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There’s one thing that’s interesting about men’s fashion whenever there’s an artsy and bold design attached. Each style designed tries to make its mark as memorable and captivating as possible. However, the truth is that savvy men have an eye for the classic pieces that matter. The classic, timeless colors of men’s fashion that have stoked creativity and lasting style inspiration are few among many. Burgundy, moreover, the
burgundy blazer has a sophisticated look and feel, especially when in velvet.

Classic Staple, That’s bold.

The burgundy blazer has remained the staple among fashionable, business savvy men. You may have noticed that you tend to gravitate to the finer, rich colors of fashion. As crisp as red wine, that’s aged to perfection, the deep red color in men’s fashion is intricate, yet bold with an amazing artisan appeal. The expectations of your style are no longer just a few essentials. The modern man now demands more from style, and rightfully so. Bold, intricate, and sophisticated, yet the low key is what’s now the order of the day. Yes, this burgundy blazer has literally changed menswear. Exclusive Burgundy Blazer at PILAEO


The paisley-floral inspired pattern speaks for itself. Its elegant design clashes against an impressive velvet shimmer that’s hard to ignore. This essential pickup is timeless. The blazer is perfect for dinner, shows, a date, or even as a gift. The goodness of this enticing design continues on the back with its sleek fit and silhouette deserving of nothing but admiration for your gentlemanly etiquette and eye for excellent style.

What To Wear This With

This burgundy blazer is so captivating that it essentially does all the work of style on its own. For casual looks, you should wear white sneakers and dark-colored denim jeans. Professional looks with this blazer call for sleek black pants and a white button-down, accessorize with ties, and jewelry as you see fit. Elegance just became effortless, especially in a burgundy blazer that changed menswear. The blazer discussed here is available at and is an exclusive feature purchase.

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