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Menswear is an industry that never really stops evolving, in other words, not many trends stick to runways and wardrobes consecutively, season after season. Just a few timeless staples manage to make the roster of top fashion items to wear by stylish guys; among them being none other than the crocodile briefcase. A luxury staple designed with sophistication, excellent craftsmanship, and superior convenience is what modern gentlemen demand.

A brilliant item disguised as the excellent representation of luxury and a mans lifestyle, passion, and values. Crocodile leather is unique for it’s distinctive pattern that has been revered for decades by fashion forward guys and professionals alike. The crocodile pattern really impresses in an outside the office and is admired by authentic style mavericks around the world. Luxury is really in the possession of the beholder with crocodile briefcases. A genuine crocodile leather ensures that the briefcase will serve it’s purpose for many years to come. Quality is never compromised with such an essential, and style is always evident.

Genuine Black Crocodile Leather Briefcase By PILAEO
Mens Genuine Leather Crocodile Briefcase

Compartments Of BriefcasePILAEO mens fashion


Briefcases that are made with many compartments are valuable, much more than a simple messenger bag that has just 2 pockets. The different compartments of briefcases such as the crocodile style, neatly secures essentials and provides the needed space that is mandatory for any modern gentlemen. convenience and fashion go hand in hand just as much as quality is key.


A natural, yet enhanced color of crocodiles are crafted into most briefcases. A fine line between matte and gloss is exactly what makes crocodile briefcases so flexible. An excellent twist to such an exotic briefcase ensures that men can confidently sport a black crocodile briefcase with just about any style of outfit, professional, or casual. Uses Of



Crocodile briefcases are useful, well just as any other briefcase. But with the added style benefit that comes with crocodile briefcases, stylish guys can sport the look while carrying books, laptops, tablet pics, or even, well, nothing really. After all, messenger bags were traditionally used to carry documents. Modern guys enjoy being mired in all things modern. Using a briefcase to carry tech essentials and office tools are what smart, savvy, fashionable guys are doing, and in a very luxurious way. Crocodile briefcases are helping gentlemen see their passion and live their dreams in new, stylish, and upscale light; giving meaning and courage to their social and professional endeavors.



It is important that briefcases are designed with a modern flair. Gone are the days when all briefcases seemed like one giant box. Modern briefcases are sleek, smart, and trendy. A popular dimension spec for crocodile briefcases are just about 37 CM Width – 27 CM height – 6CM Thickness. Perfect for most necessities.

Crocodile Leather Briefcase Side View
Crocodile Leather Briefcase Side View


Dressing Tips

One question you may be asking yourself is how exactly would you sport a crocodile briefcase; Especially one that does not have shoulder straps! Key ways to getting the look right include dressing in professional clothing, or business casual. A dress shirt, paired with casual denim jeans, or a sleek business suit with your favorite tie are excellent ways to make the crocodile briefcase look work wonders for your appearance, and most importantly, confidence.

Gentlemen who admire a modern flair influenced by luxury and a lifestyle of quality are the perfect trendsetters of the crocodile briefcase trend. Remaining passionate about your profession, and confident in yourself and your own style are imperative to sporting a look that will be in style for decades to come. See what the rave is about with the genuine leather crocodile briefcase at PILAEO.

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