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If you want to know what to wear during summer neatly, blazers are the best picks. The top suggestions that men are choosing as staples for the hot weather are short sleeve blazers, printed blazers, and of course linen! When it comes to blazers, there aren’t many different fashion jackets that you can compare them to for summer. That’s because of their versatility.

There are a lot of different ways to wear the blazer during summer, and it all starts with knowing the design and fit of what you are looking for!

For all of the styles mentioned below, you can shop for them at PILAEO – men’s blazers.

What To Wear With The Summer Blazer

To see how the blazer will look on you, it’s important to know what you’ll be wearing it with. Shorts, linen trousers, denim jeans?


See styles from short sleeved, to floral, and linen blazer jackets

grey linen blazer for men – from PILAEO linen blazer selections cyan blue mens floral blazer tailored blue mens floral summer blazer Paisley mens floral summer short sleeve blazer Peach Linen short sleeve mens summer blazer Luxury men’s elegant floral summer blazer


Wearing summer blazers that really have style is all about a great color way and a fit that can be worn casually or professionally. From short sleeve blazers to linen and printed designers that are luxury and elegant, you’ll be more fashionable than ever!

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