Why Your Red Blazer Is Timeless

Red Blazers – Tips & Style Guide


Lets take it way back to the 60’s when the red velvet blazer was a shining example of excellent mens style. The bright and shimmering material was synonymous with upscale gentlemen, and their knack for trull style. Fast forward to modern style, in an era where iphone cases are being designed with animal prints, and luxury fashion as blended with streetcar. The red blazer somehow maintains its stance as one of the most desirable blazer jackets and really one thats made a place of itself in the wardrobe of some of the more fashion forward gentleman.

There are hundreds of different blazer designs crafted by saved designers, however for some reason, the style thats made in red is one that truly capable of standing out. Not just because of it’s remarkably right, and unforgettable hue, but also because of he fact that blazers themselves are some f the most must have and well respected pieces in style.

If you are looking for a key item to wear regularly, that’ll add a new way of style to your wardrobe, and bring your outfits in line with elegant style, the red slim fit blazer, especially if it’s designed in velvet perhaps may be your best bet.


Exactly why the red velvet blazer is a key item you want to get:

  • The bright, and really enticing color
  • the fit
  • look & feel
  • Matches perfectly with some of your luxury accessories and clothes

The timeless style that comes with fashionable gentlemen’s modern wardrobe usually is comprised of a few pieces that lead the pact of blazers. Perhaps in your case it just might be the red blazer or even a red blazer combination where your outfit is designed around the blazer.

Timeless style certainly has its way of taking on a place as being well sought after, high quality, and very fashion forward, despite its long standing popularity.

Luxury fashion for men can indeed by synonymous with red blazers for men,e specially if your outfit, including its accessories are designer, high quality, and have an artistic spark thats unique, and elegant.

Here are some great ways to wear your red blazer, and get a look thats timeless, and absolutely elegant:

  • Wear matching velvet black trousers
  • Wear well pressed pants
  • Wear a neat white, dress shirt
  • Wear footwear thats ‘shiny’ , and professionally designed
  • Focus on the tailoring of your blazer
Well Tailored Mens Red Blazer at PILAEO

Well Tailored Mens Red Blazer at PILAEO

Red Blazers for men are simply some of the most bold yet easy to wear styles you could easily wear.

You can effortlessly get luxury red blazers and more at PILAEO.