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Just about ever guy can agree on that fact that there are a few gents who seem to be major influences of style. Though modern connection, and increased travel has presented opportunities for just about anyone to gain insight to the global trends of style, it takes a certain willpower and knack for difference, that creates a truly in-style man. It can be said in fact, that style is all about attitude – in particular being a gentleman; It’s what makes the menswear fashion of today even more enticing, interesting, and elegant than the menswear of an era gone. Fashionable men who are daring, and not afraid of bold things from cool blazers, to vacations in neat, and sometimes even strange places, are what makes way for fashion to be what it is today.
PILAEO mens fashion Habits of trendy men are many, but there are the 5 unbreakables that are really the centerpiece to this man’s character, and overall nature.

1.) Grooming

grooming Hair care is big business, and for a really good reason. Ask any stylish guy to forgo the grooming ritual, and you’ll quickly realize that its near impossible. Having a sleek, and well trimmed hair style isn’t just what gentlemen of the 21st century consider grooming. Maverick, fashionable guys are focusing on beard trends, mustache designs, and even skin, and body care. Increasingly the gentleman is seeing taking care himself as a routine, must-do thing, and not necessarily something reserved for women. However, on the other hand, it’s important to note that this does not translate over to weekly spa trips or manicures, just a bit more attention paid to grooming and skin, at least more than previously.

The Pilgrimage To The Man Salon

The salon for men differentiates from the female’s counterpart for one main reason. Men are naturally less social creatures, and not willing to splurge on the gossip, not to mention the fact that he might not be selecting any nail polish colors. The salon for men is all about getting that neat, and effortlessly-sharp image; that image that regardless of whatever the outfit looks like, he can still own an Esquire mag page. Having that said, the best skilled barbers are well aware that the very specifics from the brand of the shaving cream, and even the kind of trimmer, are all of utmost seriousness. It’s true indeed, that the stylish, modern gent can attribute his style to not just an amazing outfit, but increasingly to being well groomed.

Skincare: Is it Yay? Is it Nay?

One of the increasingly controversial things about mens fashion has been the rise of skincare. Men aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering flowery scents patted onto the skin. However, savvy brands have rebelled against basic expectation, and have churned out product lines with more masculine scents and potions tailored to gentlemen. Sophisticated men aren’t letting superficiality get to them, skincare is adding just one more item to his must have routine, helping him stay nothing other than groomed, neat, and certainly looking his best.

2.) There is No Compromise On The Dapper Shoe

 Dandy Brown Luxury Crocodile Pattern Leather Chelsea Boots
Dandy Brown Luxury Crocodile Pattern Leather Chelsea Boots available here at PILAEO
Every gentleman can attest to the difference footwear has made in his life. Neat footwear can make your entire outfit on the upside, and says a lot more about you than a luxury wrist watch can. Dapper footwear has long been a must have essential for some of the worlds most stylish men, so it’s quite easy to see why there’s almost never debate on excellent footwear.

The Brogue Loafer

Brogue loafers are the default , stylish guy’s pickup for footwear. The item is popular because of it’s ability to work with both casual and professional wear. For decades brogue shoes have held the gold metal when it comes to mens footwear. Genuine leather sneakers, typically are more long lasting, but brogue leather footwear, especially styles that have an exotic animal pattern – priceless.

Chelsea Boots Aren’t Just a NYC Thing

Though the chelsea boot design was popuarized in the big apple, a quick browse of some of the worlds most popular fashion capitals, will have you in awe, just how much the look has gained popularity. Chelsea boots are timeless; Somehow the rocker, casually dressed guy, and the financier have something in common here. Chelsea boots fuse together so many aspects of mens fashion, making it suitable for just about any guy. That distinctive band along the ankle, coupled up with the mini heel it boasts – no wonder Chelsea boots are a ‘must have’.

3.) He is Inseparable From His Leather Bag

Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger
Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger available here at PILAEO
The leather bag has silently become the one menswear item that most men are seriously inseparable from. Mostly because of the prevalence of modern technology, along side the fact that mens fashion is paid much more attention to than previously. A wide range of leather bag designs are constantly being churned out by top fashion houses, and this alone goes to show just how important the leather bag for men has become, over the years. Not to downplay the popularity of the briefcase, per se, but there’s no denying that other contenders such as leather backpacks, and even the man clutch has come to be staples in the wardrobe of many fashion forward men.

Brown Messenger Bags Rule

The brown messenger bag or briefcase is a common sight on just about any guy who might have just a slight clue of what modern fashion even is. Style for men has always been centered around convenience. Having that one item that’s sure to deliver, with each and every outfit, every time, makes the brown messenger bag one of the most essential pieces of mens accessories created to date. Different designs of brown leather bags from satchel designs, to even vintage briefcases have all come out as popular, trendy, and truly ruling over the mens accessory departments of the world.

The Era Of Crocodile Pattern

Classic Crocodile Leather Mens Laptop Lock Black Bag X813XFZKPI
Classic Crocodile Leather Mens Laptop Lock Black Briefcase X813XFZKPI is available here at PILAEO
The crocodile pattern isn’t something new, so it cannot necessarily be placed in the category of menswear fads. The timeless pattern speaks nothing but quality and sophistication. Crocodile leather briefcases continue to spark attention among even some of the worlds most savvy and elegant men. Crocodile pattern, leather bags aren’t the exact items you’d find at the back of your wardrobe merely collecting dust, but certainly on the shoulders of passionate individuals who are daring, and shaping mens fashion as we know it.

Luxury Backpacks On The Upswing.

2-Tone Leather Nylon Upscale Navy Blue Stylish Backpack
2-Tone Leather Nylon Upscale Navy Blue Stylish Backpack is available here at PILAEO
The silent rise of the luxury backpack for men is an interesting testament to the changes that men’s style is currently experiencing. Sleek accessories, highly creative blazers, and elegant charm bracelets are more of an excuse to have something to pair all of this newfound sophistication with. Dapper men are increasingly making leather backpacks more than just a style statement, but the ultimate convenient item, which is certainly an unbreakable fashion habit.

4.) Where There’s Sunshine, There’s Sun Style.

sunstyle The awesome thing about seasonal, or unseasonable weather, is that it presents opportunities for fashion conscious gentlemen to sport the latest and most in-style essentials. Sunglasses and sleek hats that are high end and modern are just a few of the menswear favorites. The great thing about sun-wear is that they are fairly easy to pack, and are just one more addition to the gent’s stellar look.


Most fashion savvy gentlemen make it very apparent that sunglasses area a very essential accessory. Whether your sunglasses are designer or not, the accessory will make anyone look prepared for the weather, easygoing, and stylish. Sun style is all about owning your own look, and sunglasses allow you to do that in a much more cool, yet discreet fashion.

Hat Fashion

For eons, the hat has been a favorite of fashionable men. But the truth is that the ultimate test of weather or not a hat is flexible, and capable of year round sporting, is within it’s ability to work well with any kind of outfit. Sticking with a designer hat, that’s crafted in a casual, yet reserved way can make any gentleman’s style more trendy, and of course, shielded.

5.) A Knack For Excellent Outerwear

Luxury Burgundy Black Velvet Heart Sleeves Blazer
Luxury Burgundy Black Velvet Heart Sleeves Blazer available here at PILAEO
Outerwear has always been a necessity for anyone, frankly speaking. However, outerwear that has a truly remarkable design and fit, are reserved for the most fashion men; gent’s who are not afraid of patterned blazers, and sleek sweaters. Excellent outwear calls for a more vibrant look, and a vibrant look – well, it’s exactly what’s driving modern fashion.


At a certain time in mens fashion history, the sweater was viewed as a nobile, reserved, and easy way to stay relevant in style. However, modern style has pushed the limits of what exactly gentlemen expect of sweaters. Stylish cardigan sweaters with zippers, bold patterns, and nothing but controversial designs are now not uncommon. A common habit of modern men are indeed wearing cardigan sweaters.


Style Charming Forest Green Floral Plants Trendy Blazer
Style Charming Forest Green Floral Plants Trendy Blazer here at PILAEO
Th blazer is one of the most rehashed items in mens fashion, ever. With elegant tailoring, and dapper, creative styles from floral and artsy looks, men are truly more style-savvy than ever. Luxury and lifestyle have made a practical, and easy to wear item a ‘must have‘ essential, a habit indeed.

In Conclusion

From grooming specifics to the style of blazer, and footwear, style habits are not uncommon, but certain habits are truly unbreakable. Modern men desire great style, but not necessarily at the compromise of erasing tradition and craftsmanship. Whether it’s a convenient crocodile patterned leather bag, or a simple pair of sunglasses, the essentials of men’s style are seriously habits.

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