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Style critics have no shortage of marveling over inspiring men’s floral shorts — in particular the styles that are hard to ignore. This is not your usual guide on how to wear floral shorts.
If you’ve been expecting a summer where your style can speak volumes about your overall expectations for the season, which should be brilliant by the way, then your shorts can go to work on being some of the best pickups you can add to your wardrobe that’ll instantly have you ahead of the so-called cruise collections of the world. The key is to know what to wear with men’s floral shorts during summer. If you’re into wearing volleyball shorts while on vacation or out and about, more power to you.
But for the crop of the fashion-forward gentleman, who knows the power of a good pair of artsy shorts during spring and summer, read on to get the inside scoop on how to wear floral shorts. 2018 and beyond means that you are rechecking your existing pieces of clothing and verifying that they are elegant. A laid back and more comfortable, and savvy kind of fashion is certainly the norm, and not to mention the overall truth that Instagram worthy apparel is a must. The buzzword here: vibrant Patterns Save the lackluster colors for fall, timeless fashion means one thing with shorts, it means colorful charm. Truthfully if you look at what makes fashionable gentlemen tick, you’d quickly notice that they are wearing styles that are 100% attention-grabbing.
Though we’re sure you might have seen a few photos here and there of your favorite celebrity or a-lister wearing a pair of patterned shorts, along with the right pair of white sneakers, this guide is a reminder of exactly how to wear floral shorts in a way that makes you undeniably enticing.

How to wear floral shorts, with luxury flair

You agree that your long pants and heavy denim jeans need to be pushed aside during these super higher Fahrenheit months. Good choice you think. The only issue is what’s the perfect replacement. Opting for lackluster styles might just leave you and your onlookers cringing for a style that’s at least a little attention-grabbing. Luxury shorts, luckily are what you may or may not have come across. However, the truth is, that there is a reason why they somehow claimed a high place on your list of must-haves for the summer. With vibrant, and unforgettable patterns that can make any gentleman carry a heavy wow-factor while wearing them, luxury patterned floral shorts are a far cry from your simple linen blend pickups at your local mall.
Luxury shorts- these savvy pickups mean that you are embracing style with passion, and a true knack for art that you possibly weren’t even aware that you had. Whether you are due for a summer beach party or even an international meeting in Hong Kong, you’re bound to want to stand out, give a mean first impression – one that definitely going to give the kind of the first impression that you want. Floral prints might be something that you are frowning upon, especially at a business meeting. However, the truth is that there are a variety of different kinds of accessories and outfit styles that you can wear them with. One common misconception about floral print men – being overly wild. Floral print shorts are designed without the modern gent taken very much into consideration, and they work with your outfit pretty much as a balancer. This means that plain hues such as brown, navy blue, and forest green are going to be jazzed up in a way that you can call yourself inspirational. After all, inspirational art is a great conversation starter, and not to mention highly likely to make you into a magnet for good attention, possibly because of the nature of personality that it takes to pull off floral shorts – confident, bold, and ready for an enjoyable season.
Chino Floral Shorts for Men – And The Perfect Fit One of the main issues that most gentlemen have with pants and shorts is that the designs have to fit comfortably, and certainly not even border the realms of oversized or undersized styles. The perfect fit is certainly within the design of the shorts. Chino shorts are a go. Fitted shorts don’t necessarily have to hug your hips. Understood. The last thing any guy would want is a pair of shorts hugging his thighs all day. Shopping for the right fit is one of the most important things that you can do when shopping for shorts. Buy them too small and you risk a pair of pairs ruining your vacation.
Shop for them too big, and well, they certainly can be problematic while merely walking. The perfect fit lies in choosing the size that’s right for you based on your accurate waist measurements. It’s important to note that with chino or slim-fit shorts, even if you shop for the sizes that are too big will fit comfortably, and most importantly modern & sleek. savvy designers have made chino shorts into styles that can give you the biggest luxury bang for your buck by emphasizing excellent tailoring and fit into the design. Excellent reasons why chino floral shorts are a good match for summer dinner occasions: Dinner is a time where it’s always a bit more than just dinner. Especially during summer. You’ll be fancying around in dapper looks every day of the summer season – only if you’re apt to picking chino shorts that are dinner savvy.
Chino shorts suitable for summer dinners are some of the most vibrant ways to show up in style. You look attractive and very much confident. The energy won’t is just from your zesty and charming personality, but also the interesting design of your outfit. A compliment magnet you’ll be, especially when taken into consideration chino pants are worn to summer dinners have all these benefits:
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Vibrant, and sometimes colorful style
  • Great Fit
  • Excellent Conversation starter
  • Easily Paired With Casual Or Business Casual Clothes
  • Pairs With Either sneaker Or Dress Shoes
Wear navy blue floral pattern shorts with a white wide neck t-shirt. floral shorts – PILAEO

How to wear floral shorts with leather sneakers

Leather sneakers are all the rave, especially for summer. Fashionable men all know that one of the secrets of style is that streetwear hasn’t taken over, however, it’s an absolute must to know how to work with it, especially in the more casually dressed environments. This means that your leather sneaker game has to be on point. For starters, start with monotonic styles such as sneakers that have the most black or white as the main hue. This way the sold color can play an excellent balancing effect with your floral shorts. A pair of low cut white leather sneakers -minimally designed on a cool summer day with floral patterned apparel with a chic gentleman hairstyle is nothing unheard of in an era where menswear aficionados are owning magazine spreads that have fashion insiders glued to social media feeds.
Long gone are the ways where the inspiration came from a few heavyweight fashion insiders. You are your insider. Simply by being brave with your pairings of clothes, in this case, floral shorts, and white leather sneakers, you can own a new way of commanding attention for your style effort. One thing certain, however, is that the footwear you choose to wear with your outfit plays a huge role in how well your ensemble is received. Look casually in-style in denim trimmed floral shorts for men – In The Heat Denim trimmed shorts for men during summer off a new alternative to the usual polyester and cotton shorts. The styles are a wise way to show that you are confident in bin casual and very much ahead of plain trends. Summer fashion that calls for a fashionable look that can be worn in so many ways, is always a good pickup to have to lie around. For example, denim shorts or jeans typically have a rep for being worn with a white t-shirt, yep that classic 80’s look. However, taking things a bit further, thanks to the easygoing nature that all gentlemen try to incorporate into their style, a white dress shirt, along with the right footwear, by the way, can do just a smooch good as a plain t-shirt. The upside of the look is that your outfit will be more on the neater side but also having an obvious element of casual style. Forget the hassle of complex shorts based outfits and opt for denim shorts, particularly designs that are acid washed or distressed. They can be the ultimate compliment to your fresh, summer look.
Furthermore, floral patterned t-shirts can be a great match for denim distress jeans with floral trim. The subtle design of the floral trim can make or break your outfit, so be sure the pattern on the trim isn’t louder than the floral pattern on the t-shirt. Elegant floral denim shorts with a patterned trim will make you a head-turner this summer. Especially with floral t-shirts. The floral patterned trim on savvy denim shorts is all you need to see to experience a fashionable summer. In reality, there aren’t many different kinds of floral shorts that you can wear which can make your outfit balanced. You have to have some understanding of pairings or outright buy matching floral pants and shirt sets to get the right mix of pattern and color. Denim jeans shorts, especially distressed designs are the perfect pickup for the fashionably forward man. Summer can be a time you’ll enjoy in style by pairing denim shorts with the right floral t-shirt. Style Tip:  Wear a black floral multicolor t-shirt with floral trimmed denim distressed shorts and you’ll be looking outgoing, fun, and ready for the season with style! T-shirts with floral prints are some of the first choices of gentlemen who are after a look that’s not just a bland one, but one that can be captivating with charm and art. The material of your outfit, though something that should be paid attention to, typically is in cotton or polyester – both materials that have qualities that can absorb or repel – exactly what sneered for the hotter weather. If your denim floral trim shorts are looking for a partner piece to wear alongside it, saying yes to multi-color t-shirts that are vibrant, and artsy can make your day, or perhaps your entire summer. Here are some wise and stylish ways to wear the floral trimmed denim shorts with the right patterned t-shirt It takes real style know-how to just throw on a patterned t-shirt and expect it to fit perfectly the way you intend. The denim shorts that are high quality and boasted by some of the world’s most creative and fashionably savvy designers are styles that are captivating with elegance. Yes, that’s right — denim shorts can be elegant. The key is that the pattern short you pair it with has to be attractive.
Take a floral patterned t-shirt for example. The artwork designed into it looks a bit classic, in the way the colors are paired alongside each other, it has a certain nostalgic effect – one that’s attractive and easy on the eyes, truthfully. Wear a patterned t-shirt with denim jeans by shopping for:
  • Color That Pop, but also are charming
  • T-Shirts that’s a bit oversized – successfully get the oversized t-shirt look, and own it.
  • Denim jeans shorts that have ripped designs and distressed artwork into its craftsmanship.
Soft Feel / Amazing Style – Cotton Floral Sweat Shorts For Comfort And A Sporty Look/Feel One of the most enticing qualities of shopping for shorts, especially sweat shorts, is that the way the material feels and looks is priceless! Sweat shorts and pants aren’t a staple for no reason. The only difference with floral sweat shorts and your everyday shorts worn around the house is that the floral designs have savvy design and style going for it and that alone gives you the right to wear sweat shorts with floral designs not just around the house, but also the beach or even a summer party. The main factor being comfort, along with an amazingly attractive look and feel is exactly why you can wear floral sweat shorts confidently and embrace summer in a laid back and easy going way — yes and certainly while embracing luxury and quality.
How to rock patterned sweat shorts this summer and not underdress.
Patterned sweat shorts, be it paisley, pineapple print or even geometric Aztec pattern can be an attention grabber, and rightfully so! But one thing with a lot of patterns is that for the inexperienced gent, it can be risky. Balance is the ultimate key here. Other than the obvious steering clear of flip flops unless you’re going to the beach, rock patterned sweat shorts the right way:
  • Wear an earth tone t-shirt, preferably oversized
  • White leather low height sneakers
  • If you must wear a patterned shirt with your sweat shorts, rule 101: color mix with different colors.Example: Multicolored floral sweat shorts with a navy blue patterned t-shirt Subtle/Extreme.
  • Play with different socks designs to add some flair to your laid back outfit
Stay Professionally Savvy and Modern With Subtle Colored Patterned Shorts For The Business Casual Gent Business casual and shorts aren’t two things that belong beside each other, but as the modern style would have it — challenging traditional fashion ways and all, pattern shorts can definitely work in a business casual environment. The key is to wear subtle colored floral shorts, in particular, in colors such as:
  • Navy Blue
  • Olive
  • Burgundy Red
Professional colors work well with patterns but you must know how to wear them right. A white dress shirt can be tucked in with a brown designer belt for a more well-kept look, especially if the shorts are fitted (chino). Luxury leather briefcases as a companion for your patterned shorts On that business meeting, you might not be wearing a flat out suit, although during summer you can opt for a linen suit jacket to complement your outfit, the truth is that accessories may do a lot for your outfit – perhaps more than you expect. Savvy gentlemen know that briefcases are one great way to turn around an outfit that’s lacking in character. This is why shorts, even patterned shorts look great with the right leather briefcase-style. You may have already guessed that one of the most flexible briefcase styles to wear with anything patterned is the brown satchel. This look simply works. strong>The perfect outfit- Wearing your patterned floral shorts with the right suit jacket Most business-savvy gentlemen opt for a lightweight blazer during summer, but floral shorts are changing the game of style, and here’s why: Patterned floral shorts can be excellent to be worn with the right blazer, especially if it’s linen or even another subtle floral just jacket that’s viable.
The thing about wearing floral on floral, especially if a suit jacket is involved, is to play the subtle/extreme rule, extreme multi-color shorts, and subtle, not so colorful blazers. These paired together can create an overall balance to your look and make you all the more charming, and elegant. Definitely not what the average person would expect to get from a pair of shorts. Closing Statement – An argument for why this style is a must There is tons of evidence of fashionable men making the floral shorts style work in their favor. And if you’re smart about shopping for the right summer apparel, then you’d take heed to this perfect style, which isn’t a fad but an absolute game-changer. If you’ve been wondering how to wear floral shorts, you certainly can in an effortless way if you can confidently implement them with the right shirts and accessories.
Wear floral shorts with the right t-shirt, footwear, briefcase, and blazer to make the extreme multi-color nature of it fit right into your lifestyle perfectly. Out with the expectation that floral shorts and even floral sweat shorts must be for the beach. Join the savvy gentlemen’s club and throw those floral sweat shorts in your weekender bag alongside a white dress shirt or even polo shirt -an outfit worthy of being seen as awe-inspiring fashion, an example of PILAEO men’s luxury style.
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