9 Questions About Men’s Dress Shirts – ANSWERED.

Dress shirts are a mans go to piece when a suit isn’t necessarily required, especially since with fashion protocol that t-shirts are usually absolutely off limits for events. The ease of slipping into a patterned and sometimes basic essential that you can control just how much casual you want to be by unbuttoning just a few buttons, makes getting ready for events much more simple.

First and foremost..

What is a dress shirt?

An excerpt from Wikipedia conveniently states that:

A dress shirt, button shirt, button-front, button-front shirt, or button-up shirt is a garment with a collar and a full-length opening at the front, which is fastened using buttons or shirt studs. A button-down or button-up shirt is a dress shirt which has a button-down collar – a collar having the ends fastened to the shirt with buttons.

with this valuable piece of information we know that regardless of whether or not the shirt is short sleeved, see-through, or even made from metallic material, shirts with buttons in the front are dress shirts, win various names and so forth. And yep, even if they don’t necessarily have much of a collar.

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Pairing dress shirts with shorts

Throw on your favorite pair of denim jeans or shorts and be prepared for a neat, stylish look that you can be sure will have you as one of the most Instagrammed gents at that event, effortlessly! Find out how to wear dress shirts with floral print shorts.

Read below to find out common questions among men who shop for dress shirts


The truth about dress shirts for men, however, is that there certainly are some questions that need to be answered in order to perfect the look, and make you stand out, as you should in style and charm. We’ve compiled 9 questions about dress shirts, where the answers are highly sought after, and are sure to help you in your dress shirt shopping.

Here you’ll get answers to these 9 common questions about dress shirts for men:

  1. What size is a small in men’s dress shirts
  2. Which non-iron men’s dress shirts are really non-iron
  3. Which size is 3XL in men’s dress shirts
  4. What size is S in mens dress shirts
  5. When to wear dress shirts
  6. When to iron dress shirts
  7. When to tuck in dress shirts
  8. When to wash dress shirts
  9. Why dry clean dress shirts

What size is a small in men’s dress shirts?

Men’s dress shirts are actually quiet different from other tops. Due to their material, they can be stretchable and flexible making the fit far tighter or even more loose than you intend for them to.

To determine the exact fit of small that you should be shopping S size dress shirts for, determine the material first.

Here’s a detailed overview of the different kinds of materials that may or may not have a significant role in whether or not your dress shirt in an S size is true to fit or not, of which include:

  • Cotton blend shirts with 80% cotton
  • Spandex-cotton blend shirts

Cotton blend shirts with 80+% cotton

This level of cotton has little to no stretch and this means you’d want to make sure the chest size is roughly between 40.1-40.9 in. or 102-104 cm.


Spandex-Cotton blend shirts

Shirts that have spandex are stretchy, and you should typically shop for dress shirts with this mixture of fabrics depending solely on whether or not you want a tighter or loose fit.

We’re aware that there are actually many dress shirts designed using spandex-cotton blend fabric. The truth is that to play it safe, shop for this particular fabric mix in 40.9 in. or 104 cm chest size because after it’s gone threw a few rounds of tumble dry, it will most likely be more fitted than you’ve integrally expected it to.

Which non-iron men’s dress shirts are really non-iron?

Non-iron men’s dress shirts can be tricky. The key is to pay attention to the material. Be conscious about the material and fabric that makes up your dress shirt. Polyester or polyester-spandex blended dress shirts are the kinds of men’s dress shirts that are really non-iron. Polyester material is comprised of fibers that are essentially wrinkle free, and is seen as resistant to getting wet.

The polyester-spandex nature of non-iron dress shirts makes them prime candidates for summer trips where your packing needs to be as convenient and lightweight as possible. Men’s dress shirts with a neat fit, and buttons that are crafted alongside a pattern thats fashionable adds to the staying power of that polyester wrinkle free dress shirt being an absolute staple.

What size is 3xl in men’s dress shirts?

When it comes to wearing dress shirts, 3XL can be that fine line between tight and fitted, especially if you aren’t necessarily a skinny guy. Though the slim-fit style or skinny jeans and dress shirt outfit is common, you ought to determine the style and fit of your choice to begin with. To make such a common size fit with such crafted garments that must have a specific fit, you need to be sure that the fitting is matched to the right inch (or cm).

3XL in mens dress shirts means sizes that have a chest width of around 54 in. or 137 cm. This size is ideal and will give you the most suitable room for comfort but also be fitted for style.

3xl dress shirt measurement chart

The 54 in. or 137 cm chest width of the 3XL size allows you to wear your dress shirt both in a style thats casual and professional. You’ll be in style, comfortable and convenient with sizes suitable for you, especially if its not too tight or too oversized.

Wear a 3XL dress shirt thats comfortable with all the right craftsmanship.

What size is S in mens dress shirts?

An S size in dress shirts is a tricky size to measure 100% accurately. Why? Because many people who shop for S actually fit M. The key to wearing S correctly is getting the right measurement. S size in mens dress shirts generally have a chest size of 40.1 in. – 40.9 in. or 100-104 cm width.

If you have purchased a M size before, chances are that your size might be on the upper side of S size. Buy your mens dress shirts based on a size that has a chest size of roughly 40.9 in. or 104 cm to make that S size fit exactly the way you plan for it to.

Taking things  bit further, to get a precisely accurate fit of S, one of the methods of measurement used at Pilaeo is to factor in weight and height.

To be more specific in regards to the height and weight of Small and Medium size. see the chart below.

mens small and medium size dress shirts height weight size chart

As shown in the above size chart, the man who fits a S or M can vary in height and weight. However, typically the best fit will usually be along the lines of the Small/Long fit. If you wear a small in dress shirts, you’re more likely to find your accurate height and height in that area of the chart.

When to wear dress shirts

Dress shirts are indeed some of the most flexible picks to wear in mens fashion. There are various key events where gentlemen can wear these essentials to and fit right in, brilliantly.

Events and venues most suitable to wear dress shirts to are:

  • Office
  • Meeting
  • Nightclub
  • Dinner
  • Churches
  • Graduation


Wearing dress shirts to the office is a staple. The best color of dress shirt to wear to the office is:


Meetings are certainly events where you’d want to dress to impress. Remaining courteous about the other parties involved by dressing appropriately is a smart way to stay ahead of the curb and enhance your reputation and credibility.

The best color of dress shirt to wear to a meeting should include:


During nights, while dancing, you can easily have a smooth and clean look with a dress shirt. Nightlife thats successfully enjoyable always involves a neat, fitted dress shirt.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wear a simple white dress shirt to nightclubs, your look can entail a more patterned and fashionable dress shirt that is easy to pair with your casual clothes, giving you the ultimate easy going look.


Dinners require etiquette. Chances are you will not be going alone. And if you’ve already considered wearing a dress shirt, its a good idea to attest wear one thats evening savvy. Wear dress shirt that has a savvy pattern that certainly will give you that sprout of confidence int he evening hours.

The best dress shirt design to wear in evening hours is a design that has a charming and sophisticated appeal. Particularity on thats centered around patterns, printed, and more darker, elegant colors.


Truthfully, for some, the modern church, a place of worship has turned into a fashion in a certain way. Dress shirts are common among church going gentlemen. In a setting like this where everyone is typically dressed to a more neater standard which at times can be conservative, its best to play it safe with dress shirts that are more along the subtle and neutral side of style.


Graduation is undeniably a time where hats are flying in the air, and gowns are flaunted like they are the newest style trends. Underneath that, however is often a sharp, and very neat outfit featuring a dress shirt.

Graduation really deserves your best of best. But at the same time you should certainly put in some aspect of your own taste, and for the fashion-forward man, this can mean patterns that have style, and vibrant, fashionable color.

When to iron dress shirts

Iron your dress shirts for a look that’s way ahead of the easy, sloppy lazy way of modern style. Setting yourself apart from allowing creases to be prevalent in your attire will certainly give you a more uniform and neat look. The great thing about casual style with dress shirts is that when ironed, the style will be one you can be confident and stylish in.

Dress shirts that are ironed should be a staple for events where you outfit is should be sharp and neat. Professional events where your look needs to be neat and ready for your day should always entail a neat and flaw free shirt.

When to tuck dress shirt

Dress shirts should be tucked in when your outfit needs to be professional. If your going to a place that required any kind of neat and professional attire as standard dress code, tuck in your dress shirt.

On the other hand, if you just enjoy a neater style overall, you can tuck in your dress shirt for a look that is comfortable, and respectable. its not uncommon to have a fancy and put together look in an outfit thats comprise doff denim jeans and a tucked in dress shirt.

To take this fashionable look even a step further, you can effortlessly wear a patterned dress shirt , well ironed, and full of vibrant colors with plain blue or black denim jeans. This is a casual look thats puts on display that really, you are competent with style, and care about a neat, and fashionable look. See more ways to tuck in your dress shirt.

Summing up, if your look is casual, you can opt to not tuck in your dress shirt if it makes you more comfortable. For a professional event, definitely consider tucking in your dress shirt. This is the common dress code for professional or company events, unless of course prior notice regarding a more relaxed style is given, then certainly dress for that occasion in a more casual way.

When to wash dress shirts

Wash your dress shirt after each use. Washing your dress shirts on delicate wash and tumble dry will keep them as good as new, lastingly. If you wait days or weeks to wash your dress shirt,s especially white or blue collar dress shirts, you’ll have to deal with dirt stains that can be a tough thing in themselves to get out, even with the most astringent soaps.

Why dry clean dress shirts

Dry clean your shirts for a more neat and put together button down shirt. It always pays off in gold, over the long run to take extra care of your items such as suits and dress shirts.

You should dry clean dress shirts because they are formal wear and and essentially reserved for events where you’ll want a sharper, clean look to earn respect and accommodation at the venue. When you dry clean dress shirts and give it TLC, it’ll last and enhance your look and overall wardrobe, much more than if you hadn’t invested in dry cleaning.

Dress shirts are often made with more thinner materials than other pieces of clothing. Typically because they are essentially designed to be worn underneath suit jackets.

Dry cleaning dress shirts can preserve and keep the dress shirt in good quality over the longer term. Furthermore, Different parts of the dress shirt should be protected and washed with care.

Here’s key part of the dress shirt that dry cleaning preserves and keeps in great condition:


All the aforementioned things form the fabric to the color, pattern, buttons, and collar can be affected, and not in a  good way if you opt to go the traditional route and wash them conventionally.

investing in quality laundry services such as dry cleaning will ensue that your prices of dress shirts are steam pressed professionally and kept in great condition. This ensures your given the best worth and usage of the shirts your purchased.

The whole point of buying printed or patterned dress shirts lies in the fact that the design is really unique. Not taking care of the color and pattern is contradictory to what you’re trying to achieve with your style.

Closing up this q&a

Your dress shirts are some of the most valuable clothes assets you have at your disposal. Effortlessly, your outfit can be upgraded and changed from lackluster, to savvy and professional. However in order to get the best usage out of them, it’s quite essential to shop for the right size, dry clean them regularly, and wear them to the appropriate venue.

About Dress Shirts At Pilaeo

Pilaeo has a luxury selection of dress shirts that vary in style form studded styles to printed, patterned styles. A change from the expected norm of the traditional white dress shirt worn with a suit, luxury dress shirts at Pilaeo are printed with artisans skills and creativity thats fashionable, and certainly has passion, character and style.

Modern gentlemen can still get dressed in a comfortable way, with apparel that works in correlation with your dress shoes and pants. Fashion forward gentlemen will be even more fashion-forward, especially with picks from the Pilaeo dress shirt selection. Get timeless dress shirts for men with worldwide shipping at

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