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Fashionable blazers that are creative and modern are you best choices for an overall elegant look. Visit the floral mens blazers selections  at PILAEOand see the regularly updated luxury blazers.

Style Tip: mens floral shorts styles and mens floral t-shirts that are high quality can be paired with floral blazers. Wisely pair your accessories and clothing taking into consideration exactly how bold and fashionable you want to be for that occasion you’re attending!

Amazing Silver Blazer For Men For Weddings

Should You Wear Silver Blazers?

Silver blazers for men that have a unique design whether embroidered, printed, or highly tailored, are pieces of menswear that deserve to be on your shopping list. A silver blazer might possibly be the most intimidating piece of mens fashion to date. The bright and shiny reflective nature of silver can make send some men running for the hills, and slap a big ‘NO’ onto the idea of wearing something that’ll gravitate possibly more attention to him than he’d like. But with mens fashion going the way of the ultra creative and all, it’s not a bad idea to go back to your drawing board and take a second look at mens blazers that have silver, or perhaps even some other wildly perceived color.

An amazing silver blazer has to live up to it’s name. And the very reason why weddings are read more

Here’s Why Men Should Wear Animal Print Blazers

You’ve taken the first steps to owning a style of fashion that isn’t often embraced. However fashion-forward gentlemen who acknowledge that looking different, shows that you are unique, and that it helps you hone in on your individuality, and great characteristics do embrace this fashion style. Animal print blazers are a unique style of jacket that not just any guy can wear correctly. Many brands leave it up to you to pair your suit jackets with the right trousers, and accessories. This can be a daunting task, and frankly speaking, troublesome. However, there are a crop of Animal print blazers that are eloquently designed in a way that you don’t have to worry about what you wear them with! Shying away from bold, extravagant prints aren’t something that men who have dreams do. It just isn’t. Men should wear animal print blazers because animal print blazers have a luxury look, and feel, show that you have personality, and they are also fashion staples that keep you looking elegant. While you might have a few other designs of blazers in your wardrobe, from single color jackets, to plaid designs, animal print blazers are among the few select designs of blazers that will revamp your look into one that’s creative, and signifies passion, along with elegance. Men should wear animal print blazers because:
  • Animal print blazers have a luxury look and feel
  • Animal print blazers show that you have personality
  • Animal print blazers are fashion staples that keep you looking elegant

Animal print blazers have a luxury look and feel

Men should wear animal print blazers because they have a luxury look and feel. Animal print blazers will enhance your outfit, and make you look fashionable, while being very comfortable at the same time. Animal print blazers that have high quality material is absolutely a great mix of material and print that work together to allow your outfit to look elegant, and cool. Luxury style is all about quality, with excellence in style. Tiger print blazers are so exotic, and are revered for designs that are chic, and modern. It’s evident that a blazer that has a luxury look and feel has the fibers and pattern that’s so high quality, the appearance itself gives of a sleek, fine look, thats nothing but excellence, steeped in tradition of great tailoring. There are also luxury blazers that have leopard print motif, which are popular. Leopard print blazers can be thrown with almost anything you have in your wardrobe, and make you look fashionable, modern, and a dapper, cool gentleman!  

Animal print blazers show that you have personality

Men should wear animal print blazers because wearing them emphasizes your awesome personality! At least 80% of men who wear animal print blazers, are more likely to have an energetic attitude, solely because of the style of the blazer. Upscale style for men is meant to make you look unique, while at the same time highlighting the great aspects of your personality. Studies have actually shown that the clothing you wear, and the way you present yourself while wearing them do have an effect on your personality, and composure.There’s no denying that animal print blazers have an effect on your personality. Animal print blazers allow men to extrude confidence and real charm like very other few fashion essentials. The fact that the blazer is so exotic, and fashionable, propels you to be as stylish as possible,while being outgoing at the sometime! Animal print blazers give you an more approachable look, and allow you to be yourself, in a more outgoing and fun way, The design of printed blazers that have animal motif highlights your fun personality, and willingness to be more talkative, and fashionable!  

Animal print blazers are fashion staples that keep you looking elegant

Mens should also wear fashionable blazers because they keep you looking elegant. Animal print blazers are tailored, and elegant in that they allow gentlemen to show true style! whether the blazer is a single button, or double button, the blazer design adds the modern flair. Wearing an animal print blazer regularly, will change your wardrobe into one that is very refined, and new. some of the worlds most fashionable celebrities embrace animal print blazers, and wear them to keep u pith an image an reputation that is aligned with luxury. A really fashion staple is a design that is unique, and can not be easily replaced. A special, high-end blazer that’s designed with artisan quality, structure, and skill, is bound to enhance your overall wardrobe, and definitely make you much more stylish. Fashion staples such as animal printed blazers are sure to make your outfit much more modern, and attractive looking. The plethora of hues that are in Animal print blazers allow for a fashion staple that’s fun to wear, and ahead of luxury fashion trends. In sum, animal print blazers are a popular, and must-have essentials for fashionable men to wear. They show that you are serious about great style, and may even help you in your career! Men should wear animal print blazers because animal print blazers have a luxury look and feel, animal print blazers show that you have personality, and animal print blazers are fashion staples that keep you looking elegant. The luxury look and feel of animal print blazers makes your outfit, and wardrobe more flexible, allowing you to easily look neat, regardless of the trousers, and accessories that you wear. Your personality will shine in a elegant blazer, that’s high quality, and that item is definitely none other than a beautiful, animal print blazer. Elegant blazers that have unique style will keep you elegant,and neat looking, effortlessly, and yes, even if you wear them with just a t-shirt! There are just a few upscale menswear brands that have viable selections of animal print blazer designs that you can wear regularly. Elegant style is really about luxury essentials, such as animal print blazers at PILAEO, that will show your style in a modern, and sleek way – one that you’re confident, and passionate in while wearing!

The 5 Best Velvet Blazers For Men This Winter – PILAEO

Winter season is an opportunity to be bold with your blazers. Velvet blazers for men during winter are fashionable and can be your staples. This is a list of the best blazer picks for the colder months.

This burgundy blazer literally changed menswear | PILAEO MAGAZINE

There’s one thing that’s interesting about men’s fashion whenever there’s an artsy and bold design attached. Each style designed tries to make its mark as memorable and captivating as possible. However, the truth is that savvy men have an eye for the classic pieces that matter. The classic, timeless colors of men’s fashion that have stoked creativity and lasting style inspiration are few among many. Burgundy, moreover, the burgundy blazer has a sophisticated look and feel, especially when in velvet.

Classic Staple, That’s bold.

The burgundy blazer has remained the staple among fashionable, business savvy men. You may have noticed that you tend to gravitate to the finer, rich colors of fashion. As crisp as red wine, thats aged to perfection, the deep red color in mens fashion is intricate, yet bold with an amazingly artisan appeal.

The expectations of your style are no longer just a few basic essentials.

The modern man now demands more from style, and rightfully so. Bold, intricate, and sophisticated, yet low key is what’s now the order of the day.


Yes, this burgundy blazer has literally changed menswear.



The paisley-floral inspired pattern speaks for itself. Its elegant design clashes against an impressive velvet shimmer that’s hard to ignore. This essential pickup is timeless. The blazer is perfect for dinner, shows, a date, or even as a gift.

The goodness of this enticing design continues on the back with it’s sleek fit and silhouette deserving of nothing but admiration for your gentlemanly etiquette and eye for excellent style.

What To Wear This With

This burgundy blazer is so captivating that it essentially does all the work of style on its own. For causal looks, you should wear white sneakers and dark colored denim jeans.

Professional looks with this blazer calls for sleek black pants and a white button down, accessorize with ties, and jewelry as you see fit.

Elegance, just became literally effortless, especially in a burgundy blazer that literally changed menswear.

The blazer discussed here is available at and is an exclusive feature purchase.

Mens Summer Blazer Looks – PILAEO Magazine

If you want to know what to wear during summer neatly, blazers are the best picks. The top suggestions that men are choosing as staples for the hot weather are short sleeve blazers, printed blazers, and of course linen! When it comes to blazers, there aren’t many different fashion jackets that you can compare them to for summer. That’s because of their versatility.

There are alot of different ways to wear the blazer during summer, and it all starts with knowing the design and fit of what you are looking for!

For all of the styles mentioned below, you can shop for them at PILAEO – mens blazers.

What To Wear With The Summer Blazer

To see how the blazer will look on you, it’s important to know what you’ll be wearing it with. Shorts, linen trousers, denim jeans?


See styles from short sleeved, to floral, and linen blazer jackets


Wearing summer blazers that really have style is all about a great color way and a fit that can be worn casually or professionally. From short sleeve blazers to linen and printed designers that are luxury and elegant, you’ll be more fashionable than ever!

Silver Bracelet For Men With Grams — 5 Ways To Wear It Now

The silver bracelet constantly has rivals in wrist wear. From the smartwatch to the leather bracelet, there’s a lot of different accessories in men’s fashion that wants it’s ‘place’ as the mainstay of your outfit. However, the truth is that silver bracelets have a certain charm, and long lasting appeal that makes them viable and more wearable if your looking for something to spruce up and really bring forth luxury into your look.

The bracelets that really are able to move the needle and will make your outfit more fashionable, and dapper are styles that have a chunkier, and definitely can hold it’s own weight in grams. A few grams, or several ounces steady, of silver in your bracelet will certainly make your wrist sparkle , dazzle, and impress. However the issue with silver bracelets for men in an era full of smart watches really is all about whether or not you know how to wear it.


Here you’ll learn about 5 key ways to wear the silver bracelet and exact places you can shop for this immediately.

With your professional outfit

Professional outfits are usually synonymous with a business outfit, often featuring an expensive wristwatch. A smart way to wear this kind of outfit is really with a silver bracelet. It’s going to add sophistication and fashion to your look.

Professionalism is all about having a neat and put together appearance and giving off vibes of really what a classy man should look like. But adding an effortlessly attractive accessory such as the silver bracelet will make your outfit more “you”. There’s no denying that adding silver bracelets to your look will give character to your outfit — often much needed personality that can give you an upper hand in gaining trust from and partnerships and deals.

The silver bracelet often is the hidden jewel in professional outfits from business suits, to even uniforms for work. While being confined to the conservative and often restrictive nature of the suit, the silver bracelet works with the professionalism and luxury look/appeal of the outfit, but brings an art based approach to the table.

Modern men embrace silver bracelets with grams, ones that are chunky, and definitely are capable of turning a bland outfit or business suit into one thats remarkably unforgettable.

With your casual outfit

you casual outfits are usually styled with denim. With this in mind we can often assume that you’re going after a relaxed look. Silver bracelets that are heavy and have grams will often be on your radar for your office outfit, but with a luxury t-shirt that features an emphasis on art and fit, you can wear a casual look that certainly is designer.

Street wear really has taken the menswear industry in some ways, and everyday men are waking up to the fact that you can certainly wear causal but keep it neat. The silver bracelet is one of your key alleys with this kind of style.

One tip for wearing casual + luxury: minimalism.

Minimalist clothes that have an emphasis on fit and comfort are surefire ways to stay causal but keep it ‘together’. Silver bracelets coupled up with slim fit denim jeans and casual shoes, such as brogues ,loafers, or moccasins are smart ways to not over do the laid-back look but also put some ‘classy gentleman’ look into your outfit.

With your smartwatch

By now its clear that the smartwatch is a staple. This increase in wearing technology is a smart way to take advantage of traditional jewelry pieces for men such as the silver bracelet. Your look can effortlessly be alongside your smartwatch on the same arm and work together making your look modern, but sophisticated.

Men who wear smartwatches get a certain rep for wanting to only wear smartwatches and toss other pieces. Defy expectation with a chunky silver bracelet that wont just give you a sophisticated and mature look, but complement your tech-savvy style and know how.

With your wristwatch (regular)

Whether its your newest Swiss-pickup or just a sporty wrist watch, you might be surprised to know that they too can actually complement your silver bracelet. Silver bracelets with grams tends to outshine other accessories you wear, but after all, at some point you’ve still got to know the time. no?

Trendy style for men always has its ups and downs. This means that accessory overdo can be more prominent than ever in some ways.

Here’s key ways to prevent wearing too much accessory on the wrist, especially when a silver bracelet, thats heavy– and chunky is involved:

  1. Wear the silver bracelet on a different hand, other than the hand you are wearing your wristwatch on.
  2. Other bracelets that you wear should be worn on the same hand as your writs watch.

You silver bracelet that has grams, well it has grams. This essentially gives you more understanding when taken into context of how to you pair it with your other apparel and accessories.

You should certainly consider wearing your silver bracelets that are heavy on a hand, alone. All this makes it more bearable and balances out the other accessories in your outfit.

Wrist watches have been long popular for a reaosn – and the fact that you can wear a silver bracelet with them just goes to show how complementary they are to your style. There versatility goes to show how useful and timeless they are.

Silver bracelets too, are timeless and can be worn with a wide range of wrist watches and this makes them all the more valuable, especially considering that they can shift the tone of your outfit and wardrobe.

With an athletic outfit

athleisure, or athletic leisurewear has cropped up on the menswear scene more discreetly than anything else. The popularity of this trend that often mixes business casual with sportswear or even street wear sets a playground for wearing sophisticated pieces with higher end investment items, such as the silver bracket.

You can wear your silver bracelet confidently with athleisure apparel. knowing that you do look in-style, and comfortable.

The main benefit of athletic apparel is that you can be comfortable, while having a sophisticated higher end look to your outfit. The awesome thing about silver bracelets with grams are that they are usually chunky and can look rather appealing with sporty sneakers, sweat pants, and a polo shirt.

The mixing and pairing of luxury fashion and comfortable sportswear is effortlessly convenient, and easy to wear. Silver bracelets are one of the main pieces of accessory that works with this look, remarkably.

Summing Up

Your silver bracelet with grams may not be the first thing you plan on wearing with your outfit, however it can truly be a mainstay of your outfit, regardless of the style you wear.

The awesome thing about silver bracelets are that they are timeless and even though often chunky, and have several ounces or grams, they serve as a staple of modern style that sophisticated and often a nice mix of street wear and business.

Whether you are wearing a look thats professional, casual, or athleisure the silver bracelet complements your look by effectively serving a piece that will ass an air of confidence, and dapper, unparalleled style, while being highly relevant and convenient.

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Mens Printed Dress Shirt Guide | PILAEO Magazine

The dress shirt, or button down shirt isn’t typically regarded as a piece that is emboldened by bright patterns and prints that grab your attention. But in-the-know gentlemen of style all acknowledge that color-savvy printed dress shirts that have bright appeal, and a knack of creativity that’s hard to match, is one definition of truly luxury fashion-forward men’s style.

The extremely diverse and fashion-forward range of floral and unique, patterned dress shirts you shop for, shouldn’t be limited to long sleeve shirts. The selection of your choice should capture mens fashion in it’s modern flair, with timeless and luxury picks of short sleeve designs for summer and spring.


One thing thats pushing menswear forward are the traditional mainstays of style, such as dress shirts that are examples of organized and neat style, which have the influence of art and all it’s possible provocation.

Fashionable, correctly fitted, and printed button down shirts have a say in how fashionable you’ll look, and how much in-the-know of style you really are. If you want to be an incredibly fashionable gentleman, then playing it safe should be far from your way of dressing.

Staying open-minded with wild and sometimes amusing patterns, especially in the warmer months will bring in a new, profound, outlook on creativity and style.

How to muster up the confidence needed to wear colorful printed dress shirts as a man

The confidence that you need to wear colorful dress shirts is over exaggerated. Simply put.

You have the ability to control how colorful you want your outfit to be.

PILAEO has always has a tone of bold, vibrant, and attractive prints to menswear. Dress shirts are no exception.

Here’s the truth: your dress shirt is your confidence.

One rule of thumb that most fashion-insider men know is this: The right clothing brings confidence, and it instills a sense of individuality, and immense courage.

So put on a colorful dress shirt with pattern, neutral colored pants, and sneakers, and enjoy a season of luxury, in-style dapper menswear.

An outfit example to wear with your patterned dress shirt:

  • Floral Dress Shirt
    Khaki Chino Shorts
    Plain White Sneakers

The above outfit is clearly centered around a patterned dress shirt, but it also has a whim of minimalism, neatness and and flow to it.

This is the modern, and fashionable gentleman’s look. This is the look you’d typically want to mimic as far as printed dress shirts go.

What are the benefits of wearing colorful button-down shirts?

Shying away from the usual white, tux-based dress shirt, especially if you aren’t required to wear it to your daily job, is a great start to become more comfortable wearing bold clothing.

The benefits of wearing button down shirts with color and patterns you aren’t necessarily used to are:

  • A potentially new, neat, and better style
    A more diverse range of prints and colors for your wardrobe
    More shirts to wear inside your blazers
    Shirts you can wear year-round depending on your choice of outerwear

Where exactly should you wear printed dress shirts ?

Dress shirts are commonly becoming the norm, even replacing the t-shirt sometimes. In fact, the dress shirt can do all the things a t-shirt can, and more. Plus it has the added benefit of really giving you a neat and even professional look.

No wonder fashionable gentlemen choose printed dress shirts as staples of their outfits.

Wear printed dress shirts to:

  • Vacation
    Get-Together Events
  • These are just a few of the places you can wear a printed dress shirt to. There are tens of other venues where you’d want to be as fashionable as possible. You might opt to wear a linen blazer during summer or a velvet blazer that complements your dress shirt. You can also opt to wear just your dress shirt, given you add the right complementing pieces in your outfit to neutralize the pattern.
  • Pants colors you can wear with printed dress shirts:

    Navy Blue
    Dark Green

As long as you wear your outfit based on how much print and color is involved in your dress shirt, you’ll be fine, certainly confident, and not to mention impressive. In Questions About Dress Shirts – ANSWERED, we explained that the size of your dress shirt can have a say in how satisfied you’ll be without the look overall.

Alongside the fit, there’s print, and color.

Get your dress shirt’s print, color, and measurements/fit in order, and you can essentially wear dress shirts freely with the pants or shorts of your choosing as long as the dominant color coordinates.

Some of mens fashion’s most fashion-forward, color-savvy picks of dress shirts for men:

Suggested Best Pick: Suggested Best Pick: Blue Green Tan Fashionable Paisley Floral Mens Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick: Black White Gold Fashionable Modern Luxury Mens Damask Short Sleeve Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick:Black Yellow Floral Mens Short Sleeve Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick:Animal Print Geometric Mens Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick: Creative Blue Floral Mens Luxury Button Down Dress Shirt

Suggested Best Pick: Fashion Floral Scripted Feathers Leaves Mens Green Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick: Navy Blue Red White Modern Mens Long Sleeve Floral Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick: White Blue Floral Mens Short Sleeve Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick: White Red Green Floral Mens Short Sleeve Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested Best Pick: Sophisticated Red Black Mens Plaid Dress Shirt

Suggested Best Pick: Fashionable White Blue Mens Camouflage Dress Shirt at PILAEO

Suggested read more

The Classy Men Shopping Guide! [BROWSE TOP PICKS] | PILAEO MAG

THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE on how to be a sophisticated and classy man

Contrary to popular belief that real men don’t appreciate neatness, the truth couldn’t be farther from that myth. Classy and gentleman go hand in hand. A classy guy knows himself, and has manners. These manners spill over into the way he dresses, talks, act,s and conducts himself.

Its hard for people to get an idea of who you are and exactly what you are about without knowing you personally, so one of the best ways to give off an a classy gentleman look is to have style that’s classy, and attractive

A classy man seriously does take pride in the upkeep of his attire



What does it mean to be a classy guy?

A classy man who knows himself usually has his appearance well steeped in dapper style that’s attractive and simply pleases. Classy is being authentic and aware. Classy means that you know who you are and are confident in your own style and values. Ultimately, classy is your signature appeal of having a wealth of virtue, and that you have contentment for life and it’s pleasantries.

Whether you are shopping for your next classy men’s fashion outfit item to add to your wardrobe or style collection, or as a gift, this shopping guide will guide you through tips and tricks and all in between of what to buy and where. After all, taking serious pride in your appearance byway of shopping for pieces of clothes and accessories that will put your wardrobe on the map to being the most elegant gentleman is a thing all classy men tend to have in common.


The Casual But Classy mens slim fit Blazer

The sport coat and blazer has been a mens fashion staple for decades, if not, centuries. Whether casual, or professional, the sport coat always show up at your everyday events and venues. However, not always is it really classy, or neat and stylish to the point where the man wearing it is truly owning his look. Here are some ideas of classy blazer jackets, that go great with denim jeans, dress pants, or yes, even t-shirts!

* These blazers are available at PILAEO mens blazers

The Gift Selection – classy mens briefcase picks 

* These briefcases are available at PILAEO briefcases

Patterned Blazers – The Face Of Classy Men

The miraculous thing about the classy casual blazer is that its versatile. More often than not, the design with a slim fit, and a pattern/fabric thats modern, new, and unconventional gives casual, high end blazers the chance of being mainstays in your wardrobe.

From floral prints, to slim fit velvet styles, the upscale look blended with a hint of casual is nothing to shy away from.

You might be thinking that you actually want to stay on just one side of the fence and rock your outfits either fully casual or 100% professional. Mistaken.

In today’s socially forward atmosphere in fashion and business, combining the best of both worlds in terms of style is a must. You’ll easily find that more and more, your more appealing and outstanding pieces of clothing that do have an emphasis on creativity, are the ones that  are the most common conversation starters.

Old school is out, new school , and casual-classy combinations of blazers are certainly in style.

Smart Gift Pick – Silver Bracelet

The silver bracelet is one of the more mystical and often unforseen items in mens fashion. While often ignored, and tucked underneath the suit jacket it dress shirt, it has tremendous power to shift the flow of your outfit, and in a very good way.

Silver bracelets, especially chunky silver bracelets have strong staying power in any classy gentlemans outfit and rightfully so.

Luxury style and accessories would have no space in fashion if it weren’t for the dazzled and sparkling effect that they have on us all.

Whens the last time you encountered a gentleman who has a charm and a certain kind of charisma that you just cant explain where it’s derived from?

More likely than not this gent has a silver bracelet or some of the enticing piece of jewelry thats sparkling and just has your attention literally on a stronghold.

Let’s talk about being classy but not necessarily overbearingly vulgar!

Contrary to bracelets being synonymous with your favorite rapper or business tycoon, the truth is that any guy can wear silver bracelets. You can easily increase your appeal ten fold, not to mention confidence in what you are wearing by making that silver, sparkly wrist shine.

Classy men have a secret in accessories, and it’s definitely the silver bracelet.

Shop for and wear silver bracelet that you can take a sense of masculinity and pride in, as it will really allow your outfit to hold its out weight in style , poise, charm.

*Get chunky silver bracelets and more at PILAEO Silver Bracelets

How To Dress As A Classy Man and socialize

By now you should have gotten the clue that a classy man always dresses with charm and poise. There’s nothing that speaks more classy than a gentleman who has good character, and content, but also dresses in a sleek, professionally tailored blazer, and has his laptop secured neatly in his briefcase.

This isn’t just professional, but it also has an air of respect, courage, and fashion to it all. Showing others that you intend on carrying yourself in a respectable way forces others to respect your character, your space, and our integrity.

All this makes it far more easier to navigate social situations, not to mention that other classy people will be attracted to you as well!

The secret of wearing a classy blazer is one that gentlemen have held dearly for years. The blazer is an iconic pickup for any man who intends on showing class, and composure.

 It’s All About The Design! – How Blazers at PILAEO Makes Men More Classy

Mentioning classy men and blazers in the same article without introducing the PILAEO blazer selection at, wouldn’t make this article complete. Here’s why:

The average person is becoming so used to the everyday blazer and tailored jacket, that office savvy , professionally dressed men are sometimes seen as snobby and uptight. All this really changes when you add color and patterns into your outfit.

Art truly is an awesome messenger. With fun patterns, thats inspiring and high end, your blazer will allow you to have an outgoing nature thats also classy and in-style. The great thing about this is that you can look professionally well kept, but also have charisma without the vulrgarity factor that can be stigmatized with loud color clothing.

Summing Up This guide

A classy man knows himself, and stays true to himself. But he also realized that it’s a definite must to stay in style, in neat and fashionable clothing.

He’s aware of the opportunities that lie before him and is keen o upholding the level of quality in stylish apparel and mannerisms that’s on par with the classy standard of the modern gentleman.

You can step up your level of classiness by wearing blazers with inspiring patterns, briefcases that revel your fashionable nature, and even bracelets that show charm and elegance. Ultimately your mannerisms along with style will make you one of the classiest men yet!

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9 Questions About Men’s Dress Shirts – ANSWERED.

Dress shirts are a mans go to piece when a suit isn’t necessarily required, especially since with fashion protocol that t-shirts are usually absolutely off limits for events. Elegant mens dressshirts are an easy way to, make a stylish outfit, even more stylish!

The ease of slipping into a patterned and sometimes basic essential that you can control just how much casual you want to be by unbuttoning just a few buttons, makes getting ready for events much more simple.

First and foremost..

What is a dress shirt?

An excerpt from Wikipedia conveniently states that:
=&0=&, =&1=&, =&2=&, =&3=&, or =&4=& is a garment with a collar and a full-length opening at the front, which is fastened using buttons or shirt studs. A =&5=& or =&4=& is a dress shirt which has a button-down collar – a collar having the ends fastened to the shirt with buttons.
with this valuable piece of information we know that regardless of whether or not the shirt is short sleeved, see-through, or even made from metallic material, shirts with buttons in the front are dress shirts, win various names and so forth. And yep, even if they don’t necessarily have much of a collar.

Pairing dress shirts with shorts

Throw on your favorite pair of denim jeans or shorts and be prepared for a neat, stylish look that you can be sure will have you as one of the most Instagrammed gents at that event, effortlessly! Find out how to wear dress shirts with floral print shorts.

Read below to find out common questions among men who shop for dress shirts

The truth about dress shirts for men, however, is that there certainly are some questions that need to be answered in order to perfect the look, and make you stand out, as you should in style and charm. We’ve compiled 9 questions about dress shirts, where the answers are highly sought after, and are sure to help you in your dress shirt shopping.

Here you’ll get answers to these 9 common questions about dress shirts for men:

  1. What size is a small in men’s dress shirts
  2. Which non-iron men’s dress shirts are really non-iron

read more

3 Luxury Blazers To Wear During Summer – PILAEO Magazine

The Secret To The Perfect Blazer: Summer Blazer Styles

Summer blazers pack a good style punch — as long as you know which styles to buy. It is not that hard to choose the right style for yourself, however you might not be sure about the fit and the quality.

Fashion this summer is really about dressing nicely, but with a modern twist. Luxury floral blazers at PILAEO is where you’ll find some of the most fashion-forward suit jackets for the season.



Enjoy your summer with these 3 blazers hand picked and chosen just for you:

Amazing Floral Turquoise Green Luxury Mens Short Sleeved Blazer

visit here to get this!


Awesome Peach Linen Paisley Trim Mens Short Sleeve Blazer

visit here to get this!

Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazer

visit here to get this!