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The fit of your clothing really determines how well you’ll actually enjoy it. Stepping out in new luxury style– the kind where even velvet blazers can literally be mixed with streetwear, and it still looks AMAZING, can do wonders for your wardrobe. First, the right velvet blazers for men has the ability to make your dapper rook, well, more dapper. With a variety of colors, fabrics, and creativity, along side excellent tailoring, its hard to not be impressed with how stunning the right blazer can make you look. One wise way to wear blazers can make them work in your favor, in particular for your character, is to show your unique characteristics, with silver bracelets for men that are actually a great way to bring some spark to your outfit. Leather luxury backpacks are also another great way to wear mens velvet blazers, in the exact way that cool mens floral shorts are a style must have in warmer weather. Get more insights into how to wear velvet blazers and your style, and confidence will certainly response with an impressive thank you.
Given that mens fashion has experienced numerous changes over the years, it’s easy to write off any clothing fabric or material that may have been popular in the era of your ancestors. However, royalty doesn’t stop at crowns, castles, and a prince’s charm, it often included velvet, which was, and still is seen as prestigious. Pleasing to the eye, easy to touch, feel, and wear are just a few awesome characteristics of the velvet fabric. With the intro of quasi, luxury, fashion and other creative initiatives of the fashion industry, smart gentlemen are pushing back against the tidal waves of style that may one day redefine exactly what mens fashion is. Tradition, charm, quality, and character – essential characteristics that are often left out of the consciousness of modern design. Having a great way to express yourself through style has never come at a more demanding time in fashion. Velvet blazers may just be it – that item that will can reclaim the face of menswear, in an era where modernity has to carefully fuse itself with value, and tradition. Wearing the velvet blazer the right way means fit, it means having the right pants, or even denim jeans, as well as…wait for it… your own character. This is luxury 101: The essential habits of the velvet blazer.

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Fit is everything. Really.

A man’s style is not necessarily determined by the brand, or even the design of his clothing, but the fit is often the essential aspect of his look, making way for all the other things he sports, to fall perfectly into place. Italian tailors have perfected the craftsmanship of blazers, over the course of centuries; And these expert techniques has gone on to shape the mens fashion industry’s perception of exactly what a blazer with a great fit looks like. Your velvet blazer can reflect royalty, luxury, and passion, with just a bit of fine tailoring. An excellent fit will always complement your look , regardless of our height or weight. From the precise length of the sleeve, and how it complements your own arm’s unique length, along with the hem’s style, fit truly can make or break any gent’s outfit; Frankly speaking, the fit isn’t exactly something you’d want to ignore when it comes to velvet blazers. Luxury-Burgundy-Black-Velvet-Heart-Sleeves-Blazer-1 

Pants can make or break your outfit.

Pants have always been one of the most controversial items in mens fashion, and for a reason. The truth is, if the pants don’t fall at the right length, then it can seem as if you are completely out of touch with style. Whether worn with your skinny slim-fit jeans, plain dress pants, or even the ever-trending chino pants, velvet blazers can enhance the look of any kinds of pants you have. Straight fit, khaki pants are no exception, by the way. In order to truly take your style to new heights, you have got to sport pants that boast materials that offer quality, and a look that can compete with velvet. This mean suede, high quality denims, and even wool trousers. Complementing velvet blazers with the right pants are essential to owing your look. Great mens fashion always starts with comfort, but not at the compromise of quality, of course, an important aspect luxury.

Bringing your own character to the table

In truth, just about anyone can sport a suit that’s tailored to perfection, or even a luxury watch selected from a top luxury house, however the key to making luxury work for you is adding a bit of your own style to the look. If every guy were to have the same approach to fashion, in particular luxury style, then creativity would be pointless. Bringing your own character to the table, perhaps your favorite t-shirt inside that velvet blazer, or even paired with your taste of tie? Excellent fashion is essential in a competitive era, and velvet blazers can serve as the base of that, propelling modern men to a lifestyle that offers quality that’s nothing short of outstanding!

Summing Up The Look.

In order to wear velvet blazers the right way, knowing exactly which other clothes to sport it with are key. Character, charm, and style are all tied in one menswear fiasco, actually. Pants – Fit- Character : Luxury 101 for velvet blazers. PILAEO offers luxury velvet blazers and quality-uncompromising essentials for the modern man. Timeless style is something that’s cultivated over a lifetime, this is why staying true to your own character, dreams, and ambitions is essential to developing your own style, which of course, is the best style! #truetoyourself via pilaeo.comLuxury-Floral-Butterflies-Elegant-Fashion-Blazer-1

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