Red Blazer Passion: How To Wear It

Red Blazers – Tips & Style Guide


The red blazer has infamously managed to get a reputation as being a piece that’s hard to ignore when worn, and truly one of the only items in mens style that can be bold, and sophisticated at the same time, all without necessarily have any patterns or bold designs. If you’re looking for a fashion style that’s very modern, yet truly capable of keeping you in touch with your more sophisticated nature, then the mens red slim fit blazer is one thats a must.

Passion. Style. Really Vibrant Look.

The brighter red blazer or even the dark red blazer for men is a classic in men’s style, and this only adds to all the more reason for you to embrace a style such as this. If you’ll be wearing your red blazer with the utmost style, then here’s how you can do it confidently.


How To Wear The Red Blazer

First and foremost, you’e got to put together the colors, accessories, and look you’re trying to achieve. If you can certainly be ahead of style in a more modern way, all while saying yes to embracing modern fits, and great quality, then say yes to you’re absolute dapper style.

Wear the blazer with denim jeans

The red blazer may not be the traditional suit, however, as dapper style would have it, then crafting together your look in a way that you’re comfortable in, is key. Denim jeans can look amazing with blazers, given that you shop for the right shade of blue or black denim, along with just how superb the fit is.

Slim Fit jeans and the red blazer
Slim fit blazer thats in blue or black are some of the most matching pieces that you could purchase for a dapper, more comfortable look with your red blazers. One of the greet things about slim fit denim jeans is that they will work with you,depending on whether you’re looking for a more professional, or casual look.


For the casual look, wear slim fit denim jeans that:
Have more of a dress down, and even relaxed look. Rips, Stone washes, and other essentials to your appearance are key ways to be sure that your look matches casual style thats actually relevant. Adding the right kinds of accessories that are usually worn with casually styles outfits is absolute key.

For example:
Wrist watches that give off a slightly sporty nature, and footwear that are comfortable, and really sporty, or business causal


For a professional or business look, with denim jeans that have a dark solid color. Say no to stone washed, ripped, or acid washed denim jeans in most professional encounters. One of the main rules of style, when it comes to wearing professional attire is to go with a neat look, but also make comfort a priority. To make your red blazer and denim jeans look even moor professional, you can opt for loafer sneakers, and even wear a boutonniere of handkerchief in the pocket of the blazer. This really adds to the overall charm appeal and goes to show just how smart, in-the-know and savvy you truly are!

Trousers, Dress Pants, Chinos and the red blazer

As with most blazers, pants that are more on the professional, and neat side are key for you to get the best out of the look. If you can iron it, allowing it be be more uniform and neat, it’s wise to consider wearing it. Dress pants, and chino pants are often frowned upon when paired with suit jackets, because of the stigma that comes with being too uncomfortable.

This is why its important to shop the right fit when getting trousers for your blazers.

Well Tailored Mens Red Blazer at PILAEO

Well Tailored Mens Red Blazer at PILAEO

Even more important, is to get some of the pants in materials that suit the climate. This means wool material in the colder months, and linen, and more thin material in the summer months,

Looking forward to a more dapper and attractively in-style you is certainly a way that you can embrace your style, for the better.

Regardless if the blazer is a high end designer style, or even a more casually designed one.

Ultimately the key is to stay true to your own style, and let your remarkable knack for it shine through your clothing. Red blazers may be the exact fashion piece you need to add real vibrant style to your wardrobe. PILAEO MAGAZINE offers top fashion advice and key insights into whats timeless and always relevant in style! offers some of the most high end mens fashion clothing and essentials for fashionably forward gentlemen who embrace great  style and passion.