3 Ways The Crocodile Briefcase Is Seriously Changing Mens Fashion

Getting the perfect look, that can effortlessly walk the very fine, almost not existent line between sleek fashion and luxury for men, comes with a hefty amount of knowledge of style needed, one that the everyday businessman-next-door might not be too fond of. Retro Leather Genuine Crocodile Leather Briefcase At PILAEOBut this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel just yet, after all, style can be effortless with a few key essentials, most notably, the crocodile briefcase; An essential that is certainly shifting men’s perception of what true fashion means. For some time, it may have seemed as if a certain look for modern men was all too common with a conveyor belt-like reproduction of the same kinds of messenger bags, and chukka boots, along with that all too familiar plaid dress shirt.

Crocodile briefcases are for the men who have the might to make initiative In an  era fueled by Starbucks aficionados, and social media led fashion fads. Three ways the crocodile briefcase is really changing fashion as we know it, are that they are introducing flair, and sophistication back into the lives of gentlemen, the briefcase is popular at the right time in fashion, where technology is increasingly a significant aspect of the industry, and it allows a traditional menswear item to coexist in an era where cool luxury backpacks and even clutches for men somehow came to rival their very existence.


Bringing sophistication Back  – The Crocodile Briefcase

Sophistication in menswear may have taken somewhat of a hit, somewhere along the lines of immense street fashion cultures around the world, and a newfound dare we say, vulgarity, and rebellious nature that’s managed to have an impact on style. The crocodile briefcase holds it’s charm in it’s remarkable pattern, look, and flair. Not just any material can offer an intrinsic look, and appeal, that has stood the test of time, through fads, and so called trends. Sophistication may or may not be in the eye of the beholder, but the crocodile briefcase look is one that seriously is making men think twice about steering away from an elegant look.

Classic Crocodile Genuine Leather Texture Brown Bag At PILAEO

Convenient & Style

In an era where technology rules, but style also is relevant, menswear has come to a cross roads where certain timeless pickups are going to be the definers of exactly what modern fashion for men is. With the compartmentalized pockets, and handle, which is often designed with the infamous pattern as well, convenience is a big part of the crocodile briefcase’s appeal. A stylish yet truly convenient essential such as the crocodile briefcase is high on any fashionable forward gent’s list.

Stylish Crocodile Leather Diagonal Cross-Section Brown Bag At PILAEO

The True Champion Of Traditional Menswear

Traditional menswear has made huge strides, there’s no denying that. A sleek, charming appearance has always been admired, but can modern men  keep the essential qualities of exactly what a gentlemen is, all while progressing in to the realms of post modern fashion?  Crocodile briefcases are one of the only essentials that can surely change and propel mens fashion in a new era, where tech, style, convenience, and charm are paramount to any gent’s lifestyle. A true champion of the excellent potential of modern menswear is truly the crocodile briefcase


In conclusion

A sophisticated, sleek style, along with convenience are just a few reasons why the crocodile briefcase makes for an excellent mens fashion pickup, as trends go in an out, throughout the years, having an timeless item that is a centerpiece to the changes of style in a new and vibrant era of style, is comparable to the value of not many other menswear items out there. And being apart of such a profound, and meaningful change is worth it, especially for fashion forward, dapper gentlemen.

gentleman-crocodile-shoulder-messenger-backpack-black-bag-1 gentleman-crocodile-shoulder-messenger-backpack-black-bag-6

PILAEO offers men fashion essentials and luxury briefcases for men that propels the lives of gentlemen in a modern era.

The 1 Crocodile Briefcase That Is Shaking Up Men’s Wardrobes.

It is not a big secret that the crocodile leather has been a highly sought after one, with it’s stylish flair, and natural luxury look, it is simply one style that men who REALLY know fashion, can not do without. Whether you are  businessman or not, the professional, and timeless fashion clout that comes with crocodile briefcases are simply priceless. From the hardware, to the handle, to the convenient compartmentalized sections, to sum it up, convenience and style are exactly what the crocodile briefcase offers. The wardrobes of men around the world have been refined with such an intricate an high quality item. The way forward in men’s luxury is to stick to timeless, vibrant, and exclusively attractive patterns, such as the crocodile.

Brown Crocodile Leather Briefcase at PILAEO

It remains true that some luxury items aren’t meant to be used regularly. But in the case of briefcases,  especially in a technology fueled era, having something handy, stylish, and high quality, available for your daily use is essential. The crocodile leather briefcase do nothing short of wonders for your style and is a quick and easy way to claim your fashion sense as being on par with style trends now and into the future.

The truth is, it is all too common for so called fashion fads to come in and out of style on a whim, leaving men miserable with way too many options, not to mention vulnerable by the way. The guesswork has taken out for you, and one amazing style pushed to the forefront of the modern day fashion collections. Men who are passionate about something, and always on the go are the risk takers of today and tomorrow. Staying true to yourself, means embracing your own character and staying comfortable in the right apparel. The crocodile briefcase man has a certain style, a certain way of thinking. His outlook is modern, and vibrant, but never lets go of the rules of traditional men’s style. Knowing what he wants and we he’s going is imperative. Yes, this brown crocodile briefcase is the signature of quality, and style, which also meets passion and character.  See this brown crocodile leather briefcase here at PILAEO.

Leather Vs Canvas – Men’s Bags & Briefcases Debated

It’ll be good to note beforehand, that the functional purpose of any bag is to actually be utilized. Both canvas and leather have their place in the men’s accessory department,  but sometimes, certain designs, and fabrics will do nothing but wonders, over the long run. That being said, leather for one, is flexible, if really authentic, typically gets better with time, can change to a nice hue, if properly taken care of, and is frankly, on the more pricier, and high end side. However those aforementioned characteristics of leather by no means discounts the viability of canvas, which itself has it’s own excellent uses and qualities. Briefcases and bags are something that men, in particular businessmen, take seriously. Trending style isn’t something to take lightly after all, given the long term cost per benefit ratio it can have.

Leather Briefcases

The leather briefcases is the traditional take on the man bag, and is definitely a popular choice, because most people tend to equate genuine leather with luxury, high quality, and worth. Essentially, though there is some truth in that, it’s worth mentioning that briefcases made with leather may not be all the same. In fact, not all leathers are the same. Shopping for a high quality briefcase should come with a sidebar noting “BEWARE”. Stick to to time tested leather such as crocodile, horsehide, and cowhide to get the most out of your shopping experience. In terms of quality, leather hands down will last a long time, and if you are a savvy kind of gentleman who admires a bit of unique design in  your style, perhaps a box shaped crocodile leather briefcase might not be so bad after all.


See more of this crocodile leather briefcase here.


See more of this crocodile briefcase here.

Canvas, is it in?

Canvas was once essentially the main go to for bags, and frankly, can be popular in certain circumstances. However,  if you’re the business savvy type of guy, you might want to rethink that. Canvas is more of a play, having-fun material, definitely suitable for some professional gatherings, but buy no means, something that should be used daily. That said, a camouflage canvas briefcase/messenger bag will suffice for men who are on the go, want to be in style while on the go, and frankly, will not over use the item. This does not necessarily mean that canvas’ quality isn’t up to par, it just means that some messenger bags and briefcases are beret for show, rather than functionality everyday.


See more of this canvas briefcase here.

The winner

You may have guessed, leather briefcases and bags have always been the clear winner. In the 50’s businessmen stuck close to their briefcases, and in the 21st century, that still holds true. Men’s fashion has always placed an emphasis on excellent quality, and leather briefcases signify that amazingly.

Interested in stepping up your briefcase collection? See PILAEO.com’s briefcase selection for men here.

5 Amazing Fashion Blazers That Will Keep You High-End & Dapper

With mens fashion moving at a pace that no one in history could have ever predicted, there’s really no telling the kinds of designer trends that could dominate the next few seasons, much less the very next season. This is why it is so essential to stick with the styles that are timeless, and never to skip out of style because of so called “fads”. The key to high end fashion is quality, style, and value. Trendy mens fashion blazers have always been the perfect scapegoat for a lacking wardrobe. From vivid prints, to the vibrant floral, and quality wool pickups, men who are brave enough to wear bold, and wear it well, are the forerunners of the fashion pact of wolves called modern day “fashionistos”. Here are 5 amazing fashion blazers that will surely keep you in the much sought after dapper style.

Attractive Black White Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer

men's wool grey blazer at PILAEO
An attractive blazer starts with one thing only- QUALITY. Fine wool material is the choice of savvy men who understand what they are in for, when it comes to a harsh, unforgiving winter climate! Stacking up against the odds in mens fashion for the cold weather, means safeguarding yourself from any inconveniences beforehand, in particular it with wool blazers. The Attractive Black White Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Gentlemens Camouflage Tweed Multicolor Blazer

Camouflage Tweed Men's Blazer at PILAEO

Historically, tweed blazers have always been a beige to brown hue, a men’s favorite indeed, but certainly one that can use a bit remixing. The camouflage pattern tweed blazer might just be the answer. Tweed blazers signify the original gentleman’s style to the 10th power, so that would make a camouflage style tweed blazer even more — you get the idea. The Gentlemens Camouflage Tweed Multicolor Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Brilliant 2-Tone Leather Striped Appealing Black Blazer

Black Blazer Luxury For Men At PILAEO

The signature tuxedo look is a black blazer, for a very good reason – sophistication. Black clothing speak elegance and sophisticated like nothing else, and it makes perfect sense that fashionable men would flock to add an all black leather striped design to their wardrobes. With a sleek look, your style is inevitably chic, and soundly relevant. Other than adhering to the 27 ways to be a modern man, this luxury blazer should really be a staple item. The Brilliant 2-Tone Leather Striped Appealing Black Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Amazing Golden Royalty Luxury Mens Blazer

Mens Luxury Gold Blazer At PILAEO

Even the ancient Egyptians knew the value of the color gold. It is why fashion has touted the hue as a staple of many collections for centuries. Not having gold in your wardrobe should really be out of the question. Just ask the socialites New York and Paris about their “go to” outfits, and they’ll almost always include an item with elegant gold, just as PILAEO has suggested for years.. The modern gold blazer is the one item that you can be sure to pick up and began to effortlessly stun. The Amazing Golden Royalty Luxury Mens Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Artistic Fur Plaid Luxury Adorned Blazer

Black Plaid Mens Luxury Blazer Fur

Let’s face it. The truth about the plaid pattern has always been somewhat of a revolving door of the same colors and designs, more or less. As proof that mens fashion has evolved, and endured a long path to it’s current state of extreme creativity and daring nature, what if we introduced a new way to look at plaid? Fur. Grid. Sleek. The Artistic Fur Plaid Luxury Adorned Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

It’s quite evident by now, or at least it should be, that blazers with a creative and artistic nature, are the way to go from here. Men’s fashion is constantly being tested by new generations of street wear darlings, to brave, yet admirable new fashion designers. If luxury was a baseball field, blazers would be the players, constantly moving, adapting to the scenario at hand. Fashion for men can be as sleek as you’d allow it, but should still retain some level of traditional gent’s flair. And this is what the modern lux man is all about.

Baroque Patterned Blazers: The Best Symbol Of Luxury’s Past & Future

You don’t have to be an expert in 16th century Italian art or literature to get the understanding of some of the art inspirations that went on to shape luxury fashion as a whole. Modern designers from Givenchy to Balmain are all about patterns that are elegant, symmetrical, and have a sense of prestige. Baroque patterns hail from an Italian perspective that makes simple polka dots look like a mere fairly tale. To get luxury quality in your wardrobe, starting with luxury patterns, that has a strong historic significance is key. Baroque patterned blazers for men are just that – trendy, artistic, and superior in not just style but quality, not to mention the chic leather trim that the one in PILAEO’s selection boasts.

Luxury Blazer

Get The Baroque Patterned Luxury Blazer at PILAEO

Luxury fashion is of course all about telling a story, one that resonates with good character, meaning, and symbolism. But symmetry is a quality often forgotten. Symmetry is as close to perfection a perfection itself. Having a blazer that has symmetry in art, such as the baroque pattern style is certainly one way to rev up your look, effortlessly!