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Multi color blazers have been all the rave, and not just for summer evenings or sunny days, but also for really any kind of event that you want your style to simply speak elegance.

Menswear Affection: New Luxury Blazers!

Luxury blazers… With Creativity? Yep, absolutely possible.

PILAEO is all about crafting creativity, alongside passion and charm to make each gentleman in the world, better, more savvy, and of course, more well rounded. We live in an era fueled by travel, technology, and read more

20 Proven Mens Summer Blazer Style Tips For A Sharp Outfit

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Wearing a summer blazer is confusing. Here’s the scoop on how to wear mens summer blazers. With precisely the right pairings and patterns on jackets, you can have a summer enjoyable with great fashion and style.
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PILAEO collection – animal print blazer

PILAEO collection – floral mens leisure blazer


PILAEO collection – floral print light blue blazer

PILAEO collection – music instruments patterned blazer


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