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briefcase guide – how to wear and buy the best work bag

So the main question you’re asking yourself is whether or not modern leather briefcases that gentlemen love to use are fashionable enough to be used on an everyday basis. This briefcase guide will answer all the questions and more that you have about shopping for briefcases!

briefcase guide: Reasons you’re not sure whether briefcases are suitable for you might be:

  • unsure which color to get
  • unsure which style to get
  • wondering if they are too formal or practical
  • unsure if it can truly hold all the essentials
Here we’ll go into answering the common questions asked before shopping for a briefcase or leather work bag. and by the end of this “guide to using briefcases” hopefully you’ll have a plethora of information and details so that you can confidently shop the best design for yourself.
Without any further chit chat, let’s jump into it!

1. Which color briefcase to get

Answer: Dark grey, black, light and dark brown are all colors we’ve seen. But chances are you’ve had it with the norm of accessory fashion and want a more appealing color. Smart colors you can be confident in getting are:
  • Light browns
  • Dark brown
  • Charcoal
  • Navy blue
  • Black (especially pattern)
You might have noticed that brown is listed twice, well frankly this goes to show just how useful an accessory made with that is.

Brown color briefcases

this genuine leather briefcase for men/a> is now at PILAEO briefcase lineup!   This is one of those keepers that trends to be a generational piece. Your brown leather briefcases will be the ones that you’ll find yourself using the most. Casually, brown briefcases complement denim jeans, t-shirts, and contribute to an easy-going look. On the professional front, brown briefcases offer a staunch knack for neatness, Composure, and elegance required for clothing that is neatly designed.

Charcoal/grey briefcases

The neutralizing effect of charcoal and grey is just one of the reasons why these colors are true staples when shopping for accessories. Having accessories in colorways such as these neutral must-haves, are sure to be paired with all your outfits, effortlessly. Whether you’re wearing a pair of denim jeans that make you look as easy going as a famous singer, or a pair of slim-fit trousers, with an inseam, as if you’re prepared for a business trip, the grey or charcoal hues are timeless and easy to pair, hence the reason you may have noticed an increase in the use of grey leather accessories.

Navy blue briefcases

Navy blue briefcases are similar to grey briefcases, they truly make for the more professional pickups of accessories as ones that can be used daily, with ease. Particularly on a more professional level, the dark blue color of accessories holds a staying power that’s hard to get with other colors. Keeping that elegant look that allows your style to be at the forefront is certainly a must, and a wise choice indeed.

Black/Patterned Briefcases

Patterned briefcases range from exotic crocodile and ostrich designs to the more checked, plaid, and even abstract geometric patterns embossed on the leather. The reality is: Dapper men have taken note. Take note of the reality of briefcases not just consisting of designs that are the norm. But also of designs that are less than expected, intricately made with patterns that have an air of being vibrant, and adding an overall luxury look and feel to your wardrobe.

2. Which style of the briefcase to get

There are a wide range of briefcase styles to get, which mainly include:
  • Holdall
  • Messenger Bags
  • Satchel
  • Laptop
  • Attaché


The holdall bag is usually a leather pickup and a very, very convenient one at that! It’s usually spacious, modern looking, and equipped with sturdy zippers, compartments, and a shoulder strap.

Who the holdall bag is for/ when to use it

The holdall leather bag is one of the more popular designs of men’s bags. Here’s why:
  • A professionally designed leather holdall will be so convenient to use, that it can serve as both a briefcase and a travel bag, of course depending on the size.
  • More often than not, they consist of high-quality fabric, in and out
  • Are extremely comfortable to use
You might find a holdall leather bag comfortable to use, if:
  • You are traveling often
  • Have many books, electronics, and essentials to carry
  • Going on weekender or trip
  • Need more room in your work bag

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags that are convenient to use daily are usually not as compact as the fanny pack, but just big enough to in some cases be used as a travel bag. Messenger bags have unexpectedly taken over the backpack as the must-have essential of convenience, and style in a tech-fueled world!

Who the messenger bag is for/ when to use it

The messenger bag is for the gentleman who is ahead of the curve, and organized, or at least aspires to be. If you are on the go, and essentially ready to organize everything from a mobile phone, laptop, documents, and even grooming essentials, the messenger bag is a must-have for you. You might find the messenger bag useful if:
  • You’re always on-the-go
  • Are looking for something you can easily throw on
  • Have a mobile phone, books, electronics
  • Looking for a lightweight, yet leather bag to wear to work


The satchel bag went from becoming essential for school, to widespread use in pop culture! This leather bag can be used to carry books, and your digital essentials, similar to the messenger bag. Usually secured using a buckle or two, the satchel bag dates back eons when roman legionaries, a fancy word for a soldier, carried them for convenience and referred to them as loculus.

Who the Satchel bag is for/ when to use it

The satchel bag is a version of the messenger bag in many ways, however, it usually has the cover flap, which makes it capable of being used with ease, all while securing your essentials. You might find the satchel bag useful if:
  • You’re always on-the-go
  • are looking for something that’ll secure your essentials
  • Has high-quality leather and materials crafted into the design
  • Suitable for work, school, or just great style


The laptop briefcase is being used more and more, and that’s expected. However, perhaps we should rephrase this as an iPad briefcase, or tablet briefcase. the ability to carry around your briefcase with style, comfort, and try to convince is priceless. Laptop briefcases offer the exact mix of amazing style benefits, elegance, and ease, given you choose the right design, and size! Suggested Reading: 3 Fantastic Ipad/Laptop Briefcases For A Fantastic Look

Who the laptop briefcase is for / when to use it

The laptop briefcase is for the gentleman that:
  • Has a laptop/tablet
  • Works remotely, or away from the office
  • Has meetings, while traveling


The attache briefcase is usually a hard, boxy briefcase, and traditionally was used by diplomats, however, it’s been redesigned into a cool, hip, thin document holder, usually with a zip. The attaché briefcase is essentially a clutch-purse, for men- document sized, however. It’s easy to carry, and in many cases can rival the messenger bag for the carry of thin documents or even electronic essentials.
You might find the attache bag useful if:
  • You want quick access to your essentials
  • are looking for something that’ll secure your essentials
  • Has high-quality leather and materials crafted into the design
  • Suitable for work, school, or just great style

the smart way to use the Attaché

The attache bag has the convenience of the messenger back, and the overall accessibility of a wallet. It’s a perfect item for quick access to your documents and even cash.

briefcase guide: How to make the briefcase fit with your style

A briefcase is usually a savvy essential and typically complements the organized guy, on the go. However, unless you’ve managed to work an amazingly unique blazer into your outfit, what’s not often emphasized with business clothing and apparel, is the need for a style that’s unique, and inspiring. Though most accessories are usually seen as flexible pieces and expected to work with your style, there are things to consider so that your purchase fits your style. Each man has his own style. You shouldn’t necessarily have to revamp your entire wardrobe just because you’ve purchased a new briefcase. The wise thing to do is to shop briefcases that work with your style and complement your existing wardrobe, but at the same time improve it, making it more fashionable, savvy, and modern! Things that you can consider before shopping are:
  • Ask yourself whether the pattern is subtle or wild if any. And whether or not you should be sticking with a more neutral design, art-wise.
  • Shop for a color that has contrast to the majority of your apparel. (For example, if you’re used to wearing a black or dark grey suit, shopping for a light brown or even blue briefcase/messenger bag will only make your look much more attractive.
  • Consider the size that you’ll be needing. Getting a functional accessory makes it ten times more useful!
  • Consider whether or not you’ll be using a shoulder strap because if you’re not really into shoulder straps, there’s a wider range of choices you can get.
The briefcase is a flexible pickup, and even if you do get a neutral color, you should be paying attention to the overall look of it. Determine if your outfit style is compatible with it. If you’re dressing casually, the majority of the time, chances are you’re already opting for a brown, satchel style. If you’re a 24/7 business gentleman, a more professional, compartmentalized, and even thin or boxy (depending on your choice) will be a smart buy.

Pairing the leather briefcase with professional style

Professional-style calls for a briefcase that’s neat, convenient, and super elegant. Shopping for the right pickup means paying attention to the look, feel, and functionality 10 fold. Suggested Reading: 3 Beautiful Men’s Crocodile Briefcases That’ll Make You Look Irresistible Here are some ways to ensure that the briefcase you buy can work well with your professional look:
  • Consider a briefcase that has corners that are more on the sharp side, and able to self-stand.
  • Hardware that’s moderate, very high quality, and fashionable (gold zips, buckles, etc)
  • Patterns that have traditionally been representative of luxury, style, and composure (croc, and ostrich patterns)
  • Handles that are high quality, and able to truly hold books, documents, and necessities used during business
  • An overall look of quality, and neat style

Pairing the leather briefcase with casual style

One of the great things about casual style is that it can often play along as professional style, given the pieces you shop for are neat, high quality, and fashionable. Leather briefcases and messenger bags are the modern gentleman’s version of the backpack. Having casual style calls for a look that’s easygoing, easy to use, and more or less lightweight. Shop for casually styled briefcases or messenger bags based on
  • Color
  • Size
  • Ease Of Use
Briefcase Colors For A Casual Outfit
Outfits that have a casual tone look great with briefcases that have a color that stands out. Colors such as vintage brown, dark brown, light grey, and navy blue will all stand out, emphasizing your balanced look.
Best Briefcase Size For Casually Based Outfits
Casually based outfits are usually about dressing smart and comfortable. Sticking with the medium-sized briefcases will ensure that you’re not doing any extremes, and making comfort and functionality a priority.
Focusing On The Ease Of Use
What’re men’s briefcases without effortless ease of use? Yes, your briefcase should look fashionable, be the right size, and color, but also be easy to use. First and foremost: compartments Your briefcase compartments have to be designed with organization, and really in a manner that the pockets are readily accessible for documents, books, and even mobile phone/tablets. Suggested Reading: Brown Briefcase – 3 Best Picks For Men! straps The strap of your briefcase will be the determining factor whether or not you enjoy using it regularly. Be sure to check whether or not the strap has a convenient and good way to secure the bag, and or essentials. Suggested Reading: Leather Briefcases Or Canvas Messenger Bags? zippers zippers should be high quality, and able to convey a message of ease and absolute convenience.

Briefcase guide: sizing, space, usability

The overall size, specifications, and usability of the leather briefcase you shop for should all match the exact way you’ll functionally and fashionably use it regularly. Making quality, design, and convenience, priority while briefcase shopping is key to picking the best one for your lifestyle. PILAEO briefcase selection offers an extensive range of luxury briefcases that meet all the qualifications and design amazingness you’d want in a briefcase or bag for work.
Staying fashion-forward, and passionate with your dream job, aspirations and lifestyle is key to getting the most out of any accessory, as well as the briefcase. Complement your style that’s comfortable, in a way you’ve never imagined with wise luxury picks and you’ll certainly be far ahead in smart shopping and great style!

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