Month: February 2015

How To Buy the Best Brown Briefcase | PILAEO Magazine

Sifting through endless styles of ties, or dress shoes, to get an appearance that is supposed to make you the most professional, prepared, and utmost sharpest gentleman around can be a task. However, smart gentlemen are taking advantage of one of the best kept style secrets – The briefcase. Brown briefcases have been a favorite for both business and casually-dressed gentlemen for many years – partly because brown briefcases are undeniably flexible, and evoke the modern, laid-back look, that most guys set off to get, when shopping. Brown briefcases are modern, offer the perfect traditional and vintage edge that stylish guys crave, and of course, are convenient, and excellent for the office. Getting the right professional look, that will captivate not just your co-workers, but also everyone around you, and propel your confidence in and out the office to new highs,  is much more achievable with the right accessory. Of course however, not all briefcases are the same. In fact, not all BROWN BRIEFCASES are the same. Depending on the quality, hue of brown, the size, type of leather, and a laundry list of the other characteristics, the briefcase can seriously make or break your entire look. Here are 3 brown briefcases for a more professional, modern, and truly elegant look. read more

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