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Multicolor blazers have been all the rave, and not just for summer evenings or sunny days, but also for really any kind of event that you want your style to simply speak elegance.

Menswear Affection: New Luxury Blazers!

Luxury blazers… With Creativity? Yep, possible.

PILAEO is all about crafting creativity, alongside passion and charm to make each gentleman in the world, better, savvier, and of course, more well rounded. We live in an era fueled by travel, technology, and yes, really vibrant menswear, and the Black Lapel Turquoise Purple Mosaic Grunge Luxury Mens Blazer is the perfect symbol of that. The PILAEO luxury blazer selection is very interesting and updated. It has some of the most upscale, creative, and rally in style designs that you’d want to be wearing. The lineup features cool men’s navy blazer and burgundy designs as well.

This blazer signifies just how a superior design in a blazer is a result of excellent creative skills, and time tested craftsmanship.

Surprising luxury is all about going with the trend but also breaking away from the pact and following your own path confidently. It’s a gesture to the modern man and what he stands for.

Traditionally suit jackets consisted of sometimes outdated fits and styles that have even been a burden of the flexibility power of men. However with multi-color designs such as the aforementioned, seriously sulk no more.

See the Black Lapel Turquoise Purple Mosaic Grunge Luxury Mens Blazer HERE or more blazers at PILAEO.

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