How to Wear an Animal Print Blazer

tiger print animal print blazer

You’ve taken the first steps to own a style of fashion that isn’t often embraced. However fashion-forward gentlemen who acknowledge that looking different shows that you are unique and that it helps you hone in on your individuality, and great characteristics do embrace this fashion style. Animal print blazers are …

Where to Buy Mens Winter Blazers

During autumn/winter you’ll want to own up to creativity with attention grabbing patterns of velvet printed blazer styles. Certainly, however, you’d want to be sure that the color way of the garment you’re buying is inline with what’s seen as winter fashion! This doesn’t mean that you have to steer…

How To Wear Blazers In the Summer – PILAEO Magazine

If you want to know what to wear during summer neatly, blazers are the best picks. The top suggestions that men are choosing as staples for the hot weather are short sleeve blazers, printed blazers, and of course linen! When it comes to blazers, there aren’t many different fashion jackets

How to Wear Luxury Blazers – PILAEO Magazine

The Secret To The Perfect Blazer: Summer Blazer Styles

Summer blazers pack a good style punch — as long as you know which styles to buy. It is not that hard to choose the right style for yourself, however, you might not be sure about the fit and the quality.