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THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE on how to be a sophisticated and classy man

Contrary to popular belief that real men don’t appreciate neatness, the truth couldn’t be farther from that myth. Classy and gentleman go hand in hand. A classy guy knows himself, and has manners. These manners spill over into the way he dresses, talks, act,s and conducts himself.

Its hard for people to get an idea of who you are and exactly what you are about without knowing you personally, so one of the best ways to give off an a classy gentleman look is to have style that’s classy, and attractive

A classy man seriously does take pride in the upkeep of his attire



What does it mean to be a classy guy?

A classy man who knows himself usually has his appearance well steeped in dapper style that’s attractive and simply pleases. Classy is being authentic and aware. Classy means that you know who you are and are confident in your own style and values. Ultimately, classy is your signature appeal of having a wealth of virtue, and that you have contentment for life and it’s pleasantries.

Whether you are shopping for your next classy men’s fashion outfit item to add to your wardrobe or style collection, or as a gift, this shopping guide will guide you through tips and tricks and all in between of what to buy and where. After all, taking serious pride in your appearance byway of shopping for pieces of clothes and accessories that will put your wardrobe on the map to being the most elegant gentleman is a thing all classy men tend to have in common.PILAEO mens fashion


The Casual But Classy mens slim fit Blazer

The sport coat and blazer has been a mens fashion staple for decades, if not, centuries. Whether casual, or professional, the sport coat always show up at your everyday events and venues. However, not always is it really classy, or neat and stylish to the point where the man wearing it is truly owning his look. Here are some ideas of classy blazer jackets, that go great with denim jeans, dress pants, or yes, even t-shirts!

tan blazer for classy men - PILAEO intro

tan classy blazer for men at PILAEO

classy beige floral motif blazer intro beige floral mens classy blazer at PILAEO burgundy mens trim blazer intromens burgundy slim fit blazer at PILAEO sleek tiger mens blazer introsleek tiger pattern mens luxury classy blazer at PILAEO classy royal blue mens velvet blazer introroyal blue velvet mens classy blazer at PILAEO

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The Gift Selection – classy mens briefcase picks  crocodile briefcase intro crocodile pattern classy briefcasemens classy brown briefcase intro brown satchel mens briefcase brown briefcase classic mens crocodile bag mens crocodile pattern luxury briefcase crocodile mens briefcase intromens black crocodile briefcase PILAEO crocodile pattern mens classy briefcase PILAEO

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Patterned Blazers – The Face Of Classy Menpaisley patterned blazer intro

PILAEO Paisley pattern mens classy blazer mens gold blazer - intromens gold blazer silver embroidered floral mens blazer introsilver embroidered floral mens blazer gold blazer menmens gold blazer PILAEO <span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>multicolor</span> mens floral blazer - intro<span class='hiddenSpellError wpgc-spelling' style='background: inherit;'>multicolor</span> mens floral blazer

The miraculous thing about the classy casual blazer is that its versatile. More often than not, the design with a slim fit, and a pattern/fabric thats modern, new, and unconventional gives casual, high end blazers the chance of being mainstays in your wardrobe.

From floral prints, to slim fit velvet styles, the upscale look blended with a hint of casual is nothing to shy away from.

You might be thinking that you actually want to stay on just one side of the fence and rock your outfits either fully casual or 100% professional. Mistaken.

In today’s socially forward atmosphere in fashion and business, combining the best of both worlds in terms of style is a must. You’ll easily find that more and more, your more appealing and outstanding pieces of clothing that do have an emphasis on creativity, are the ones that  are the most common conversation starters.

Old school is out, new school , and casual-classy combinations of blazers are certainly in style.

Smart Gift Pick – Silver Bracelet

The silver bracelet is one of the more mystical and often unforseen items in mens fashion. While often ignored, and tucked underneath the suit jacket it dress shirt, it has tremendous power to shift the flow of your outfit, and in a very good way.

Silver bracelets, especially chunky silver bracelets have strong staying power in any classy gentlemans outfit and rightfully so.

Luxury style and accessories would have no space in fashion if it weren’t for the dazzled and sparkling effect that they have on us all.

Whens the last time you encountered a gentleman who has a charm and a certain kind of charisma that you just cant explain where it’s derived from?

More likely than not this gent has a silver bracelet or some of the enticing piece of jewelry thats sparkling and just has your attention literally on a stronghold.

Let’s talk about being classy but not necessarily overbearingly vulgar!

Contrary to bracelets being synonymous with your favorite rapper or business tycoon, the truth is that any guy can wear silver bracelets. You can easily increase your appeal ten fold, not to mention confidence in what you are wearing by making that silver, sparkly wrist shine.

Classy men have a secret in accessories, and it’s definitely the silver bracelet.

Shop for and wear silver bracelet that you can take a sense of masculinity and pride in, as it will really allow your outfit to hold its out weight in style , poise, charm.

*Get chunky silver bracelets and more at PILAEO Silver Bracelets

How To Dress As A Classy Man and socialize

By now you should have gotten the clue that a classy man always dresses with charm and poise. There’s nothing that speaks more classy than a gentleman who has good character, and content, but also dresses in a sleek, professionally tailored blazer, and has his laptop secured neatly in his briefcase.

This isn’t just professional, but it also has an air of respect, courage, and fashion to it all. Showing others that you intend on carrying yourself in a respectable way forces others to respect your character, your space, and our integrity.

All this makes it far more easier to navigate social situations, not to mention that other classy people will be attracted to you as well!

The secret of wearing a classy blazer is one that gentlemen have held dearly for years. The blazer is an iconic pickup for any man who intends on showing class, and composure.

 It’s All About The Design! – How Blazers at PILAEO Makes Men More Classy

Mentioning classy men and blazers in the same article without introducing the PILAEO blazer selection at, wouldn’t make this article complete. Here’s why:

The average person is becoming so used to the everyday blazer and tailored jacket, that office savvy , professionally dressed men are sometimes seen as snobby and uptight. All this really changes when you add color and patterns into your outfit.

Art truly is an awesome messenger. With fun patterns, thats inspiring and high end, your blazer will allow you to have an outgoing nature thats also classy and in-style. The great thing about this is that you can look professionally well kept, but also have charisma without the vulrgarity factor that can be stigmatized with loud color clothing.

Summing Up This guide

A classy man knows himself, and stays true to himself. But he also realized that it’s a definite must to stay in style, in neat and fashionable clothing.

He’s aware of the opportunities that lie before him and is keen o upholding the level of quality in stylish apparel and mannerisms that’s on par with the classy standard of the modern gentleman.

You can step up your level of classiness by wearing blazers with inspiring patterns, briefcases that revel your fashionable nature, and even bracelets that show charm and elegance. Ultimately your mannerisms along with style will make you one of the classiest men yet!

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