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It’ll be good to note beforehand, that the functional purpose of any bag is to actually be utilized. Both canvas and leather have their place in the men’s accessory department,  but sometimes, certain designs, and fabrics will do nothing but wonders, over the long run. That being said, leather for one, is flexible, if really authentic, typically gets better with time, can change to a nice hue, if properly taken care of, and is frankly, on the more pricier, and high end side. However those aforementioned characteristics of leather by no means discounts the viability of canvas, which itself has it’s own excellent uses and qualities. Briefcases and bags are something that men, in particular businessmen, take seriously. Trending style isn’t something to take lightly after all, given the long term cost per benefit ratio it can have. Leather Briefcases The leather briefcases is the traditional take on the man bag, and is definitely a popular choice, because most people tend to equate genuine leather with luxury, high quality, and worth. Essentially, though there is some truth in that, it’s worth mentioning that briefcases made with leather may not be all the same. In fact, not all leathers are the same. Shopping for a high quality briefcase should come with a sidebar noting “BEWARE”. Stick to to time tested leather such as crocodile, horsehide, and cowhide to get the most out of your shopping experience. In terms of quality, leather hands down will last a long time, and if you are a savvy kind of gentleman who admires a bit of unique design in  your style, perhaps a box shaped crocodile leather briefcase or backpack might not be so bad after all.
See more of this crocodile leather briefcase here.
See more of this crocodile briefcase here.
Canvas, is it in? Canvas was once essentially the main go to for bags, and frankly, can be popular in certain circumstances. However,  if you’re the business savvy type of guy, you might want to rethink that. Canvas is more of a play, having-fun material, definitely suitable for some professional gatherings, but buy no means, something that should be used daily. That said, a camouflage canvas briefcase/messenger bag will suffice for men who are on the go, want to be in style while on the go, and frankly, will not over use the item. This does not necessarily mean that canvas’ quality isn’t up to par, it just means that some messenger bags and briefcases are beret for show, rather than functionality everyday.PILAEO mens fashion
See more of this canvas briefcase here.
The winner You may have guessed, leather briefcases and bags have always been the clear winner. In the 50’s businessmen stuck close to their briefcases, and in the 21st century, that still holds true. Men’s fashion has always placed an emphasis on excellent quality, and leather briefcases signify that amazingly.
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