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Different patterns and prints in mens fashion have different levels of hues, and artistic flair, and really can make your look be one that simply makes you more stylish than you expected. If you are after a luxury style that is really relevant and upscale, then mens patterned shorts may be your best way to actually be as easygoing yet professional as possible – off course given that you wear this look with essentials such as the right kinds of accessories that match with leather briefcase for men style, and even slim fit blazers for men that are designed with professionalism.


Amazing New Leather Briefcase Buyers Guide | PILAEO Magazine

Amazing New Leather Briefcase Buyers Guide

So the main question you’re asking yourself is whether or not leather briefcases for men are fashionable enough to be used on an everyday basis. This guide will answer all the questions and more, that you have about shopping for briefcases!

Reasons you’re not sure whether briefcases are suitable for you might be:

  • unsure which color to get
  • unsure which style to get
  • wondering if it they are too formal or practical
  • unsure if it can truly hold all the essentials
Vintage Brown London Trend Mens Leather Luxury Briefcase Bag
this vintage brown briefcase is now at PILAEO briefcase lineup!

Here we’ll go into the answering the common questions asked before shopping for a briefcase or leather work bag.

and by the end of this “guide to using briefcases” hopefully you’ll have a plethora of information and details so that you can confidently shop the best design for yourself.

Without any further chit chat, lets jump into it!

1. Which color briefcase to get

Dark grey, black ,  light and dark brown are all colors we’ve seen. But chances are you’ve had it with the norm of accessory fashion and want a more appealing color.

Smart colors you can be confident in getting are:

  • Light browns
  • Dark brown
  • Charcoal
  • Navy blue
  • Black (especially pattern)

You might have noticed that brown is listed twice, well frankly this goes to show just how useful an accessory made with that really is.

Brown color briefcases

Attractive Genuine Shoulder Business Casual Leather Brown Bag
this genuine leather briefcase for men/a> is now at PILAEO briefcase lineup!


This is one of those keepers that really trends to be a generational piece. Your brown leather briefcases will be the ones that you’ll find yourself using the most. In a casual way, brown briefcases complement denim jeans, t shirts , and contribute to an easy going look.

On the professional front, brown briefcases offer a staunch knack for neatness, Composure, and elegance required for clothing that are neatly designed.

Charcoal/grey briefcases

The neutralizing effect of charcoal and grey is just one of the reasons why these colors are true staples when shopping for accessories. Having accessories in colorways such as these neutral must haves, are sure to be paired with all your outfits, effortlessly. Whether your wearing a pair of denim jeans that make you look as easy going as a famous singer, or a pair of slim fit trousers, with an inseam, as if you’re prepared for a business trip, the grey or charcoal hues are timeless and easy to pair, hence the reason you may have noticed an increase in use of grey leather accessories.

Navy blue briefcases

Navy blue briefcases are similar to grey briefcases, they truly make for the more professional pickups of accessories as ones that can be used daily, with ease. Particularly on a more professional level, the dark blue color of accessories hold a staying power that’s hard to get with other colors. Keeping that elegant look that allows your style to be at the forefront is certainly a must, and a wise choice indeed.

Black/Patterned Briefcases

Patterned briefcases range from exotic crocodile and ostrich designs, to the more checked, plaid, and even abstract geometric patterns embossed on leather.

mens crocodile pattern briefcase at PILAEO
this crocodile pattern briefcase for men is now at PILAEO briefcase lineup!

The reality is:

Dapper men have taken note.

Taken note to the reality of briefcases not just consisting of designs that are the norm. But also of designs that are less than expected, intricately made with patterns that have an air of being vibrant, and adding an overall luxury look and feel to your wardrobe.

2. Which style of briefcase to get

There are a wide range of briefcase styles to get, which mainly include:

  • Holdall
  • Messenger Bags
  • Satchel
  • Laptop
  • Attaché



The holdall bag is usually a leather pickup, and a very, very convenient one at that! It’s usually spacious, modern looking, and equipped with sturdy zippers, compartments, and a shoulder strap.

Who the holdall bag is for/ when to use it

The holdall leather bag is one of the more popular designs of mens bags. Here’s why:

  • A professionally designed leather holdall will be so convenient to use, that it can serve as both a briefcase and a travel bag, of course depending on the size.
  • More often than not, they consist of high quality fabric, in and out
  • Are extremely comfortable to use

You might find a holdall leather bag comfortable to use, if:

  • You are traveling often
  • Have many books, electronics, and essentials to carry
  • Going on weekender or trip
  • Need more room in your work bag


Messenger Bags

brown briefcase messenger bag
this brown briefcase messenger bag is at PILAEO

Messenger bags that are convenient to use on a daily basis are usually not as compact as the fanny pack, but just big enough to in some cases be used as travel bag. Messenger bags, have unexpectedly taken over the backpack as the must have essential of convenience, and style in a tech fueled world!

Who the messenger bag is for/ when to use it

The messenger bag is for the gentleman who is ahead of the curve, and organized, or at least aspires to be. If you are on the go, and essentially ready to organize everything from mobile phone, laptop, documents, and even grooming essentials, the messenger bag is a must have for you.

You might find the messenger bag useful if:

  • You’re always on-the-go
  • Are looking for something you can easily throw on
  • Have a mobile phone, books, electronics
  • Looking for a lightweight, yet leather bag to wear to work


The satchel bag went from becoming an essential for school, to widespread use in pop culture! This leather bag can be used to carry books, and your digital essentials, similar to the messenger bag. Usually secured using a buckle or two, the satchel bag dates back eons when roman legionaries, a fancy word for a soldier, carried them for convenience, and referred to them as loculus.

brown satchel briefcase for men
this satchel briefcase for men is now at PILAEO

Who the Satchel bag is for/ when to use it

The satchel bag is actually a version of the messenger bag in many ways, however, it usually has the cover flap, that makes it capable of being used with ease, all while securing your essentials.

You might find the satchel bag useful if:

  • You’re always on-the-go
  • are looking for something that’ll secure your essentials
  • Has high quality leather and materials crafted into the design
  • Suitable for work, school, or just great style



The laptop briefcase is being used more and more, and thats expected. However, perhaps we should rephrase this as ipad briefcase, or tablet briefcase. the ability to carry around your briefcase with style, comfort, and try convince is priceless. Laptop briefcases offer the exact mix of amazing style benefits, elegance, and ease, given you choose the right design, and size!

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Who the laptop briefcase is for / when to use it

The laptop briefcase is for the gentleman that:

  • Has a laptop/tablet
  • Works remotely, or away from the office
  • Has meetings, while traveling


attache briefcase
this black crocodile pattern attaché briefcase is now at PILAEO

The attache briefcase is usually a hard , boxy briefcase , and traditionally was used by diplomats, however it’s been redesigned into a cool, hip , thin document holder, usually with a zip. The attaché briefcase is essentially a clutch-purse, for men- document sized however. It’s easy to carry, and in many cases can rival the messenger bag for carry of thin documents or even electronic essentials.

You might find the attache bag useful if:

  • You want quick access to your essentials
  • are looking for something that’ll secure your essentials
  • Has high quality leather and materials crafted into the design
  • Suitable for work, school, or just great style


smart way to use the Attaché

brown attache briefcase for men
this brown attache briefcase is now at PILAEO

The attache bag has the convenience of the messenger back, and the overall accessibility of a wallet. Its a perfect item for quick access to your documents and even cash.

How to make the briefcase fit with your style

A briefcase is usually a savvy essential, and typically complements the organized guy, on the go. However, unless you’ve managed to work an amazingly unique blazer into your outfit, what’s really not often emphasized with business clothing and apparel, is the need for style thats unique, and really inspiring.

Though most accessories are usually seen as pieces that are flexible, and expected to work with your style, there are actually things to consider so that your purchase actually fit’s your style.

Each man has his own stye. You shouldn’t necessarily have to revamp your entire wardrobe just because you’ve purchased a new briefcase. The wise thing to do is to shop briefcases that work with your style, and complement your existing wardrobe, but at the same time improve it, making it more fashionable, savvy, and modern!


Things that you can consider before shopping are:

  • Ask yourself whether the pattern is subtle or wild, if any. And whether or not you should be sticking with a more neutral design, art wise.
  • Shop for a color that has contrast to the majority of your apparel. (For example, if you’re used to wearing a black or dark grey suit, shopping for a light brown or even blue briefcase/messenger bag will only make your look much more attractive.
  • Consider the size that you’ll actually be needing. Getting an accessory that actually is functional makes it ten time more useful!
  • Consider whether or not you’ll be using a shoulder strap, because if you’re not really into shoulder straps, there’s a wider range of choices you can get.

The briefcase is a flexible pickup, and even if you do get a color that’s neutral, you should be paying attention to the overall look of it. Determine if your outfit style is compatible with it. If you’re dressing in a casual way, the majority of the time, chances are you’re already opting for a brown, satchel style. If you’re a 24/7 business gentleman, a more professional, compartmentalized, and even thin or boxy (depending on your choice) will be a smart buy.

Pairing the leather briefcase with professional style

luxury crocodile pattern briefcase
the luxury briefcase – crocodile pattern is now at PILAEO

A professional style calls for a briefcase that’s neat, convenient, and super elegant. Shopping for the right pickup means paying attention to the look, feel, and functionality 10 fold.

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Here are some ways to ensure that the briefcase you buy can actually work well with your professional look:

  • Consider a briefcase that has corners that are more on the sharp side, and able to self-stand.
  • Hardware thats moderate, very high quality, and fashionable (gold zips, buckles, etc)
  • Patterns that have traditionally been representative of luxury, style, and composure (croc, and ostrich patterns)
  • Handles that are high quality, and able to truly hold books, documents, and necessities used during business
  • An overall look of quality, and neat style

Pairing the leather briefcase with casual style

One of the great things about casual style is that it can often play along as professional style, given the pieces you shop for are neat, high quality, and fashionable.

Leather briefcases and messenger bags are the modern gentleman’s version of the backpack. Casual style calls for a look thats easygoing, easy to use, and more or less lightweight.

Shop for casually styled briefcases or messenger bags based on

  • Color
  • Size
  • Ease Of Use
Briefcase Colors For A Casual Outfit

Outfits that have a casual tone look great with briefcases that have a color that stands out. Colors such as vintage brown, dark brown, light grey, and navy blue will all stand out, emphasizing your balanced look.

Best Briefcase Size For Casually Based Outfits

Casually based outfits are usually about dressing smart and comfortable. Sticking with the medium sized briefcases will ensure that you’re not doing any extremes, and making comfort and functionality a priority.

Focusing On The Ease Of Use

What’s mens briefcases without an effortless ease of use? Yes, your briefcase should look fashionable, be the right size, and color, but also be easy to use. First and foremost:


Your briefcase compartments have to be designed with organization, and really in a manner that the pockets are readily accessible for documents, books, and even mobile phone/tablets.

Suggested Reading: Brown Briefcase – 3 Best Picks For Men!

The strap of your briefcase will be the determining factor whether or not you actually enjoy using it regularly. Be sure to check whether or not the strap has a convenient and good way to secure the bag, and or essentials.

Suggested Reading: Leather Briefcases Or Canvas Messenger Bags?

zippers should be high quality, and able to convey a message of ease and absolute convenience.


Briefcase sizing, space, usability

The overall size, specifications, and usability of the leather briefcase you shop for should all match the exact way you’ll functionally and fashionable use it regularly. Making quality, design, and convenience, priority while briefcase shopping is key to picking the best one for your lifestyle. PILAEO briefcase selection offers an extensive range of luxury briefcases that meet all the qualification and design amazingness you’d want in a briefcase or bag for work.

Staying fashion forward, and passionate with your dream job, aspirations, and lifestyle is key to getting the most out of any accessory, as well as the briefcase. Complement your style thats comfortable, in a way you’ve never imaged with wise luxury picks and you’ll certainly be far ahead in smart shopping, and great style!

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Menswear Rules: Navy Blazer – Gold Buttons| PILAEO Magazine

Here you can see some of the most versatile blazer colors and actually go buy them. You can shop luxury versatile blazers successfully, only if you really know the keys to men’s style in terms of pairing and wise shopping.

Click here to go directly to browsing some of the MOST VERSATILE NAVY BLUE BLAZERS

Wearing versatile colors are highly sought after,especially in mens fashion, where there’s always a push to improve but at the same time keep it neat, and minimally bold. Upscale style has it’s way of gearing towards casual , which can be a great thing actually, when you implement earthy colors and wear styles that are on the lesser side of the modern fashion spectrum.

In an era where gentlemen are wearing rompers, redefining your definition of versatile fashion hues is something very wise.

Lets be clear. Navy blue is the most versatile sport coat color. Here’s why:

  • It’s a commonly worn color
  • It tones down brighter hues,
  • Its comfortable to Wear
  • It’s a color related to trust, confidence, and a gentleman
  • It works in professional settings, as well as playful, and even party scenes

How Navy Blue Became The Most Popular Versatile Sport Coat Color

After decades of mens fashion, or fashion in general being touted as something that needs constant change, traditional menswear enthusiasts have always valued tradition, and quality. Navy Blue is one of those staple colors that really tends to stay on the timeless side of style, and very much within some level of conformity-norm.

Conformity in fashion is definitely not something that most fashionably forward gentlemen , or any gent really, would like to actually align himself with, but everyone has a knack for neatness and organization.

Navy blue has become the most versatile sport coat color because it constantly has been able to withstand the test of time, throughout decades of style creativity. Ultimately navy blue became popular for professionals, whom really require a level of trust and neatness.

Being savvy, as most modern fashionable people are, creatives churned out outfits to suit their tastes. Ranging form luxury blazers with patterns and prints that feature navy blue as the main color.  And of course, wearing navy blue in a creative way makes it all the more relevant, and admirable, even outside of the office.

Some Versatile Navy Blue Blazers For Men from PILAEO

Elegant Navy Blue Golden Emblem Velvet Blazer at PILAEO
Elegant Navy Blue Golden Emblem Velvet Versatile Sport Coat

Dazzling Gold Arm Mens Navy Blue Tailored Stylish Blazer at PILAEO
Dazzling Gold Arm Mens Navy Blue Tailored Stylish Versatile Sport Coat
Exceptional Mens Navy Double Breasted Blazer Gold Buttons at PILAEO
Exceptional Mens Navy Double Breasted Blazer Gold Buttons

Pairing Navy Blue Sport Coats

Navy blue sport coats look amazing with a wide range of other clothing and accessories. However for the best look, some of the best ways to wear a versatile navy blue blazer is with:

  • Dress Shoes
  • Tennis Shoes
  • White Shirt (Whether Button down, or t-shirt)
  • Neat Trousers
  • Patterned Necktie and Pocket square

Regardless of where you’re going, you can be sure you’ll be fashionably prepared with a versatile blazer. Navy blue in particular. Modern men admire style that has charm, poise, and creativity. Luxury blazers are some of the best kinds of navy blazers to get because of the emphasis on great quality, and impeccable style. You can look dapper, elegant, and be ready for your event with a navy blue blazer by effortless pairing it with right items.

Further reading on navy blazers:

Wedding Date Alert: Choosing The Right Navy Blazer To Wear!

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Menswear Affection: New Luxury Blazers! | PILAEO Magazine

Multi color blazers have been all the rave, and not just for summer evenings or sunny days, but also for really any kind of event that you want your style to simply speak elegance.

Menswear Affection: New Luxury Blazers!


Luxury blazers… With Creativity? Yep, absolutely possible.

PILAEO is all about crafting creativity, alongside passion and charm to make each gentleman in the world, better, more savvy, and of course, more well rounded. We live in an era fueled by travel, technology, and yes, really vibrant menswear, and the Black Lapel Turquoise Purple Mosaic Grunge Luxury Mens Blazer is the perfect symbol of that. The PILAEO luxury blazer selection is very interesting and updated. It has some of the most upscale, creative, and rally in style designs that you’d want to be wearing. The lineup features cool mens navy blazer and burgundy designs as well.

Luxury Blazer Black Lapel Mulitcolor For Men

Luxury Blazer Black Lapel Mulitcolor For MenLuxury Blazer Black Lapel Mulitcolor For Men
This blazer signifies just how a superior design in a blazer is a result of excellent creative skills, and time tested craftsmanship.

Surprising luxury is all about going with the trend but also breaking away from the pact and and following your own path confidently. It’s a gesture to the modern man and what he stands for.

Traditionally suit jackets comprised of sometimes outdated fits, and styles that have even been a burden of the flexibility power of men. However with multi color designs such as the aforementioned, seriously sulk no more.

See the Black Lapel Turquoise Purple Mosaic Grunge Luxury Mens Blazer HERE or more blazers at PILAEO.

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Groom Elegance: Navy Blazer Styles To Pick | PILAEO Magazine

Groom Elegance: Navy Blazer Styles To Pick

Weddings call for a neat look that also tests the waters of creativity. This means wearing a luxury blazer at PILAEO that’s pleasing to the eyes, and comfortable! The fashionable mens navy blue blazer at PILAEO that so many men rave about can effortlessly look cool with a few style tips! Navy blue is one of the best hues to wear, especially if you’ve managed to decide which leather briefcase designs such as the styles at PILAEO  you’ll be carrying along with you for that weekend trip. In short, regardless if you’re wearing luxury shorts such as the styles at PILAEO, or even slim fit jeans, you can look exceptional, depending on the design in the blazer.

Get This Look:

Navy Blue Charming Velvet Floral Mens Blazer
This navy blazer is available at PILAEO: Navy Blue Charming Velvet Floral Mens Blazer


Exceptional Mens Navy Double Breasted Blazer Gold Buttons
Elegant Mens Navy Blazer With Gold Buttons Are A Great Way To Keep Charm In Your Outfit.

The artistic look isn’t just for the club scene. Wear a creative blazer that boasts artistic sophistication to a wedding, and you’ll be the socialist of the evening. Modern style for men always looks better with creativity and passion thrown into a wardrobe. Embrace a look that will put you at the forefront of any cool social situation, even if it’s at a wedding where you’re not even necessity at the enter of attention. Make this artsy navy blue blazer look be complemented with something as chic as the right kind of leather wallet, perhaps an exotic pattern, and you’ll be facing a serious win-win situation.

Get This Look:

Pixelated Blue Roses Modern Navy Blue Velvet Blazer
This navy blazer is available at PILAEO: Pixelated Blue Roses Modern Navy Blue Velvet Blazer



This blazer boasts the savvy, and poise of a sophisticated gentleman like nothing else. The strict, fit, and very materials cremes professionalism, and is perfect to wear to wedding if fashion forward, timeless style is something you’re after. If you want to remain low-key at an event, but come off as a person who is neat, and has flowing style thats relevant, this navy blazer is a great pick.

Get This Look:

Confident PILAEO Navy Blue Green Plaid Neat Blazer
This navy blazer is available at PILAEO: Confident PILAEO Navy Blue Green Plaid Neat Blazer

At a wedding, you’re job is to be the best, and most stunningly, attractive guest, or groom there is. Choosing the right navy blazer is a smart way to do that. Whether your style is along the lines of elegant, artsy, or professional style, opting for the style that you’ll be most comfortable in is best! Wearing navy blazers in a wise way is all about pairings, as well as fit. Master these two things and you’ll be unstoppable in style!

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Short Pants Cravings: Floral Print For men | PILAEO Magazine

Short Pants Cravings: Floral Print For men

Looking great regardless of the weather is something that most men opt for. In order to successfully dress for the weather, you’ve got to understand the dynamic that’s involved in menswear and seasons. Summer is a time for floral shorts MENS FASHION styles that keep you stylish, vibrant, and prepared to enjoy. You can really improve this style, and even make it look like a high end outfit, with mens gold blazer styles that have a shimmering appeal, perhaps the mens sequin gold blazer style that offers impeccable style, and quality. Here’s how to wear a pair of floral shots correctly.

the scenario: You’re at an evening dinner

Vibrant colors are what you notice As you look around you at the evening event you’re at. To your surprise, you notice that it isn’t literally a so called black tie event, so much.

floral patterned shorts preview_mens-pilaeo_01
Floral patterned Shorts Selections. These picks are apart of the PILAEO shorts selection here, and available for purchase now.

As One of the top executives of the company wears a pair of paisley patterned shorts, another is dipping his toes in the unpredictable yet exciting waters of floral pattern. Yes, savvy gentlemen are embracing floral and printed shorts designs like never before, and of course, a corresponding matching fashionable blazer.

best floral and printed shorts with blazers combinations intro


Steadily coming into your own men’s fashion style isn’t just about trends. If you’re in the business of lagging in style, simply go the way of solid color cargo shorts. Other wise, pay very close attention.


Here are some floral print shorts and blazer combinations that will have you begging for a break from all the fanfare you’ll be receiving.

floral patterned shorts preview_mens-pilaeo_02
Floral patterned Shorts Selections. These picks are apart of the PILAEO shorts selection here, and available for purchase now.


Key Resource: How To Wear Shorts



This winning combo is exceptionally pleasing to the eyes. In both vibrant hues and moderation! You can get this look and instantly make it work in your favor by pairing it casually with leather sandals or white sneakers. Or even more ‘professional’ with low top loafers.

Key Resource: Men’s Shorts | How To Spend It


Keeping your shorts minimally dressy is in. WWD suggests..

“Shorts with virtually nonexistent inseams are an ever-growing trend. A recent heatwave in New York gave the style major exposure.”

Everyone gets that slight feeling that their style gets more monotonic overtime. However during summer, there’s really no good reason to shy away from bright and fun colors and patterns. These shorts can add some flavor and much deserved optimism to your outfit. That’s the great thing about being a gentleman in the century 21. It’s all about doing what you can to enliven and propel yourself to the best you. even if it means being brave with style.

These multi-color shorts can be friend or foe at a business lunch just as much as they can be inside a room full of heavy weight fashionable travelers on that Paris vacation.


business centered events are really all about networking, so these floral patterned shorts, with a vibrant look is already an eye catcher and will certainly put you at an advantage. To not look disrespectfully informal, but very fashionable and outgoing, the best way to wear these shorts in any business event is to be very conservative with your other apparel. Wear a thin black sports coat or even a dark grey one complemented with a neatly pressed dress shirt, tucked in. Black loafer shoes and minimal accessories will suffice.


Casual fashion is really all about being free. These floral multi-color shorts already have character by themselves and will only add to yours. Wearing them a with white, navy blue or black polo shirt and tennis shoes gives you an instant ten for ten look.

A natural colored lightweight plaid shirt is another really smart way to comfortably wear these shorts in a casual way.

The suggestion by GQ to wear cut off shorts is a smart, yet really controversial way to embrace summer style.  For business causal and leisure purposes it’s understandable be on the fence.

Key Resource: How to Pull Off Bohemian Style

Putting together the right outfit doesn’t have to be too tough though. Perhaps the DIY fashion route can be implemented in your outfit.
Shop for mens floral and printed shorts at PILAEO. The designs are creative and vary in colorway and cool patterns!

Make your outfit appear more casual by DIY’ing your t-shirt. simply roll up the edge of the sleeves to give it more of a neater fit, or cut off about 3/4 inches from the short sleeved edge to get the ultimate summer look and feel in your casual shorts and t-shirt look!



Navy blue shorts somehow fit perfectly into the story of modern men’s style. Shorts with navy blue tribal pattern along with a navy blue blazer is a workable combo that will make you and your outfit admirable. The great thing about an outfit like this is that it says much without the vulgarity.

Your look essentially is determined by the mood you choose to stand in.

It’s common assumption that bright colors are the way to go as a rule of thumb, but if your type of character calls for the more laid back aspects of style, then perhaps the dark blue tribal pattern is your calling. Tribal pattern and navy blue shorts aren’t merely designed for your local beach or swimming pool. If you’re looking forward to a summer of style where you can look cool and dressed for the season, and stylishly do it in a neat way then sticking with an outfit combination thats a nice mix of traditional men’s fashion and modern appeal is the way to go. Shorts that are reserved just for the beach is definitely not something that’s as comfortable and appealing as previously assumed.


When it comes to summer style comfort also depends on the design of the clothing. Don’t fall in the style nono trap of wearing apparel that’s cookie cutter and not really at the top of the fashion top picks. It’s easy to opt for plain shorts that you see on the discount rack at a local surf shop. But seriously only consider these if you are staying particular in the perimeter of the beach. There are only a few times when casual shorts can magically look like anything near their more professional counterparts. The navy blue tribal pattern in the shorts coupled up with the navy blue blazer of this combination speaks clearly: easygoing fun character, and passionate composure; all things that stylish gentlemen admire.


You may be on the fence about whether or not patterns should really play a significant role in your summer outfit. You maybe even be wondering why should you place so much of an emphasis on the pattern of mere shorts.

The answer goes back to FLEXIBILITY. Summer fashion isn’t particularly only about style, or quality. Flexibility and function is important. Shorts that have a standout pattern really are able to multi function for you. Navy blue patterned shorts are ideal. The warmer weather calls for wide range of activities from travel and even simply relaxing. Navy blue tribal pattern shorts will give you a relaxing, travel ready look.

To take this look to an attractive new level, wear low top black, tan, or white tennis shoes or leather sandals.

Key Resource: Men: how to wear shorts

Navy blue tribal pattern shorts are all about flexibility, style, and comfort, whether you’re spending the season in mid leisure or at business lunch.


On the surface, tribal pattern may seriously look like a departure from conservatism, or anything anywhere near business-like, however you’ll be more than surprised to know that they can be exceptionally acceptable. Thin dress shirts and lightweight summer blazers don’t exist for no reason after all.

For a truly successful business centered event, it’s all about the race to appear as the most open minded person in the room. Having a welcoming outfit is smart and will really set you ahead of the pact. Focus on accessories and footwear to wear with navy blue tribal pattern shorts.

Think upscale. Modern. Comfortable.

Give your outfit some character with crocodile patterned loafers,or with a tan or black satchel or tote bag style.

Depending on exactly how business centered your event is, you can opt for a slim tie and white dress shirt.

When evening approaches be ready to excel with your navy blue sports coat.


It’s quiet easy to come up with ways to wear a pair of shorts casually. Well at least if they are a pair of swimming trunks and your going no where but to your local barbecue. Casually do summer fashion with flair.

Upscale flair.

Acknowledge the neatness and creativity that comes along with making an outfit that was once casual, beautifully turn into something attractive and vacation savvy.

You can wear tribal patterned navy blue shorts casually and still keep your cool over not under dressing, by smart pairing.

Make polo shirts and patterned dress shirts your utmost besties.

You can get a summer look that’s neat and stylish with tribal patterned shorts by complementing white tennis shoes with linen short sleeve dress shirts and white polos shirts that are breathable and will not take the spotlight away from the outfit as a whole.



Mens printed shorts aren’t just supposed to all look the same. Some styles, especially pickups here , can be quite pleasing. Classic art is unique, it lasts. LONG. The great thing about classic art patterned shorts is that it’s really tough to wear these and not make them look exceptionally cool!

You can really have a fashionable look during summer thats not lacking in style, and truly capable of being a winner. These luxury automobile patterned shorts look like they’ve been crafted in ancient stone, and show that you’ve got character, style, and courage to stand out.

Pairing these high-end automobile patterned shorts with dark gray linen blazers will only give you a cool look that’s chic and creative.

Menswear is taking on a new definition. Especially in terms of summer style. Sticking with wise pairings that scream ELEGANCE are definitely the way to dress. Printed shorts vary in quality and level of how sophisticated the artwork is. If you want to show your passion, even while traveling. Modern patterned shorts 101 is a luxury fashion rule you should abide by!


Passionate style is immersed in patterns and designs that spark emotion. The classical nature of these shorts represent a look that’s timeless. Even though the design is classical, with its white and black design and all, it still represents the really creative and daring nature of modern fashion.

These artsy patterned shorts aren’t exactly showy, but it’s acceptable to say they are far from bland.

These patterned shorts will work in any situation where there’s a crowd of savvy people passionate about a common topic. The design of these shorts stand out so much that you’ll get used to the the admiration. Luxury fashion shorts for men aren’t necessarily a new concept, so it’s understandable to think that these automobile patterned shorts are like the few other creative looks you’ve seen!

However, just like the navy blue tribal pattern shorts, these are flexible. Wear them to an event where people are dressed casually, and you’ll be #1. Wear them to a more professional function and you’ll be the seen as the outgoing, creative leader of the crowd.

The design of these shorts will really naturally make people assume that you’ve got something to say. Top this off with the right blazer jacket and these shorts will truly work wonders for your summer style.


Business centered events almost always have one or two people that step outside the boundaries of the expected way to dress. Not that these people are outcasts, lone wolves, or rebellious, but really that their courage in style is seriously sky high. There’s nothing wrong with breaking the mold in style and showing that that being unique, and daring in your own way is actually a good thing.

Be that charming guy who stands out at networking and interaction at any event, and it’ll take you long way!

Wear these automobile patterned shorts with a dark gray linen blazer, and a white dress shirt, along with dark brown moccasins for a business casual summer look that will make you look something like a young CEO.

Add essential accessories such as a silver bracelet and even a black tote bag to compliment this look. To really be inspiring, surprise with a floral patterned tie. Show that you can bring something unique and cool to the table, and you’ll be rewarded for it. This means embracing style that’s diverse and vibrant!


Wearing patterned shorts are like a kind of art. Careful attention to the colors you work into the overall masterpiece should be your #1 priority.


Wearing the automobile patterned shorts casually is all about balance.

You can wear these with a white t-shirt and know that the outfit will truly be workable. You’ll not only be comfortable, but the look will not be too much flair for summer. BALANCE.

On floral t-shirts

If you can find a floral t-shirt that’s white and black, then you’re in luck. Wear these classic styled shorts with the vibrant and subtle design of floral t-shirts and its an instant win.

You can coordinate your look in a casual way without dressing down by sticking with subtle and not so loud colors of t-shirts and dress shirts. If your really on the fence about how to wear patterned shorts, then be simple and stick with a plain white t-shirt.


Floral and printed luxury shorts for men are breaking myths and misconceptions about how men should dress.

The designs that complement a flexible summer where you’ll find yourself attending a wedding, barbecue, and walking on the beach possibly all within a few hours make it truly super important to stick with shorts that have a creative knack, with the right fit, and quality, and upscale summer blazers to complement them. Overall importantly, placing a shorts ability to be multi functional, capable of being business casual or laid back casual, literally on a whim is important!

Once smart dressing with shorts is handled, the other things about your summer greatness can be pushed to the forefront, such as your passion, and your style of awesome character!

Key Resource: Men’s Shorts: How to Make Them Work for You 

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The 8+ Best Summer Blazer Looks For Men | PILAEO Magazine

Some of the best mens summer blazers have an air of creativity and beauty about them! Here are some of the best suggestions. Also, read on for the best ways to wear summer blazers for men.

PILAEO selections mens summer blazers

Making anything near what looks like a significant mark of cool style in spring or summer fashion is said to be somewhat impossible without a dapper, stylish, and well structured blazer, or a few, on hand.

Spring and summer seasons are a time not only for cleaning out all the unneeded items from fall and winter, but also a time to renew your sense of style. Sticking with essentials but at the same time, embracing modern and artistic designs in men’s fashion is key to truly staying at the tip top of your style game in the colorful, and travel-savvy SS season!

Wearing spring and summer clothing, in particular blazers are something that’s all too often over complicated. With a plethora of high end designs and sophisticated accessories being touted down runways, it’s very important to stay focused on not only dressing lightly, and more or less effortlessly, but also carry an air of savvy, and change with you.

What better way to embrace the season than to flaunt floral, geometric, and short sleeve, or maybe perhaps velvet summer blazers.

Choosing the right accessories for your look is an ultra smart way to seriously own that neat, intact, and ALPHA-LOOK, that’s very much well sought after in modern mens style.

Here are 8 Awesome summer blazers for men at PILAEO – summer blazers that’ll simply deliver, every time you wear them!

Cyan Blue Fashionable Floral Print SPRING/SUMMER Mens Blazer at PILAEO

Cyan Blue Fashionable Floral Print Blazers For Men Spring/Summer PILAEOCyan blue is one of those catchy colors that are almost synonymous with good weather. The sky blue hue is a popular color during the season – add on a vibrant floral design and you’ve got a blazer that is hard to ignore.

The key to wearing this stellar blazer here is all about neutrality and subtlety. White t-shirt inside and khaki trouser with white tennis shoes should suffice. Staying neat, clean, and dapper in this blazer with a causal look, is perfect for spring/summer.

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at PILAEO

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazers For Men Spring/Summer at PILAEOAnything embroidered in mens fashion is almost always associated with a really good tailor.

This tailored burgundy,black floral blazer is the epitome of the sophisticated gent. With a with an upscale design of floral motifs that seem as if they’re out of a classic Parisian novel or something, there’s nothing but WINNING for the gentleman who embraces this superb style.

During spring, and summer, sporting a blazer like this with linen trousers, along with leather sandals are an excellent way to stay well groomed but also comfortably in style!

All High End Summer Butterfly Print Short Sleeve Navy Blue SUMMER Blazer at PILAEO

All High End Summer Butterfly Print Short Sleeve Navy Blue Blazers For Men Spring/Summer at PILAEOShort sleeve blazers are not something new, however, their prevalence in mens fashion has certainly made them seem renewed!

This butterfly patterned blazer is timeless, because its pattern is simple, but says so much. Gentlemen who are aware of exactly how important, a good fitted blazer is, can all speak really highly of the wonders of what they can do for your look! Wear this awesome navy blue blazer with either kahki pants, or even a bright color linen trouser such as orange or even light khaki.

Finish this look of with tennis shoes or even your favorite summer sandals.

Embroidered Blazer Featuring Mens Elegant Multicolor Floral BLAZER at PILAEO

Embroidered Blazer Featuring Mens Elegant Multicolor Floral Blazers For Men at PILAEOOnce again, this blazer is an example of embroider, simply being stunning. Minding your own business while wearing a pickup such as this ought to get you nothing but good attention.

If you’re a real lover of sophisticated style that’s utter creative, and appealing, this is your go to. Wear a bright color inside-shirt such as orange, or even white, along with denim jeans to make this hip blazer casual, yet truly an item that you would find yourself wearing regularly!

Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazer at PILAEO

Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazers For Men at PILAEO Grudge floral designs are exactly what the stylists are suggesting. Short sleeve – round hem – and single button, all the excellent qualities that modern men find attractive in a quality suit jacket.

the 3/4 length sleeves are at the right length to call this item professional, but at the same time, very very fashionable. This blazer screams khaki pants, and black, leather summer sandals. Wear a white or black t-shirt inside, and if you’re really visiting a warm weather local, then a netted t-shirt will speak volumes of your modern flare.

Amazing Floral Paradise Blue High End Creative Blazer X09889I08 at PILAEO

Amazing Floral Paradise Blue High End Creative Blazer For Men X09889I08 at PILAEO 2017Single button blazers are known to make even the most reserved gents, well more easy going and simply cool. Throw in a creative design along with the right outfit and your nothing other than stellar.

Summer style is all about embracing hues that speak nature, fashion, and boldness. The key way to look awesome with a summer floral blazer is one that you can wear with sneakers or moccasins, as well as a plain- white t-shirt.

Pair this floral blazer with a simple white t-shirt and tennis shoes for a look thats easygoing, and really ,really fashion forward.

Attractive Linen Light Grey Long Sleeve Blazer at PILAEO

Attractive Linen Light Grey Long Sleeve Blazer For Men at PILAEO

Its not a secret that linen is the best fabric to wear during a hot spring or summer afternoon or evening, however one factor to pay attention to is the fit.

Wear a grey linen blazer with matching pants or shorts coupled up with brown leather moccasins, and you’ll be looking dapper, clean, and effortlessly in style.

Awesome Peach Linen Paisley Trim Mens Short Sleeve SUmmer Blazer at PILAEO

Awesome Peach Linen Paisley Trim Mens Short Sleeve Summer Blazer at PILAEO3-4 length sleeves blazers are the things for spring,summer; especially if there is paisley and linen involved. This paisley trim , double buttoned blazer is perfect for leisure or casually dining out.

Pair this with white linen trousers or even black denim jeans for a look that’s sleek, comfy, and very modern.

Wearing blazers during spring/summer that are easy pair with your other essentials, and accessories, makes getting stylish for the season easy and comfortable – things highly sought after in mens fashion.

Looking forward to a better you, superb,more cool style, and and awesome season is the best way to wear any apparel! Sticking with vibrant pieces that embrace the weather and of course nature, and technology are just as wise, actually!

The 8+ Best Summer Blazer Looks For Men | PILAEO Magazine
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The 8+ Best Summer Blazer Looks For Men | PILAEO Magazine
Awesome spring and summer blazers for men are only worth it if they are vibrant and elegant. Here are 8 cool styles for the warmer weather. PILAEO Magazine
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PILAEO Magazine
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How To Style Casual & Patterned Mens Blazers (8 Best Picks) | PILAEO Magazine


Patterned blazers for men have creative, and cool designs and will make you look amazing!– shop for PILAEO mens floral blazer styles and look in-style, modern, and fashion forward.

Your new look will keep you:

  • comfortable
  • fashionable
  • ready for a great night out
  • getting many complements



In an era where the traditional suit is being challenged in ways that no one expected decades ago, you can be the ultra successful guy that everyone really aspires towards, by going against the grain and wear an outspoken, sometimes controversial, and hugely art centric design. Floral motifs have long be popular in elegant fashion and style. Win with an amazing look that will keep you elegant, in an era where everyone else is iffy on the subject of great, impeccable mens style thats flawlessy eccentric, and truly dapper.

One savvy patterned blazer might just be the icing on the cake for your seasonal fashion, if you’ve been doubting your style even the slightest. Lets face it, fall fashion can be  complicated. Being in the midst of potentially freezing weather and also the occasional day that seems like summer never left, can make any guy rethink his fall fashion habits.

After all, no one likes uncertainty. Tip toeing that fine line of neat menswear, and casual fashion can really screw up the overall vision you had for your own style. Conquering seasonal fashion is key to prepping your wardrobe for winter!

Here Are 8 Patterned Blazers That Will Make You Conquer WINTER-Autumn :

Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer

Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Abstract Geometric Art White Black Creative Blazer

Abstract Geometric Art White Black Creative Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Abstract Geometric Art White Black Creative Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

 Upscale Grey Navy Blue Grunge Pattern Blazer

Upscale Grey Navy Blue Grunge Pattern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Upscale Grey Navy Blue Grunge Pattern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Luxury Floral Butterflies Elegant Fashion Blazer

Luxury Floral Butterflies Elegant Fashion Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Luxury Floral Butterflies Elegant Fashion Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Charming Blue Antique Floral Leaves Blazer For Men

Charming Blue Antique Floral Leaves Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Charming Blue Antique Floral Leaves Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Brilliant Mens Floral Modern Blazer

Brilliant Mens Floral Modern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Brilliant Mens Floral Modern Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Admired Gentlemen Black Velvet Dragon Blazer For Men

Admired Gentlemen Black Velvet Dragon Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Admired Gentlemen Black Velvet Dragon Blazer For Men at Pilaeo Mens Fashion


Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at Pilaeo Mens Fashion

Bold or even semi bold art, and patterns that range from controversial or somewhat conservative are what own the whispers in the style crowd for men during fall season. Blazers, in particular, patterned blazers might be the exact item that’ll conveniently provide the right amount of warmth, but also own up to style, creativity, and yep, luxury.

Staying in style during fall is all about having the right outerwear. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a stylish, occasional sweater or hooded sweatshirt, here and there, but for most days, days when the inner gentleman reveals himself, focused on his goals, and career; and days when style somehow becomes as important as shaving, or having the right color tie for the right day of the week, patterned blazers – in particular, the styles that evoke a vibrant, upcoming or established gent, will take on the role of your awesomeness; your cool character.

A look into Wearing Patterned Blazers

The great thing about wearing the patterned blazer, especially during fall, is that you can bring out all your usual patterns, and materials from wool trousers, to your brown Chelsea boots, and have everything work, in tune with each other. In fact, every single piece of clothing you’re wearing can be totally neutral while the patterned blazer remains the sole item in your outfit, that shows you’ve got some sort of style knack to your step.

Any stylish guy who has a knack for minimalism is always admired in modern style culture , he’s seen as elegant, sophisticated, and high end. On a side note, we all love surprises; And A random patterned or artsy blazer over all the neutral, usual patterns will make you something similar to “the gent of the century”. Furthermore, Not to say that patterned blazers are a norm, but they certainly have the ability to be. Timeless essentials in fall, coupled up with blazers crafted with true art skills is hard to ignore.

Animal Print

Animal print is an exotic touch on such a timeless piece, and frankly, not something most would expect to see. Whether it’s an enraged tiger, or an innocent parrot, the unique nature of an animal print patterned blazer makes it desirable on multiple fronts, whether you’re into the wild fashion or not. Animal prints have been around for a while, but only recently have they become more or less accepted and prevalent in mens fashion.

What to wear with the animal print blazer

In more cases than not, an animal print blazer will be on the wild side, especially if it boasts bright colors such as yellow, or bright green. Toning this look down with earthy and neutral tones is key. Wearing black pants, along with a plain, white t-shirt or dress shirt with your animal print blazer wont just make you look dapper, and neat. But also stylish, and truly hip. Finish this upscale look off with a pair of dark brown dress shoes. Ah, perfection!


One of the best ways to assure yourself of just how forward modern men are, and how extreme, yet subtle mens fashion can be, truly lies in the embrace of the floral blazer. The patterns on most mens floral blazer styles aren’t necessarily feminine. Savvy designers have been smart enough to craft them into pieces that are timeless, elegant, and vibrant, and yes colorful. However, not at the expense of masculinity in any way. In truth, it all starts with great tailoring. The floral patterned blazer is a modern take on the traditional boutonniere or brooch, and is certainly an awesome way to embrace fall season; or well, any season at all.

what to wear with the floral blazer

Floral blazers during fall would more likely than not be made with wool, or some other heavy, warmth providing material. The colorway of fall floral blazers for men usually vary from dark grey, and black, to the more obvious, slightly louder hues such as red and burgundy. Wear a dark grey floral blazer with black or khaki pants, meanwhile finishing off this cool look with your high top brogues or dress shoes. Burgundy floral blazers are a prime example of an item that can essentially turn around your wardrobe, for the better, instantly. Wear a burgundy or red floral blazer with denim jeans or black trousers for a casual, yet really stylish outfit.



If paisley was one pattern that traditionally was a favorite, then its certainly a must have pattern now. Paisley pattern is mainly an offshoot of floral, however with a more uniform, and dare we mention professional design. Designed usually with  just under 5 colors, paisley pattern has become a popular, and essential style mantra of the worlds most fashionable men, regardless if you are wearing a simple neckerchief, or pair of socks, the paisley pattern is vibrant, and yes, certainly worth every ounce of popularity it’s gained!

what to wear with the paisley blazer

The paisley blazer is unique in that it’s one of those rare luxuries, that not just any fashionable man can wear. It truly takes some level of style know how to put together an outfit with all that paisley, and make it work in a way that the only criticism you’ll be getting will be the kind that will make you somewhat of an Instagram model. Wear a multi color paisley blazer during Fall with a solid color turtle neck or wool sweater, with dark brown boots, along side wool trousers. Who would have known that a truly upscale, and effortlessly dapper look could have become this easy to get. Perfect.


Key tips for maintaining your patterned blazer

Maintaining your patterned blazer, just like maintaining any luxury item is all about preserving the form and function. Given the nature of the design,  printed or embroidered, take care of your patterned blazers in particular with a bit more true loving care. Professional cleaning is a must with such items. The steps of your blazer maintenance should literally be, dry cleaner – suit bag – a nice air able are of your closet. Sometimes it’s actually good to be picky, and in the case of maintaining a patterned blazer, it certainly is a must. If you insist on taking care of your blazer at home, instead of going the professional way, then one special note you should follow is : BE VERY GENTLE. Clothes have feelings, well not technically. However, it’s wise to handle your blazers with care and they will certainly reward you ten times over!


Keeping the style mojo – even in a professional environment with patterned blazers?

Truthfully speaking, the key to looking great in a professional setting is all about uniformity. Blending in with a company’s culture, or “attitude” will go a far way in pushing you up the ranks. Knowing where to draw the line of how loud your blazer can be, will save you worrying lots, indeed. With patterns that have a reputation as being quite loud, going against the normal expected look, by countering that  “loudness” with neutral items is a wise choice. The secret to making the patterned blazer work in a professional environment? SUBTLE + NEUTRAL. Keeping your colors neutral, and the patterns on your blazer on the subtle side will do wonders for your comfort in a professional environment. You’ll be unique, showing off that you’ve actually cared about your style, but all while blending in.

Summing Up.

Whether your blazer choice has the pattern of floral, animal, or paisley, you’d be far more effective in your fashion approach during fall, by coordinating wisely. Taking a minute or two to piece together what you wear your patterned blazer with, whether it’s in a casual environment, or even a more professional setting, will certainly play into how well you enjoy the season. Blending in at professional environment by keeping your look subtly decorated with neutral colored patterns is wise, just as much as the tailoring or material of the blazer itself! Fall fashion for men has been conquered, well at least for the pattern savvy gent, that is!

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5 Ultimate Mens Velvet Blazer Style Ideas | PILAEO Magazine

Colorful blazers that can really be differentiated in design are always among the top styles that truly in-style gentlemen admire wearing. In truth, you don’t necessarily have to be as dressy as you might assume to wear mens velvet blazer styles in a way that you may have thought. In fact, they can effortlessly be worn in a very casual way. During summer, while on vacation, you can easily make a velvet blazer look casual with fashionable mens floral shorts designs that show you really are in vacay mode, and not necessarily stuck to the office or professional events. One way to add some flair to your casual high end based outfit is to wear the right accessories such as silver bracelets for men styles that will certainly make you much more articulate and ahead of the usual pack of so called fashionistas. Other than staying afloat by wearing the newest styles of menswear, you can read guides on blazers. Get ideas on how to wear velvet blazers and you’ll quickly realize just how versatile and easy it is to wear high end mens blazers.

The velvet blazer is one of the prime examples of exactly why blazers became a stylish item to wear for gentlemen, for decades, in fact. With a fabric that has telling signs of quality, a shimmery vibrant look/feel, and capable of being crafted into something artsy and seriously dapper, the velvet material itself is a treasure, one that was once traded as the same weight as precious metals. No wonder fashion conscious gentlemen and women who are savvy enough to acknowledge great style have taken a liking to the intricate, upscale velvet blazer. These must have pickups are nothing short of the very meaning of luxury, and dare we say sophisticated and high quality. Yes, the velvet blazer is a treasured essential, and here is an in depth guide on exactly how to wear them, anywhere.

Black velvet dragon mens fashionable luxury blazerThis velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

shop velvet blazers

For starters, it’s worth mentioning the different kinds of velvet; and how blazers that are manufactured with those particular kinds of fabric/fabric combinations have a significant impact on your style. Though the name velvet has been applied to so many kinds of the variations of the fabric across the board, essentially 100% velvet would be ideal, but not necessarily a MUST.

burgundy mens fahsion blazer

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO


velvet blazer mens butterfly fashion luxury essential at PILAEOThis velvet blazer is available at PILAEO


Silk Velvet/Cotton Velvet Blend

Silk and cotton are two distinct materials, perhaps at different ends of a spectrum. However, when blended with velvet, the material makes for excellent, and flexible blazers. One one hand, silk is often perceived as a more high end, and luxury material, while cotton is seen as more casual per se. However when velvet material is a cotton/velvet blend, sleek, sophisticated, and even professional blazers may be, and in many cases, are the result.

How This Velvet Kind Affects Your Style

If one thing’s certain, it’s that your style is reflective of your personality. Selecting a velvet blend material that drapes in a way that’s too ‘flowy’ may make you a bit over the top. However, with the right proportions of velvet to cotton or velvet to silk, there’s plenty of room left for designers and craftsmen to create a brilliant item, one that’ll possibly have you looking nothing short of amazing.



Though not actually velvet, velveteen is quite popular. There’s very little drape, and it’s extremely wearable. Velveteen is usually a mixture of silk, and cotton. Velveteen fabric is easy to print on, making it a highly familiar material in the fashion industry. In recent years, craftsmanship has become so fine tuned that in many cases the look and feel of velveteen is often mistaken for real velvet. Perhaps the actual worth and value of the velveteen fabric itself has made it a luxury, a fabric that’s desirable, and effortlessly allows artists to showcase their skills on.

How Velveteen Affects Your Style

Velveteen is perfect for style conscious men and women who are unsure whether or not they want to deal with the nuances that come with dealing with a more ‘drapey’ kind of fabric (perhaps 80% silk, 20% velvet in that case). Wearing a velveteen fashion blazer, might not be velvet exactly, but if creativity is your thing, perhaps you might not be so surprised to find one of your favorite items might just be made exactly this kind of material.


Embossed Velvet

Embossed velvet is a style of velvet, usually rayon, that’s been carved out to show designs in a creative yet subtle way. Different combinations of velvet material can be made in to an embossed style and then further crafted to make blazers, trousers, etc.

How This Velvet Kind Affects Your Style

Embossing adds more detailing to your clothing, and  can make or break your look. Depending on the colors, and how subtle the embossed style is, you may be surprised by exactly how crafty, yet formal embossed velvet can be. Upscale designs often feature embossed velvet. If you’re after a style that’s high end, and signifies quality, and art, then the embossed velvet blazer may be our best friend.

Wearing The Velvet Blazer Casually

Causally speaking, velvet simply doesn’t fit the bill, usually. However, with the introduction of other popular apparel such as denim jeans, and brown footwear, velvet and casual are seen in a new light. The denim jeans and velvet blazer look simply works, and is one that’s hard to not have seen before. Casual velvet blazer trends are on the rise, as having a neat, yet laid back look is timeless, and certainly a kind of easy going style that’s always raved about.

Mens black velvet blazer luxury double buttoned round hem high end via PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

Velvet Blazer.. Professionally

In a professional environment, the velvet blazer might be assumed to have too much sheen and shine to it. However, the truth is , it all lies in the selection of colorway, along with the fit of the blazer. Keeping it neutral by wearing black, dark brown, dark grey, navy blue and dark green hues of velvet blazers makes way for a look that’s comfortably professional and not to mention super sleek.


A professional look in a finely tailored velvet blazer is one that’ll keep you ready for business, and truly stylish at the same time. Not going the way of over the top hues and extravagant patterns, while around the office will keep you inline with the culture of the environment. Velvet blazers are a popular item in most professions, thanks to their luxury, and timeless nature!

The Trending Velvet Blazer: Styles To Keep An Eye On

burgundy velvet blazer

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

This velvet blazer is available at PILAEO

PILAEO Luxury Mens Fashion
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How To Pick the Best Luxury Leather Backpack For Work And Vacation | PILAEO Magazine

If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to the trends in the mens department, its not too hard to note that the backpack, luxury backpacks, in particular have been on a revamp.

pilaeo-luxury-backpacks-destinations The recent popularity of global travel has made now one of the best times to flaunt luxury backpacks like its no body’s business. From travel, to social events, and even weddings, luxury backpacks,  are in fact now essential, in an era of Iphones, Andrioids, and yes, even Google glasses. Fashion for men has constantly proven itself adaptable. The wants, needs, and habits of fashion-forward men are constantly changing. If timeless fashion is the key to truly high end men’s style, then the backpack could effortlessly serve as a key item that shows you’re in tune with luxury fashion, convenience, and yes, that you’re tech savvy. Luxury backpacks like mens fashion briefcase designs are one of the few must have mens style items, and friendly destinations are unsurprisingly some of the hottest and most popular places to take them to. Here are 5 luxury backpack friendly destinations to consider:


London, United Kingdom

Don’t be intimidated by the Brexit controversy, London has always been an exciting and timeless city. It’s got charm, and heritage, that’s really unparalleled anywhere else. From the the traditional British fashion that’s all too often imitated and revered around the world, to it’s world class architecture, and monuments, taking a vacation to the powerhouse city of London, will up your dapper style game times 10, as well as give you an insight into mens fashion’s finest, as well as luxury dining, and sight seeing.

Why Leather Backpacks Are Perfect For London & Which Styles Complement This City The Best

The saying “London’s Calling” has been popular for a reason, London calls all the style savvy, open minded, and creative individuals like no where else in the world. Being among one of the world’s most fashion savvy crowds, calls for a backpack that is second to none. With a backpack that screams sophistication, and luxury, you’ll fit right into the puzzle, and of course, along with those style benefits, comes the convenience of having this essential. It may be time to put away the lackluster handbags and duffels, and say yes to luxury backpacks, because this season, London just might be calling.



Tokyo, Japan

Though Tokyo is usually already high on the style savvy guy’s list of to do’s, It’s one of the few cities that seems to manage to lure visitors back, consistently. From the quirky technology, and gadgets unique to Japan (see attention grabbing briefcases for your Ipad/laptop), to the creative, and always remarkable fashion seen in high end department stores such as Isetan men’s and Takashimaya, donning that luxury leather backpack to this powerhouse destination will allow you to fit right in with the trends of style and convenience while around the city. Bustling with a street fashion culture like no where else in the world, highly rated Michelin star restaurants,  and and amazingly rich tradition af hospitality in the service sectors, Tokyo, Japan is an all around raved about city to visit.

Tokyo is a haven for creativity, and it’s futuristic skylines is a telling sign of how much there is to explore. Leather backpacks, or perhaps canvas? suit this city like it’s nobody’s business, and for a very good reaosn. Sticking with essentials that are stylish will go a long way towards your overall experience in Tokyo. The local culture places a high value on style, and embraces those who do.

The Luxury Oil Waxed Leather Black Classic Backpack Is A Tokyo Savvy Pickup

Luxury Oil Waxed Leather Black Classic Backpack via PILAEO luxury backpacks


Paris, France

It isn’t a mistake that Paris, the city famed for elegant style like no where else made this roundup. stylish backpacks continue to excel in the style arena, and if they are in, the Paris has it’s own take of the trend. Fashionable Parisians, have shaped style for centuries, and traveling to this location is a great choice if you’re craving a vacation that has history, tradition, and style. Bonjour to great style, especially if you’ve got a leather backpack or controversial crocodile briefcase style with you!

Why Leather Backpacks suit Paris – A Style That Complement This City The Best

Since backpacks are the new must have essential in mens fashion, then Paris is the city that needs to be high up on the list. With a knack for artsy and upscale stores, the Paris traveler comprised himself in traveling comfortably. For this very reason, backpacks that are comfortable, and of course very stylish makes for the perfect accessory.

The Sleek Symmetrical Woven Black Modern Leather Backpack Is A Paris Savvy PickupSleek Symmetrical Woven Black Modern Leather Backpack via PILAEO Luxury Backpacks


Singapore, the Lion city is a metropolis that has long boasted menswear something important. From its exceptionally diverse culture, to the vibrant nightlife and cuisine, this city-state in South East Asia is on the rise in terms of culture, politics, business, travel and yes, style.

Why Leather Backpacks Suit Singapore – Which Styles Complement This City The Best

Hot weather can be dating, especially if you’re stuck with an accessory that’s not on the light side. Backpacks, that are leather, and provide the necessary craftsmanship for summer are paramount to you having a comfortable vacation. Padded shoulders offer breathing room needed for hot weather, and of course with the right backpack, style certainly isn’t left out of the equation.

The Eccentric Woven Black Genuine Leather Fashionable Mens Backpack Is A Singapore Savvy Pickup

 Eccentric Woven Black Genuine Leather Fashionable Mens Backpack via PILAEO Luxury Backpacks


Hong Kong

This special admin area in East Asia continues to make headlines for just how bold the skyline is , against it;s bustling fashion scene and tourist hot spots. For decades, this former British colony has made a reputation for it self, one that comprises of Business, global etiquette, and fashion, hence it’s name, Asia’s World city.

Why Leather Backpacks suit Hong Kong – Which Style Complements This City The Best

The business scene in Hong Kong is one that’s often raved about. Routinely rating #1 as an effortless place to work and live, it makes all the sense that leather backpacks are very common among the city’s gentlemen. A mountainous landscape with nonstop traffic jams, along side a subway system that’s extremely efficient means you’ll probably be walking more than not. Having a stylish backpack, coupled up with the right luxury wallet to complement the overall tone of this global city will make you trip nothing short of very worthwhile.

The Extraordinary InStyle Mens Crocodile Pattern Black Backpack Is Hong Kong Savvy

 Extraordinary InStyle Mens Crocodile Pattern Black Backpack via PILAEO Luxury Backpacks

Extraordinary InStyle Mens Crocodile Pattern Black Backpack via PILAEO Luxury Backpackssee how the crocodile pattern is changing mens fashion.












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How To Shop For The BEST Blazers For Men – Tips From Style Icons | PILAEO Magazine

The Tycoons Checklist V.1: Blazers For Men

SNAP!” The sound of a photographers camera lens continues at the MET Gala event you’d marveled over. It’s been known for centuries that style is a platform for some of the worlds most admired gentlemen to stay captivating. The truth is, these tycoons have a well thought of fashion checklist, and sometimes a laundry list of advisors, stylists, and specialists tailoring their needs around the clock. The tycoon has always been known to have a serious outlook toward negotiation, business, travel, and yes, style. In fact, stylish blazers for men have somehow become the symbol of the guy whose truly a boss, or any upper level professional for that matter. Having a knack for blazers that are just the all too common cookie cutter styles may get your foot in the door to a big organization, but showing that you are fun, daring, and destined for nothing short of success through whatever you do via the kinds of clothes you wear, is key to staying ahead of the pact – this is a secret, and mantra that some of the worlds most successful businessmen, and indeed, these savvy gents have held tight on to this rule of thumb for decades! Here are some of the blazers for men that the tycoon gentlemen are sporting and winning in, every single day, and exactly how you can piece together your look to become on of them yourself.

Blazers For Men: The Double Breasted Blazer

Blazers For Men: Royal Blue Double Breasted Blazer

The double breasted blazer is the “go to” for any man who demands authority in style and business. Having that respectability factor, instantly, will take you a far way. Gentlemen can get an effortlessly “in control” look with a double breasted blazer. Fashion has always respected the brave and modern gentleman who is “in the know”. Wearing a double breasted blazer forces gentlemen unafraid of owning this look to become a winner, and yes, tycoon.

How Tycoons Are Wearing Double Breasted Blazers

Looking the part isn’t an unheard of term. Double breasted blazers allow gentlemen to get into a look and feel that’s “in charge” and sure of himself like no other item in fashion. The successful man who owns double breasted blazer can be said to have an alter ego, once this magical style is put on. He suddenly becomes more – more appropriate, stylish, confident, and charming. These are all qualities that are valued by tycoon gentlemen. A well groomed appearance, with a double breasted blazer, and dress shoes, are sure to put you atop any “waiting list”, and even worn with denim jeans, the double breasted blazer conquers. This style is for the most savvy and “in the know” gentlemen for a good reason.

How You Can Wear The Double Breasted Blazer Look

The men’s double breasted blazer is like a costume in it’s own sophisticated way. It’s more than just a piece of clothing – there’s a role you’ve suddenly stepped into once its worn. Wear a double breasted blazer, preferably navy blue, with dress shoes, and denim jeans or tailored dress pants, for a look that’ll have you double checking whether or not that’s you in the mirror. Awesomeness demands authority in style, and so does a career that’ll make you a high earner. Looking the part will go along way. The modern man, whose wise enough to make double breasted blazers a staple, are destined for nothing other than success.


Blazers For Men: The Velvet Blazer

Blazers For Men: Majestic Classic Art Golden Velvet Blazer

The velvet blazer has a look and feel that screams royalty. It’s elegant, fashionable, and charming all in one. The great thing about velvet is that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a pattern or even any wildly loud colors involved in your outfit, in order for you to garner the attention you might need at that event. The shine that naturally comes with the material evokes genuine style, and a knack for neatness.

How The Tycoon Incorporates Velvet blazers Into His Look

Successful businessmen, as you may have guessed, simply have little time stay glued to fashion magazines, and always appreciates an essential menswear item that can make him look amazingly charming…effortlessly. The velvet blazers that’s often spotted on some of the worlds most trendiest entertainers and businessmen aren’t chosen by them just out of mere suitability – but simply because they work. A dapper dress shirt, white – no tie needed, along with well tailored pants are all too common as the outfit pick for the modern tycoon.

How You Can Wear Velvet Blazers For The Ultimate Appearance

It would be an absolute lie to say that velvet blazers don’t fall underneath the creative menswear category. Solid color blazers, that are velvet are much more flexible than you think, and can be mixed and matched in so many ways-  more than you might imagine, in fact. Looking awesome is your ultimate goal, so sticking with an elegant, timeless color such as burgundy, forest green, navy blue, or black, will do nothing but wonders for your appeal. The floral velvet blazers that are sweeping the menswear industry are also something to keep an eye on, and works well whether you look is casual or not.


Blazers For Men: The Floral Blazer

Blazers For Men: Royalty Style Luxury PILAEO Floral Blazer

The floral blazer used to be a controversial item in menswear, however savvy designers have churned out the look in ways that we never thought was even possible. The style maverick fashion houses that you’ve adored for decades on the runways of Paris, and Milan have known for too long, that floral designs and the blazer work excellently, hand in hand. The traditional gentleman routinely sported a boutonniere in the pocket of his blazer, confidently, and this definitely wasn’t by fault. The traditional gentleman of the 18th and 19th century has groomed and prepped the industry in ways that we may not even notice. Floral blazers are an escalation of a key trend that started years ago, and modern tycoons are all about staying forward thinking and in style, yet acknowledging things that worked decades, and even centuries before, hence the reason why floral blazers are an absolute “must have”.

How The Tycoon Incorporates Floral Blazers Into His Look

The truly successful man knows that style has to certainly fit the venue accordingly. Too many denim jeans might send the wrong signal, and the wrong color footwear might deny you entrance. Floral blazers are a modern mans take on a traditional trend, and they evoke chivalry, and show that you can be a gentleman. Reconnecting with nature in a tech fueled era shows that you do have a conscious side to your heavy business savvy clout you love to flaunt. Tycoons have  admired floral blazers for that very reaosn – they are one of the few modern menswear styles that are vibrant, and somehow blends traditionalism and conservationism with a really forward thinking nature. Playing it safe is good, but not ignoring new opportunities is a valuable business asset for many tycoons, and that same rule of thumb is an excellent example of what the floral blazer look stands for.

How You Can Wear A Floral Blazer For The Ultimate Look

Wear a floral blazer with any style of pants you deem fit. Khaki pants with floral works in many situations, especially in the more causal environments. Dinner party, art gallery, or even wedding – black or navy blue pants all the way. Dress shoes are also a must. Styling your entire look with accessories such as a shiny wrist watch and perhaps even attractive cuff links, will only add awesomeness to awesome.


Blazers For Men: The Burgundy Blazer

Blazers For Men: Burgundy Velvet Blazer PILAEO

Burgundy blazers are a staple, and have been for eons. There’s no telling exactly how any other color of blazer could usurp the velvet burgundy blazer as the top pick for not only tycoons, successful businessmen, and fashionistos, but any guy looking for a low key, but charismatic, and upscale look. The burgundy blazer is flexible, and well received. The guy who sports this dapper color is ready, enthusiastic, and passionate. Style for men has come a long way, with modern gentlemen being bold-print-privy and even the luxury backpack becoming a norm. However some styles stand the test of time, perfectly. Burgundy blazers are certainly in that category.

How The Tycoon Incorporates Burgundy Blazers Into His Look

Burgundy blazers are the symbol of all around elegant mens fashion. In fact, one popular survey asked thousands of men regarding which pieces he’d prefer, the burgundy blazer significant outshined the other items in the category. The successful man, or even HENRY’s (High Earners Not Yet Rich) are serious about style, and having at least a few different, sharp, burgundy blazer styles in the wardrobe is not up for debate.

How You Can Get An Excellent Look With Burgundy Blazers

Excellence has a very specific meaning when it comes to mens fashion. It’s defined as having a sharp, and really attractive look. Burgundy blazers, in particular, the styles that are velvet, scream sophistication, and are the symbol of the well kept, the flexible, and and gentleman with poise. Wear a velvet, burgundy blazer with dress shoes, and fitted pants for a professional, yet easygoing look that’s not shy of charm. Sneakers and even denim jeans can complement your burgundy, velvet blazer beautifully for the more casual crowds. The great thing here is that you’ll certainly be among the most noticed, and best perceived gents in the room.

The Blazer Roundup: Useful Tips

The successful gentleman has stuck to the blazer for centuries, for a good reaosn – they simple offer a presentable look. Throw on a blazer jacket that’s double-breasted, velvet, floral, and more specifically, burgundy. Blazers with those details are sure to give you the upper hand.

As a rule of thumb, paying attention to the fit, and maintaining the blazer with the right care, and pairing it with the right clothing and accessories respective of the venue, will ensure you’re one sharp, dapper, tycoon!

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How To Wear A Blazer With Leather Briefcase While Traveling | PILAEO Magazine

Most modern gentlemen without any hesitation at all would opt for the mens brown briefcase over most of the other designs, which typically is understood. After all, not many other briefcase styles can compete in a wardrobe with luxury backpacks that are easy to cary and really relevant. If you’re into style that allows you to look easygoing, but also that give the quality you expect from high end apparel, then mens floral shorts that are vibrant in design and colorway are certainly a must have. The truth is, that the color of briefcase that you choose to wear ever day can make or break your look, especially if you opt to wear a style that will allow you to effortlessly wear a suit, just as much as patterned shorts that give a much more casual look to your outfit. Regardless of what your style preference is, you can wear silver bracelets for men with them both; along with a brown briefcase, which will show that you are indeed a gentleman. If you already know how to wear velvet blazers correctly then chances are your fashion is more on par with modern mens style norms, which is great of course.

As springtime fashion draws near, some of the top things that stylish gentlemen are concerned about are exactly how he’ll make that transition, which can be dreadful by the way, from the winter coat, to the blazers of spring. Fashion for men have been on a revival for some time, and the selected styles that are often touted by stylists and industry insiders, are what really sets the tone for the trends of men all over the world.

However, the dapper gentlemen likes to think of himself as shopping pieces that are timeless, never really going out of style, and having possessions that are high quality, even to the point of being resale worthy, after decades of use. QUALITY – This is the symbol of mens fashion. This spring calls for combinations that tout a high end look, but also shows that you do have a relaxing side to you. By wearing your briefcase and blazer combination while traveling, to social events, or even to the office, spring time makes way for a new take on a style that you may have wanted to reconsider how you’ll work it into your wardrobe.

Charmed Teal Green Mens Luxury Ancient Art Blazer via the PILAEO Men’s Blazer Collection

Charmed Teal Green Mens Luxury Ancient Art Blazer pilaeo magazine

Geometric patterned blazers that are artsy, vibrant, and colorful, although moderately, signify spring like nothing else. The pattern has always been a top pick for spring. The stylish design, coupled up with the right accessories, is certainly a look to be desired. Fashionable men are saying yes to geometric patterns, especially during spring.

Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger Bag via the PILAEO Men’s Briefcase Collection


Brown leather briefcases are a staple, simply put. The style is elegant, modern, but somehow places itself in the casual category as well. Men who are on the go, and need and essential to pair with a multi-color blazer, should opt for a neutralizing brown leather briefcase. An overbearing style, instantly becomes trendy, and classical with the combination of the geometric, multi-color blazer, and a brown leather, satchel style briefcase.

How to wear this look on your travels

Pairing the Charmed Teal Green Mens Luxury Ancient Art Blazer and the Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger Bag is a style tip to take home, well, on your travels. Men who are tired of the lackluster, familiar suit, and briefcase uniform are opting for something vibrant and fashionable while traveling. The combo makes your travel convenient, and nothing other than in-style.

How to wear this look to social events

It is no secret that social events call for outfits that are daring, but still presentable. Having a look that’s on the creative side, but also adhering to the traditional, vintage nature of the satchel briefcase is sure to give you some style points at any social event.

How to make the look office savvy

A multi-color blazer really isn’t, and shouldn’t be the first thing that you opt for while going to the office. However, for the more lenient office environments, especially in the creative industry, where backpacks aren’t going unnoticed, a fashionable look can go a long way. Pairing the multi-color blazer with a white, dress shirt and neat slacks are a sure winner. Your brown briefcase,e oh that’s just the icing on the cake.

Navy Blue Charming Velvet Floral Mens Blazer via the PILAEO Men’s Blazer Collection

Navy Blue Charming Velvet Floral Mens Blazer pilaeo magazine

There’s something mystical about navy blue blazers, that makes them the excellent pick for anytime of the year, really. The floral pattern on this blazer gives the entire blazer a more upbeat, and truly elegant look. Gentlemen who are after a look that’s easy on the eyes, yet still attractive and charming, this is your blazer.

Mens Modern Crocodile Pattern Leather Briefcase via the PILAEO Men’s Briefcase Collection

Mens Modern Crocodile Pattern Leather Briefcase Pilaeo magazine

Crocodile pattern briefcases have been the rave of luxury fashion for decades, if not centuries. Modern men can effortlessly flaunt this pickup as a symbol of his time tested good character, and knack for the finer things in life. The crocodile patterned style is must have, and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, making you dapper, and fashionable year-round, especially during spring.

How to wear this look on your travels

TRAVELING WHILE IN STYLE – If there were a movie created for the gentlemen who admired crocodile briefcases, this would be the title. The floral blazer coupled with the crocodile pattern briefcase speaks volumes of your style knack, and how experienced you are in travel. Sporting this combination on your travels makes way for a style that shows the world you’ve simply got what it takes. The dynamic nature of traveling often calls for sneakers, and this outfit can be worn with them with confidence!

How to wear this look to social events

Social events call for outfits that are fashion forward, and very much in style, but this does not mean that appropriateness has to be compromised. Men who are passionate about a upwardly mobile career, are very aware that social events are one the most surefire ways to network and get a chance to attract attention to your craft. In doing so, having a modern blazer, along with a crocodile pattern briefcase can do wonders on so many levels. The navy blue floral blazer and crocodile pattern briefcase look is certainly one deemed admirable.

How to make the look office savvy

Offices have the reputation for requiring a somewhat strict dress code, but this doe not necessarily mean that the all too familiar black, or navy blue suit has to be your uniform. Occasionally switching up your office look is sure to bring a new, optimistic, and brighter vibe to your office environment. Wear this navy blue floral blazer with neutral charcoal grey, fitted pants, and a tucked in white-dress shirt. The crocodile briefcase will complement this look and show that you’re ready for success.

 Floral Print Navy Blue PILAEO Multicolor Fashion Blazer via the PILAEO Men’s Blazer Collection

floral print navy blue cool multicolor fashion blazer pilaeo magazine

Multi-color floral blazers are undeniably a top pick for fashionably forward men. The truth is, however, that only brave gentlemen tend to successfully make this look synchronize. The key is all about balance here. Floral blazers with a lot of color need something to tone them down, just a bit. Paired with the right briefcase, you can make any floral blazer more than stunning.

Business Fashion Genuine Soft Leather Brown Handbag 4D4VETSCPI via the PILAEO Men’s Briefcase Collection

business fashion genuine soft leather brown handbag pilaeo magazine

Soft leather briefcases have always been associated with luxury. The premium material is second to none, and is perfect for any business casual look. Briefcases that offer a brown hue, alongside with the right craftsmanship – meaning soft contours, and a moderate size, can make your outfit more in line with just about any fashion trend – yes, that’s just how dynamic the brown briefcase or messenger bag is.

How to wear this look on your travels

Floral blazers coupled up with a soft leather, brown briefcase gives off the look that not only are you a season traveler, but it also show’s that you’re easy going, and you simply “know your stuff”. If you are planning a trip during spring, pairing the right briefcase with your floral blazer is paramount, and the brown briefcase is a an absolute yes.

How to wear this look to social events

The whole point of attending a social event is to attract attention, and more or less mingle, professionally. There really very few other ways to garner that attention than with a vibrant blazer, and of course a briefcase to complement it. Brown briefcases paired with a multicolored floral style, is the social event staple for a reason – the look makes you approachable, and fun, all while giving you some style knack, something taken seriously at most events.

How to make the look office savvy

Office savvy fashion is controversial, and adding a floral blazer to the mix, well, might stir things up even more. Balancing this look in a professional manner, and even not wearing the blazer then entire day will make you appear respectable of the environment, and flexible with style. Black pants, shoes, and a plain dress shirt with a tie will make this look neat, and office savvy.

Summing Up The Spring Roundup For Mens fashion’s top blazer and briefcase combinations

Spring is a time of new, and more awesome possibilities – certainly a time to introduce new trends to your wardrobe. Sticking with time tested briefcase styles, with daring, and high end blazer designs are nothing new for the style elite. It’s time to move towards the direction of an optimistic, and truly creative style. Blazers coupled with the right briefcase designs for spring will surely churn out excellent benefits for your lifestyle, much more than you might have expected.

Mens fashion at PILAEO offers time tested essential for the fashion forward.

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