Why Red Mens Blazers With Denim Jeans Are A Must

Red Blazers – Tips & Style Guide


Denim jeans with blazers aren’t something new. In fact, the look is as much as staple as the traditional suit, when it comes to business casual style. Fashionable jeans can be worn with some of the best mens summer blazers for an easy summer outfit. Summer blazers that have red and other bright colors look great with denim jeans pants or shorts. One thing certain about fashion that’s not necessarily on the more professional side of things, is it’s ability to make you more fashionably relevant, and not even to mention much more comfortable. Dapper gentlemen have long embraced fashion that’s not exactly the usual. Saying yes to a really more neutral, yet subtly bold way to fashion means denim jeans and blazers. Smart red blazer combination = denim jeans + red blazer.

Red Blazers. Ah, that excellence hue that never ceases to disappoint. With it’s refusal to be ignored, and often taking center stage in the outfit, there’s no reason why it should be ignored. After all, whats better than looking amazing, fashionable, all while truly being comfortable.

Everyone acknowledges the fact that there are a few key benefits of wearing red in fashion. Aside from the fact that Realmensrealstyle says red make you more persuasive, and BBC UK says that wearing red could literally help Olympians win the gold medal , Red has some sort of very sophisticated, and bold effect with fashion.

The truth is, that often times, at least when it comes to casual fashion, it can be tough to not look too casual, or perhaps boring. The key here is to embrace colors and patterns that are vibrant, and spark some emotion, even telling a story in many cases.

The boldness of red, coupled with denim jeans is literally the perfect combination for business causal that’s got some fashion flair.


Yes, it’s understandable that gentlemen would like to avoid drawing too much attention to the whole colorful clothing fiasco, but that’s really only in certain situations.

The more the merrier. red blazers, and blue denim jeans

Your blue denim jeans, in particular your royal blue denim jeans might have you reminiscent of style from time in fashion, but thanks to stonewashed denim jeans, or even the more darker colors of blue jeans, you can scratch that notion.


Here are some smart ways to wear blue denim jeans with the red blazer jacket:

  • Wear the red blazer, and dark blue denim jeans
  • Add accessories, minimal however.
  • Wear the right footwear. For a really casual look, consider all white sneakers, however, not necessarily the overly sporty styles.
  • For a more clean, and well kept look in denim jeans, with a whit dress shirt inside the blazer.
  • Embrace causal style by allowing your outfit to be relaxed. This means forget the cuff links, and any other items that make suits more on the professional side.

There are times when you don’t exactly know if you’d want be on the more causal or professional side of style, and you really have to walk that super fine line of fashion where you’re outfit looks neat, modern, even elegant.

This mean embracing denim jeans that are black.

Black denim jeans are causal luxury styles go to, especially when worn with blazers.

Ideally speaking, a red blazer thats fitted, with black denim jeans that actually fit, will make you more in drawn to this ensemble.


Here are some key ways that you can wear black denim jeans and look great as it complements your red blazer:

Wear your red blazer/black denim jeans based outfit with:

  • Patterned dress shirt
  • Loafer shoes
  • Minimal accessories, such as bracelet, wristwatch, and even a patterned scarf

Style for men has come a long way indeed. There isn’t a moment in modern art and fashion culture where slim fit jeans aren’t mentioned, or that a savvy, new patterned blazer pickup you’re marveling over is pushed to the end of your shopping list. This also means getting styles that fit great.

Slim fit red blazers simply work!

One of the more important and interesting things about mens casual blazer styles, is that the fit often needs to be as exact as the more professional suit. Well that’s if you want a more modern look.

After all, whats fashion if it isn’t current. That the great thing about blazers, timeless in nature, and truly more fashionable than the average jacket.

Wearing a blazer with denim jeans makes for a great outfit, but paying attention to the fit of your denim jeans within his whole look is key as well.

Here are some wise ways to be sure your denim jeans and red blazer are in tune with style, fit, and luxury:

  • Shop for your re blazer, taking into consideration the right fit (perhaps based on your weight/height)
  • Be sure ht length of your denim jeans actually are suitable for you
  • If you’re not necessarily slim, opt for skinny jeans that are actually going to fit you in away thats comfortable. Key word here is comfortably.


Fashion doesn’t have to be tough, especially when it involves red blazers, which should eb making your look a lot more bold, and fashionable, and denim jeans which allows your fashion to look for effortless.

Stat in style with red blazer and jeans combinations that add to the coolness of your wardrobe, and make soy not just one style man, but certainly a stylish gentleman that should be paid attention to, maybe even admired for his awesome knack for great fashion!