Where to Buy Mens Winter Blazers

During autumn/winter you’ll want to own up to creativity with attention grabbing patterns of velvet printed blazer styles. Certainly, however, you’d want to be sure that the color way of the garment you’re buying is inline with what’s seen as winter fashion! This doesn’t mean that you have to steer clear of bright and bold patterns. It simply means that you should be embracing neutral or darker colors. You might be under the impression that in order to wear floral prints you have to go with the whole bright and bold scenario. However there are tons of variations of floral prints and even paisley that fit much too well to the narrative of winter style, that will give you an impressive look. This is an example of floral paisley prints not overdoing the bright colors buy also being a perfect example of boldness. It’s elegant, unapologetically fashionable, and an example of how modern style can actually be luxury style, while having hints of contemporary and an everyday wear aspect to it. During winter, for more of a luxury and high-end and quality emphasis to your wardrobe focus on blazers that have character but still fit into the context of relevant fashion for the season. Tip: Wear high end velvet blazers that have character and classic prints that will stand the test of time. As winter fashion for men changes from season to season, you can focus on the essentials that really make their way to the runways season, after season, and paisley print is certainly one of them.
This high end blazer is designed with one of the most enticing colors – burgundy. Burgundy has always been a staple in men’s fashion. And it’s one of the colors that simply tends to win during the winter season.. The double breasted design of this burgundy blazer alongside the floral print is enough to make this a seasonal must have. The high quality material complements a look that should involve chelsea boots and a sweeter or turtle neck shirt inside. Tip: Your burgundy blazer with floral print will look and feel more comfortable if worn with wool pants. Black or charcoal wool pants are excellent examples to wear with this fashionable, printed blazer for men during winter. This shimmering silver blazer is excellent for winter evenings. It’s the epitome of bold and bright fashion for men, with a twist. The metallic look gives off elegant and fashionable tones that make it likable and easy to wear during evenings. A dinner jacket such as this that is crafted with high quality velvet, while maintaining fashionable structure, color, and a high-end look and feel makes it perfect not just for award shows, or parties, but also your winter dates. Tip: Wear this shiny silver metallic blazer with a thick sweater inside and even a wool scarf that’s solid color. Make a statement with this high-end silver blazer by pairing it with your favorite, comfortable high-top dress boots. This blazer is velvet, and has a high end, printed paisley floral pattern that’s completely subtle and really can effortlessly pair with other winter essentials to become a winter staple in your wardrobe.If there’s proof that you don’t need to try hard to get a fashionable look during winter, this certainly solidifies that fact! This velvet blazer features a high end look and feel that’s capable of making your outfit shimmer with style, elegance, and charm The slim fit craftsmanship sass to the overall fashionable and modern tone of the blazer.
Tip: Wear this velvet blazer with dark colors skinny jeans and chelsea boots for a modern, easy going gentleman’s outfit. Tan and black tend to be smart fashion colors to wear during winter. The golden hue of then tan gives off a ‘ready for christmas and new years’ attitude that’s exciting. The black velvet background of the design is sophisticated and one reason why this high end blazer is a staple for fashionable men. The structure of this blazer complements the cotters and th lapel thats all cohesively designs to make your look effortless as gentlemanly as possible Tip: Wear this upscale golden tan and black blazer along with a white turtleneck, preferably knitted. Tweed wool pants and black high top dress boots are a must. This is a look that you can be confident will help you ring in the new year but at the same time truly make your Christmas one where you’re very stylish!


The fit of your velvet blazer during winter is one of the aspects of menswear that can be a bit hard to pinpoint. Here’s why: The velvet blazer, or any blazer for that matter, where you’ll be layering, requires era space underneath. This doesn’t mean that you should stay away from slim fit blazers, but shopping for the kind velvet that has some level of stretch in the material is wise. Layering only works with a bit of a stretch in your outfit.


You can stay warm in a velvet blazer by layering. Wearing at least 3 layers of shirts under the blazer will ensure that you’re warm, and fashionable. Things like the heat trapping undershirts, combined with a crew neck t-shirt, along with a sweater or turtleneck is more than enough to complement your velvet blazer. Layering wisely is the gentleman’s way of  embracing a variety of fashion during winter, without shunning overcoats. On extreme days that are typically chilly, but you don’t necessarily need a coat, it’s wise to throw on a neckerchief designed with high quality wool or other thick materials.
A scarf that’s high quality makes way for an outfit that you certainly will be warm in – even if you do not have a coat to wear with that blazer. One of the great things about scarfs and wool neckerchiefs is that they can be patterned, and do not necessarily have to match your outfit. Wool scarfs or neckerchiefs you an wear to complement your outfit:
  • Herringbone
  • Striped
  • Houndstooth
  • Plaid
  • Solid Neutral Colors
  • Patterned
When it comes to layering with essentials such as velvet blazers during winter, smart accessorizing for comfort is key. Wearing a wool scarf or neckerchief that compliments your outfit adds character to your look and is a great way to turn a subtle look into one that is absolutely captivating. Whether you’re wearing paisley, burgundy, floral , or even a patterned  velvet blazer, accessorizing smart will make your outfit cooler, you’ll be more warm, and your winter wardrobe will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Layering with a wool scarf, and complementing your outfit with tweed pants, and even chelsea boots adds to the winter look and not only makes your burgundy blazer more worth it, but it also allows you to introduce other velvet blazers into your winter style.

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