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With mens fashion moving at a pace that no one in history could have ever predicted, there’s really no telling the kinds of designer trends that could dominate the next few seasons, much less the very next season. This is why it is so essential to stick with the styles that are timeless, and never to skip out of style because of so called “fads”. The key to high end fashion is quality, style, and value. Trendy mens fashion blazers have always been the perfect scapegoat for a lacking wardrobe. From vivid prints, to the vibrant floral, and quality wool pickups, men who are brave enough to wear bold, and wear it well, are the forerunners of the fashion pact of wolves called modern day “fashionistos”. Here are 5 amazing fashion blazers that will surely keep you in the much sought after dapper style.

Attractive Black White Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer

men's wool grey blazer at PILAEO An attractive blazer starts with one thing only- QUALITY. Fine wool material is the choice of savvy men who understand what they are in for, when it comes to a harsh, unforgiving winter climate! Stacking up against the odds in mens fashion for the cold weather, means safeguarding yourself from any inconveniences beforehand, in particular it with wool blazers. The Attractive Black White Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer is available here at PILAEO.PILAEO mens fashion

Gentlemens Camouflage Tweed Multicolor Blazer

Camouflage Tweed Men's Blazer at PILAEO

Historically, tweed blazers have always been a beige to brown hue, a men’s favorite indeed, but certainly one that can use a bit remixing. The camouflage pattern tweed blazer might just be the answer. Tweed blazers signify the original gentleman’s style to the 10th power, so that would make a camouflage style tweed blazer even more — you get the idea. The Gentlemens Camouflage Tweed Multicolor Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Brilliant 2-Tone Leather Striped Appealing Black Blazer

Black Blazer Luxury For Men At PILAEO

The signature tuxedo look is a black blazer, for a very good reason – sophistication. Black clothing speak elegance and sophisticated like nothing else, and it makes perfect sense that fashionable men would flock to add an all black leather striped design to their wardrobes. With a sleek look, your style is inevitably chic, and soundly relevant. Other than adhering to the 27 ways to be a modern man, this luxury blazer should really be a staple item. The Brilliant 2-Tone Leather Striped Appealing Black Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Amazing Golden Royalty Luxury Mens Blazer

Mens Luxury Gold Blazer At PILAEO

Even the ancient Egyptians knew the value of the color gold. It is why fashion has touted the hue as a staple of many collections for centuries. Not having gold in your wardrobe should really be out of the question. Just ask the socialites New York and Paris about their “go to” outfits, and they’ll almost always include an item with elegant gold, just as PILAEO has suggested for years.. The modern gold blazer is the one item that you can be sure to pick up and began to effortlessly stun. The Amazing Golden Royalty Luxury Mens Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

Artistic Fur Plaid Luxury Adorned Blazer

Black Plaid Mens Luxury Blazer Fur

Let’s face it. The truth about the plaid pattern has always been somewhat of a revolving door of the same colors and designs, more or less. As proof that mens fashion has evolved, and endured a long path to it’s current state of extreme creativity and daring nature, what if we introduced a new way to look at plaid? Fur. Grid. Sleek. The Artistic Fur Plaid Luxury Adorned Blazer is available here at PILAEO.

It’s quite evident by now, or at least it should be, that blazers with a creative and artistic nature, are the way to go from here. Men’s fashion is constantly being tested by new generations of street wear darlings, to brave, yet admirable new fashion designers. If luxury was a baseball field, blazers would be the players, constantly moving, adapting to the scenario at hand. Fashion for men can be as sleek as you’d allow it, but should still retain some level of traditional gent’s flair. And this is what the modern lux man is all about.

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