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The era of all men typically dressing the same,  and adhering to so called traditional rules of fashion is really a thing of the past. With technology becoming essential in many of our lives, knowing how to work with it is the best route to a comfortable lifestyle. For decades, businessmen have latched proudly onto their briefcases one their way out the door each day. They used it as a tool for convenience, and a symbol of professionalism and style. Now in the realms of increasing technology use around the world, men are grabbing backpacks and putting down their briefcases. Briefcases are by no means over and done with, but they certainly are increasingly left at home. Though backpacks are flexible, and comfortable, they have one major benefit over briefcases. THE ABILITY TO BE HANDS FREE; Therefore mobile phones and other gadgets can be used with ease.
Tip: If you are a professional gentleman, and are on the fence of getting a backpack, be rest assured. You have many options. Sport a black leather backpack for a neat, sleek look. This matches perfectly with your suit, is convenient, and very stylish. The oil waxed beauty seen above is an example of a backpack that can be worn with style and confidence to the office. The common misconception that backpacks are for kids, is outdated.  A new take on mens fashion has really arrived. Menswear is changing with the times, and changing in a way never experienced before. Grabbing a leather backpack is an excellent way to symbolize style while the rest of your outfit needs to respect office dress code. Fashion forward gentlemen have long known that style and comfort is key to dressing and feeling great. Genuine leather luxury backpacks offer a great option as an alternative to briefcases. Staying ahead of mens fashion trends is one aspect of a modern gentlemen’s survival, but embracing comfort and convenience is just as important.
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