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Let’s face it, there comes a time when every man has to become a gentleman and embrace sophistication with style. Even though dressing in your own particular style will surely make you comfortable, having the essentials will win you the date. Just about everyone, regardless of background, would like to be desirable. Gentleman who embrace a lifestyle of eloquent etiquette and quality have for centuries, been the ideal choice in a society mired in ultra materialism. In this modern era that we fortunately thrive in, there are some items that can make our lives much more trendy,  ready for any date or meeting. Now of course there are some other items that you might assume would be on this list, but these 5 essentials are definite imperatives.

Convenient High End Disposable Shavers

There’s been much debate about this topic. Let’s shed some light on the issue. Shavers can be expensive. In fact, the shaving handle itself costs far less than the blazers that need to be replaced every few days! Convenience is in style, and that’s exactly why disposable shavers have taken center stage.  When needing to rush out the door, shaving can often be the one thing that will actually pull you back in the door. An excellent way to rev up your evening is with a clean, shaven face. Embrace the disposable shaver trend; afterall, you can get them for just $1 these days via DollarShaveClub.

Flashy Blazer Suit Jacket

This should have been mentioned first, since it’s on the more classier side of fashion. Dressing to impress will surely go a long way, not just on a date, but even at an interview. A blazer coat is truely a part of a man’s style. Traditionally, blazer jackets were all guy’s ever wore! Neatly pressed black slacks or denim jeans, along with your new blazer, will do wonders for your appearance. Blazers = Definietly ESSENTIAL. See Pilaeo.com for blazer styles and more mens fashion essentials.

Brogue Oxford Leather Shoes

Oxford shoes are arguably ‘must have’ fotowear because they are classic. We still admire sneakers, the less formal side of “feet fashion”, however brogues just speak in a way that allows your entire outfit and appearance to come together. There is a very good reason why 9 out of 10 of the most stylish men are seen in these amazing shoes 9 out of 10 of the times you see them! From the classical appeal of the quality leather, to the thin laces, and even the signature design, Brogue Oxford shoes will walk you, literally to a successful date.


An Awesome Smelling Cologne

Of course you need to smell amazing, as well as look the part. SMELL THE PART! For one reason or another, most people assume that colognes, expensive branded colognes, in particular, require an entire month’s salary. The truth is, you can still get a luxury, masculine, and attractive smell for a decent price. The upsides certainly outweigh the downsides of the pricetag, in fact. In other words, you can still wear Gucci, it just doesn’t necessarily have to be their newest fragrance. Target’s fragrance aisle anyone?


A Trendy Smartphone

Apparently, just having any touch screen smartphone will do to impress your date. Tip: Be sure not to fidget with it constantly check thee, as the other party may feel as if you are not interested.  However, the superstar gentlemen, who win atleast 99% of the time know that the bendable iphone 6 is a must! Showing that you’re tech savvy will surely keep your date in tune and interested. What more could a guy want, than to be perceived as stylish and technologically updated. PILAEO mens fashion

Though these essentials will really go a long way in capturing you a second date or perhaps a better salary, putting your own natural twist into the equation will even more increase your chances of a successful meeting.  In conclusion, follow your own style but stay updated with the trends, even if it means glimpsing at window displays every now and then. Overtime, you’ll surely notice you take on a natural skill of dressing nicely to impress!

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