20 Proven Mens Summer Blazer Style Tips For A Sharp Outfit

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Wearing a summer blazer is confusing. Here’s the scoop on how to wear men’s summer blazers. With precisely the right pairings and patterns on jackets, you can have a summer enjoyable with great fashion and style.  Check out more summer fashion tips (shorts) and visit the official PILAEO blazers selection.



Finding the right blazer to wear in hot weather is a major issue of style. On one hand, you want a style that has a vibrant, summer look that’s even suitable for vacations. On the other hand, you want one that’s casual enough to wear for mere errands, paired with jeans or shorts, especially if you want an outfit that’s relaxed and effortless.
Here you can find over 20 different suggestions and tips for the best summer blazers, from wedding to leisure travel. With many different patterns and fits, you’ll find this helpful in getting the perfect outfit for your summer events.


Summer blazers should have some art and style, along with being designed with the right fabric, pattern, and cut. However, depending on where you’re going, the pattern should be suitable for the occasion. However, you do have the added advantage of throwing in more colorful prints and patterns such as floral and geometric, given the season. Embrace pattern and color during summer and you’re sure to have a season of fun and style. Vacationing in a blazer that you are confident in is more likely to increase your satisfaction tenfold. It’s quite easy to find a classic suit jacket. They are easily find-able among a sea of men’s fashion that’s expected and the norm. Wearing fitted styles of summer blazers that have interesting prints are an easy way to make your summer season one of luxury and fun adventure. Making anything near what looks like a significant mark of cool style in spring or summer fashion is said to be somewhat impossible without a dapper, stylish, and well-structured blazer, or a few, on hand.
Spring and summer seasons are a time not only for cleaning out all the unneeded items from fall and winter but also a time to renew your sense of style. Sticking with essentials but at the same time, embracing modern and artistic designs in men’s fashion is key to truly staying at the tip-top of your style game in the colorful, and travel-savvy SS season! Wearing spring and summer clothing, in particular blazers are something that’s all too often over-complicated. With a plethora of high-end designs and sophisticated accessories being touted down runways, it’s very important to stay focused on not only dressing lightly, and more or less effortlessly, but also carry an air of savvy, and change with you. What better way to embrace the season than to flaunt floral, geometric, and short sleeve, or maybe perhaps velvet summer blazers.
Choosing the right accessories for your look is an ultra-smart way to seriously own that neat, intact, and ALPHA-LOOK, that’s very much well sought after in modern men’s style.

Fashionable men’s summer blazer styles at PILAEO

Cyan Blue Fashionable Floral Print SPRING/SUMMER Men’s Blazer at PILAEO Cyan blue is one of those catchy colors that are almost synonymous with good weather. The sky blue hue is a popular color during the season – add on a vibrant floral design and you’ve got a blazer that is hard to ignore. The key to wearing this stellar blazer here is all about neutrality and subtlety. White t-shirt inside and khaki trousers with white tennis shoes should suffice. Staying neat, clean, and dapper in this blazer with a casual look, is perfect for spring/summer. Gentlemen’s Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer at PILAEO Anything embroidered in men’s fashion is almost always associated with a really good tailor. This tailored burgundy, black floral blazer is the epitome of the sophisticated gent. With an upscale design of floral motifs that seem as if they’re out of a classic Parisian novel or something, there’s nothing but WINNING for the gentleman who embraces this superb style. During spring, and summer, sporting a blazer like this with linen trousers, along with leather sandals are an excellent way to stay well-groomed but also comfortably in style!
All High-End Summer Butterfly Print Short Sleeve Navy Blue SUMMER Blazer at PILAEO Short sleeve blazers are not something new, however, their prevalence in men’s fashion has certainly made them seem renewed! This butterfly patterned blazer is timeless, because its pattern is simple, but says so much. Gentlemen who are aware of exactly how important, a well-fitted blazer is, can all speak highly of the wonders of what they can do for your look! Wear this awesome navy blue blazer with either khaki pants or even a bright color linen trouser such as orange or even light khaki. Finish this look with tennis shoes or even your favorite summer sandals. Embroidered Blazer Featuring Men’s Elegant Multicolor Floral BLAZER at PILAEO Once again, this blazer is an example of embroidering, simply being stunning. Minding your own business while wearing a pickup such as this ought to get you nothing but good attention.

Some Blazers You Can Wear With Jeans

If you’re a real lover of sophisticated style that’s utterly creative, and appealing, this is your go-to. Wear a bright color inside-shirt such as orange, or even white, along with denim jeans to make this hip blazer casual, yet truly an item that you would find yourself wearing regularly! Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazer at PILAEO Grudge floral designs are exactly what the stylists are suggesting. Short sleeve – round hem – and single button, all the excellent qualities that modern men find attractive in a quality suit jacket. The 3/4 length sleeves are at the right length to call this item professional, but at the same time, very very fashionable. This blazer screams khaki pants, and black, leather summer sandals. Wear a white or black t-shirt inside, and if you’re visiting a warm-weather locally, then a netted t-shirt will speak volumes of your modern flare.
Amazing Floral Paradise Blue High-End Creative Blazer X09889I08 at PILAEO Single-button blazers are known to make even the most reserved gents, well easier going and simply cool. Throw in a creative design along with the right outfit and your nothing other than stellar. Summer style is all about embracing hues that speak nature, fashion, and boldness. The key way to look awesome with a summer floral blazer is one that you can wear with sneakers or moccasins, as well as a plain- white t-shirt. Pair this floral blazer with a simple white t-shirt and tennis shoes for an easygoing and fashion-forward appearance. Attractive Linen Light Grey Long Sleeve Blazer at PILAEO It’s not a secret that linen is the best fabric to wear during a hot spring or summer afternoon or evening, however one factor to pay attention to is the fit. Wear a grey linen blazer with matching pants or shorts coupled up with brown leather moccasins, and you’ll be looking dapper, clean, and effortlessly in style.
Awesome Peach Linen Paisley Trim Men’s Short Sleeve Summer Blazer at PILAEO 3-4 length sleeves blazers are the things for spring, summer; especially if there are paisley and linen involved. This paisley trim double-buttoned blazer is perfect for leisure or casually dining out. Pair this with white linen trousers or even black denim jeans for a look that’s sleek, comfy, and very modern. Wearing blazers during spring/summer that are easy paired with your other essentials, and accessories, makes getting stylish for the season easy and comfortable – things highly sought after in men’s fashion.

Looking forward to a better you, a superb cooler style, and an awesome season is the best way to prepare to wear any seasonal apparel. Sticking with vibrant pieces that embrace the weather and of course nature, and technology are just as wise!

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