Baroque Patterned Blazers: The Best Symbol Of Luxury’s Past & Future

You don’t have to be an expert in 16th century Italian art or literature to get the understanding of some of the art inspirations that went on to shape luxury fashion as a whole. Modern designers from Givenchy to Balmain are all about patterns that are elegant, symmetrical, and have a sense of prestige. Baroque patterns hail from an Italian perspective that makes simple polka dots look like a mere fairly tale. To get luxury quality in your wardrobe, starting with luxury patterns, that has a strong historic significance is key. Baroque patterned blazers for men are just that – trendy, artistic, and superior in not just style but quality, not to mention the chic leather trim that the one in PILAEO’s selection boasts.
Luxury Blazer

Get The Baroque Patterned Luxury Blazer at PILAEO

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Luxury fashion is of course all about telling a story, one that resonates with good character, meaning, and symbolism. But symmetry is a quality often forgotten. Symmetry is as close to perfection a perfection itself. Having a blazer that has symmetry in art, such as the baroque pattern style is certainly one way to rev up your look, effortlessly!

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