the crocodile briefcase; An essential that is certainly shifting men’s perception of what true fashion means. For some time, it may have seemed as if a certain look for modern men was all too common with a conveyor belt-like reproduction of the same kinds of messenger bags, and chukka boots, along with that all too familiar plaid dress shirt. read more

Leather Briefcases Or Canvas Messenger Bags?

It’ll be good to note beforehand, that the functional purpose of any bag is to actually be utilized. Both canvas and leather have their place in the men’s accessory department,  but sometimes, certain designs, and fabrics will do nothing but wonders, over the long run. That being said, leather for one, is flexible, if really authentic, typically gets better with time, can change to a nice hue, if properly taken care of, and is frankly, on the more pricier, and high end side. However those aforementioned characteristics of leather by no means discounts the viability of canvas, which itself has it’s own excellent uses and qualities. Briefcases and bags are something that men, in particular businessmen, take seriously. Trending style isn’t something to take lightly after all, given the long term cost per benefit ratio it can have. read more

Briefcase Briefing: 3 Luxury Picks For The Man On The Go

Elegant gentlemen have been choosing luxury briefcases for centuries. From the sleek black leather styles of the 20’s to the modern, chic, crocodile pattern designs of the 2000’s, luxury briefcases have been a staple in the wardrobes of not just professional men, but also suits the casual guy on the go. Sporting a briefcase does not mean you’ve got to have a necktie and pair of dressy brogue shoes to pair with it, contrary to popular belief. Luxury briefcases have never been so flexible and easy to work with almost any outfit. Men’s fashion embraces flexibility, comfort, and convenience, all while staying amazingly modern and stylish. In addition to Esquire’s Best Men’s Bags For Work And Travel, here are 3 stunning luxury briefcases for the man on the go: read more

Brown Briefcase – 3 Best Picks For Men!

Sifting through endless styles of ties, or dress shoes, to get an appearance that is supposed to make you the most professional, prepared, and utmost sharpest gentleman around can be a task. However, smart gentlemen are taking advantage of one of the best kept style secrets – The briefcase. Brown briefcases have been a favorite for both business and casually-dressed gentlemen for many years – partly because brown briefcases are undeniably flexible, and evoke the modern, laid-back look, that most guys set off to get, when shopping. Brown briefcases are modern, offer the perfect traditional and vintage edge that stylish guys crave, and of course, are convenient, and excellent for the office. Getting the right professional look, that will captivate not just your co-workers, but also everyone around you, and propel your confidence in and out the office to new highs,  is much more achievable with the right accessory. Of course however, not all briefcases are the same. In fact, not all BROWN BRIEFCASES are the same. Depending on the quality, hue of brown, the size, type of leather, and a laundry list of the other characteristics, the briefcase can seriously make or break your entire look. Here are 3 brown briefcases for a more professional, modern, and truly elegant look. read more

Mens Ostrich Briefcase Trend Alert! Best Designs To Get!

When just any regular briefcase wont synchronize with your style, what is a professional gent to do? Perhaps he’d dust off his backpack from college, and sport that around as an attempt to reinvent a college-inspired fashion trend around the busy office. Or, he might consider modern briefcases, a far cry from the traditional styles (not to say they are boring or unfashionable). They just give an outfit more style, more charm, and more fashion clout. An outfit on its own is by all means sharp, well given the tailoring is up to par with some of the Italian craftsmanship techniques. But what about guys who love a casual, business suit for the sake of comfort without compromising quality and style? An ostrich styled briefcase might be the exact ingredient missing to your professional style recipe. With a timeless pattern known for it’s luxury and sophisticated design, ostrich styled leather has been featured back to back my major fashion houses and now professional men can sport the look every day. Suitable for laptops, tablets, and documents, the ostrich briefcase is truly impresses. read more