How to Wear Mens Silver Blazers

How to Wear Silver Blazers

Should You Wear Silver Blazers?

There aren’t many other fashionable blazer styles that naturally give off a shimmering and shiny look. Let’s face it. There are times when a silver blazer is needed, essentially to perk up a lackluster outfit.

Blazers such as the Fashionable Embroidered Silver Waved Black Lapel Mens Tuxedo Jacket is a remarkably silver blazer that have a unique design whether embroidered, printed, or highly tailored, are pieces of menswear that deserve to be on your shopping list. A silver blazer might be the most intimidating piece of men’s fashion to date. The bright and shiny reflective nature of silver can make send some men running for the hills, and slap a big ‘NO’ onto the idea of wearing something that’ll gravitate possibly more attention to him than he’d like. But with men’s fashion going the way of the ultra-creative and all, it’s not a bad idea to go back to your drawing board and take a second look at men’s blazers that have silver, or perhaps even some other wildly perceived color.

Fashionable Embroidered Silver Waved Black Lapel Mens Tuxedo Jacket

Black Lapel Men's Silver Blazer at PILAEO
Black Lapel Mens Silver Blazer at PILAEO

 An amazing silver blazer has to live up to its name. And the very reason why weddings are ground for absolutely stylish gentlemen who are taking advantage of the ideal social setting to be seen and see the who’s who of style is partly because of the surprising styles that are usually seen in menswear tuxedos. 

why Amazing

Now, when we are talking about blazers, a specific look is one that has a black lapel, rounded hem, and has great quality. Just by looking at the blazer itself, you can get an idea of the huge amounts of emphasis and time that was poured into the creation of it. This blazer has very much earned its name as being Amazing. Available at PILAEO, it is designed with a wavy silver embroidery that’s unashamed of taking credit for being the highlight of the jacket.

What’s Unique

A blazer that has a sleek cut, and inside lining is just a basic blazer. To be able to take things to a new level of design and awesomeness in style, then the piece has to have a well rounded aesthetic. 

 Key reasons why this silver blazer is a must for standing a wedding

  • Black Lapel
  • Shiny silver/black hue
  • Tuxedo Lapel
  • Structured Fit
  • Embroidery
  • Silky and smooth look and feel
In conclusion

It might come as a shock that you don’t even have to wear a blazer like this with long dress pants. During the warmer months, shorts and tuxedo jackets are no strangers. Grab you brogue loafers, knee-high office socks, and a bow tie to complement this blazer at weddings!

 You’ll be amazing at how this blazer can turn your wedding style woes to absolute wins!

Embroidered Silver Blazer from PILAEO
Embroidered Silver Blazer at PILAEO

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