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The men’s velvet blazer holds a certain place in the closets of most men. The velvet blazer is often placed on a pedestal, above other men’s fashion essentials. In the 21st century, velvet blazers have elegant appeal and creativity literally stitched into the material.
For men who want to stay relevant in style, leaving the velvet blazer out of the equation is no longer an option. Among the long list of luxury velvet blazers that fashionable brands have churned out to fashionisto’s pickups such as the burgundy velvet blazers for men are some of the most sough-after essentials there are — and that’s not just for professional wear, but also for informal gatherings or even a brief stint at your local posh cafe. Here we’ll list some of the reasons why velvet blazers are worn in many different settings, what to wear them with, and then give brief introductions of different velvet blazer styles that are fashionable and easy to wear. Among the reasons why velvet blazers are worn in as many settings as they are, are that the material itself is acceptable — it’s the epitome of both traditional chivalry and modern men’s flair.
Coupled with the very distinct tailoring that blazers themselves are designed with, it makes sense that velvet blazers would be a highly valuable pickup my any man. Read more about how to wear any blazer style in the mens blazer guide So the big question still remains.

Now, Why are velvet blazers so dynamic?

Velvet blazers are dynamic because they are palatable and useful in both professional and non professional environments. The velvet blazer has kept it’s place as a ‘goto’ of many men for decades, largely because it’s appeal to professionalism – whenever necessary. There are various factors that determine the feasibility of wearing a velvet blazer such as the color, fit, lapel, and even the very pattern or print of neckerchief that is worn with a velvet blazer. Here are some of the top ways to wear or pair other essentials with your velvet blazer:
  • Floral Neckerchief
  • Paisley Neckerchief
  • Leather Bracelet
  • Silver Bracelet
  • Cardigan Sweater
  • Patterned T-shirt
  • Dress Shirt
  • Turtle Neck
  • Denim jeans
  • Dress pants
There are various ways to wear velvet blazers,including the various pattern and printed designs of accessories that fit the look perfectly.

How wearing velvet blazers casually became popular

Wearing a velvet blazer casually comes with some advantages. For starters, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of being extremely fashionable and comfortable at the same time. The upside of adding a hint of casual style to more professionally-inclined pieces pay off in dividends. Wearing velvet blazers casually have actually become so popular that the business-casual has become acceptable in even some of the most professional circumstances. It’s safe to say that velvet blazers may have changed business culture as we know it.

How to wear velvet in both professional and casual environments

As mentioned above, the dynamics of the velvet blazer is apparent in the various ways that they can be worn. Ultimately, it all boils down to exactly how you choose to wear your velvet blazer, to where, and with what. A navy blue velvet blazer can be paired with other patterns and prints to get a remarkable look, just as much as floral velvet blazer can show that a gentleman has some knack to his style.

Here are some of the most popular styles of velvet blazers that fashionable men are wearing

  • Slim Fit
  • Floral Pattern
  • 3d Print
  • Multicolor
  • Graphic Art
  • Burgundy
  • Navy Blue
The velvet blazer is often depicted as the so called “cream of the crop” for men’s luxury wear. The timeless fabric is full of life, vibrant shimmer, and a priceless feel. Men have kept the velvet blazer as a staple for eons, and this serves as a testament to the nature of quality fashion.
pilaeomensvelvetblazer beigefloralmensvelvetblazer
You can look very charming in velvet blazers because: getting that charming look, that savvy men have claimed ownership of for years, comes with a bit of knowledge actually – mostly knowing exactly which pieces of clothing to sport with that cool, upscale, velvet blazer you’ve been wanting to wear, again, and again in many different ways, but perhaps you weren’t sure exactly how. Here are Brilliant Ways To Wear Velvet Blazers & Top Picks: From floral and paisley neckerchiefs, to elegant bracelets, and even denim jeans, the charming look doesn’t have to be as complicated to get as you’d expect – despite the occasional emphasis on simplicity.
Tan Gold Blazer With Art Featuring Velvet For Men
Tan velvet blazers are always classy, especially when designed with a unique and fashionable pattern. Style is truly yours with a velvet blazer that makes you dapper and fashion forward.

The Neckerchief

Here’s How To Wear The Velvet Blazer With A Neckerchief:

The neckerchief’s easygoing, yet clean look makes it an appealing addition to your velvet blazer based outfit.
The neckerchief has always been an effortless accessory that real gentlemen can tie around the neck to enhance the look of a casual or even business casual outfit. Quiet solid color sweaters, can turn into upscale, creative ensembles, and comfortable white button down shirts seemingly appear all the more jazzier. The neckerchief has constantly served as a way to bring about real style on a mans outfit, giving him a sense of being courage, and accepting of his outgoing nature.

(1.) The Floral Neckerchief

Here’s How To Make The Velvet Blazer Look Excellent With Floral Neckerchiefs:

The floral neckerchief is a smart pickup that if often overlooked for fear of appearing too “light” per se. However, it’s important to note here that flowers were long sported as boutonnieres or as the designs on ties, and handkerchiefs for decades. A floral neckerchief would absolutely be no exception in it’s ability to show that a man’s got style, and really is competent, and nothing other than fashion forward.

(2.) The Paisley Neckerchief

Here’s How To Make The Velvet Blazer Look Excellent With Paisley Neckerchiefs:

It is quite impossible to not have a charming look with a paisley neckerchief /velvet blazer.
Whenever a floral or plaid design just will not due, modern style calls for a classier take on floral motifs – paisley. Paisley pattern has long remained a staple on the socks, handkerchiefs , ties, and even hats of some of the worlds more creative and dapper, stylish gentlemen. The paisley neckerchief is a timeless take that appears to make men look classy and conservative, but definitely not at the compromise of a modern look.

How To Wear Neckerchiefs With A Velvet Blazer:

Royal blue velvet blazers – Other than being simple, yet trustworthy, are excellent for the business-casual look.
Velvet blazers that feature an interesting floral design, that isn’t necessarily bright and loud as some other floral printed blazers are perfect because they show that subtly is usually key in luxury fashion.
The floral and paisley neckerchiefs are two patterned accessories you might want to consider if you have a darker color velvet blazer such as forest green or tan. The neckerchief’s paisley and floral print truly brings out the elegance of the velvet and the two play hand in hand, beautifully alongside each other. Wearing a velvet blazer with floral or paisley just became a lot more comfortable, especially if you’re wise enough to tone down the other items in your outfit, making way for an emphasis on that awesome floral or paisley design.

The Charm Bracelet

Here’s How To Make The Velvet Blazer Look Excellent With The Right Wrist wear Or Charm Bracelet:

Dazzling and adorned – Keywords that describe the gentleman smart enough to pair the velvet blazer with a silver bracelet.
Charm bracelets are the new Rolex. Gentleman aiming for an easy, and modern, light weight accessory to wear on the wrist, which seems to magically work in most social situations, have been opting for the charm bracelet. Classy wrist wear has never fallen short of being an excellent way for a real gentlemen to show that he’s just that – a gentleman. Great style on the wrist means one thing for most fashionable gents – character. Character and luxury fashion are companions – One requires the other.

(3.) The Leather Bracelet

Here’s How To Make The Velvet Blazer Look Excellent With Any Leather Bracelet For Men:

One reason why leather bracelets work perfectly with velvet blazers is that it they really tend to make the entire outfit more flexible, and your look, much more outgoing.
The leather bracelet is a fashion statement in itself. Just as any other wrist wear, and accessories in general, a man’s style is very much depicted by what’s worn here. The leather bracelet, often designed woven, smooth, or even sometimes with silver or gold, can be a timeless essential, depending on your lifestyle. Men who are after a casual look, but intend to have that fashion spotlight zeroed in on him in social situations, are prime examples of leather bracelets worn with perfection.
mens velvet blazer featuring paisley and leather
The velvet blazer featuring paisley pattern is just one reason to make velvet blazers a staple item in your wardrobe.

(4.) The Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelets Look Amazingly Great With Velvet Blazers Because:

The silver bracelet can be said to have the charm that no other kind of bracelet can evoke. Really. Even gold bracelets don’t necessarily have the certain fashion savvy that silver bracelets have. Just about all businessmen can relate to the innumerable successful other businessmen and women he’s met that flaunt silver bracelets, regularly. If there is one accessory that’s a successful gent’s “must have” perhaps, it’s may just be the silver bracelet.

You can wear Silver Bracelets Fashionably With Any Velvet Blazer By Realizing That:

Though charm bracelets are really nothing new, a modern era, where sophistication in mens fashion rules, an original, and genuine fashion style, that’s really impossibly;e with modern day, fast fashion, is increasingly admired. Velvet blazers are as charming as any clothing in mens fashion can get, it’s why designerss have used them as a model, and base for millions of designs throughout the years. A velvet blazer can be worn with a charm bracelet effortlessly, but in this case it really is all about the blazers fit, and tailoring. The sleeves, really have to be at the right length, modernly slim fit, where the sleeves reach just above the charm bracelet. This is silver bracelet passion. This is exactly how velvet blazers and charm bracelets have long been a winning combination.

Your t-shirts and even other outerwear complement velvet blazers when you understand that:

You might not be thinking much of that t-shirt that you’ve got lying around, but truthfully, it can make or break your entire outfit. Yes, actually any thing sported above the waist has a profound effect on your look, and of course, ultimately your confidence. The importance of wearing outwear and shirts that are up to par really can not be stressed enough; Especially in menswear where the mantra really is “less is more”. The cardigan swearer, t-shirt, dress shirt, or turtle neck you’re planning on wearing – well, let’s just hope it’s more a neutral color, primarily because the velvet blazer brings shimmer, shine, and elegance to the look, which of course isn’t an awful thing at all.
cardigan swear with buttons
The cardigan is a warm, and stylish take on mens style. Including a velvet blazer with this makes for the perfect look of comfort and charm!

(5.) The Cardigan Sweater Alongside The Velvet Blazer For A Charming Look

Here’s How To Wear Velvet Blazers With A Fashionable Cardigan Sweater:

Cardigan sweaters – perhaps are one of menswear’s best kept style secrets. In fact, not to mention the fact that such a simple and lightweight essential can bring a certain level of uniformity to your look; Warmth, style, and poise are all extra added benefits of sporting this gem. However, the magic happens when a velvet blazer is thrown on over a cardigan. Think burgundy velvet blazer, perhaps plaid, with a plaid or checked, cool blue buttoned cardigan. Savile Row luxury style surely has gotten timeless mens fashion right.

(6.) The Simple T-Shirt Alongside The Velvet Blazer For A Charming Look

Here’s How To Make Simple T-Shirts Charming With A Velvet Blazer:

Mentioning “business casual” with any modern, fashion forward gent may meet you with a frown. After all, fashionable men are either wildly fashion forward, or conservative in style, yet not necessarily outdated. The t-shirt and velvet blazer look is one that is worn as a last minute look, when you’re headed unsure of whether or not you’ll need to be in tip top style or dressed casually. Velvet blazers and the t-shirt are much more of a winner together, than regular cotton based blazers, because the pair is hard to take on an unpleasing look. In fact, the velvet blazer maybe be the t-shirt’s only hope of coming anything close to ‘charming’.

(7.) The Dress Shirt Alongside The Velvet Blazer For A Charming Look

Here’s How To Make Your Dress Shirts Look Absolutely Elegant With A Velvet Blazer:

luxury velvet blazer featuring burgduny stripes and heart shaped motifs
Burgundy blazers rule. Especially when in velvet. This dapper pickup is luxury at it’s finest and shows true craftsmanship in it’s design, and fit. Sport this with any color slacks, even khaki, and you’re sure to impress.
mens dress shirt
Dress shirts for men are a smart way to stay effortlessly sharp. Sport this with your velvet blazer for a smooth and clean look that’s certainly capable and charming.
The Dress Shirt Looks Great With Almost Any Blazer, Because: As a staple for the tuxedo and tailored suit dressed man, the dress shirt, honestly doesn’t really need much to give you a charming look, as much as a t-shirt would. But great style certainly is taken a few bars higher with the marriage of the dress shirt and velvet blazer.

(8.) The Turtle neck shirt for sophistication

Turtleneck Shirts Complement Velvet Blazers Because:

A simply and undeniably effortless way to ensure an neat look will be to sport a turtleneck with a velvet blazer. This look screams nothing but sophistication. The turtleneck shirt is often ignored as a mens pickup, but as modern style revolutionizes what menswear means, placing an emphasis on traditionalism that’s posh, neat, and clearly high end, velvet blazers and turtleneck shirts can be the next “go to” look for stylish men. pilaeo-page-styledivider

Charmed With Pants.

Here’s Why The Pants You Wear Can Really Influence Your Velvet Blazer Outfit:

mens chino pants
The mens chino trouser can be confidently sported with velvet blazers, especially if it is the perfect fit.
Trousers are often worn with the intention just to serve it’s purpose. But with modern style’s emphasis on fit, pants can go a long way to make your look worthy of being in the next Esquire photo shoot. Style in the 21st century seems to be going forward in an exciting, unforeseen, but certainly comfortable way. Pants can be one of the main ways to rev up your look, especially if you’ve got a stylish velvet blazer you plan on wearing.

(9.) Denim Jeans & The Velvet Blazer

The Velvet And Denim Look Is Timeless And Very Much Always Relevant Because:

Denim jeans have defineitly been a top choice, even rivaling the so-called fad of the chino pants. Denim jeans, are casual yes. But can not be ruled out as as a staple. In fact, even formal looks can be quite achievable with denim jeans, sporting a velvet blazer with denim jeans are a greet way to stay grounded, but not compromise a charming and luxury look. Having an appeal that flexible is important in mens fashion. Denim jeans – yes. Velvet blazers ABSOLUTELY!

(10.) Dress Pants For A Luxury Look

The Right Dress Pants With Velvet Blazers Only Makes Your Look More Attractive Because: Dress pants are a tailors best friend. Men who are used to having hems perfected, and sleeves lengthened, can all attest to the difference of a dress pant’s fit. Velvet blazers only add to this perfection of style with it’s look. A charming style is achievable, pretty effortlessly with the right dress pants. Sport your navy blue fitted dress pants, perhaps cotton, polyester blend, coupled up with a plaid or floral blazer, and yes, prepare for complements as this look will make you more dapper, approachable, and yes, charming than ever!
Tan Gold Blazer With Art Featuring Velvet For Men
the craftsmanship of the luxury velvet blazer. Detail & perfection wins here.



One Secret To Wearing The Velvet Blazer The Best Way Is Dinner Because:

The velvet men’s dinner jacket is the superb item to wear in the evenings. The awesome look makes the evening appear even more elegant, charming, and definitely more likely to work in your favor.

Here’s Why The Velvet Look ALWAYS WOrks FOr DInner:

Velvet look awesome at dinner because the material themselves are all about elegance, which is really how and why the style is reserved for the most gentlemen of them. If you have a dinner event at am upscale restaurant or maybe even a get together, you can add real quality to the evening with the right mannerisms and apparel. To go along with the required ways of mannerisms and conduct at the dinner table, you really should dress in a way that your efforts are complementing an awesome evening.

Different kinds of VELVET dinner jackets suitable for the evening:

The different kinds of dinner jackets suitable for the evening vary. That’s really for you to decide, but top suggestions of dinner velvet jackets are floral, navy blue, black lapel, burgundy, and graphic art printed. The styles and overall wildness of these truly are just a matter of how accepting of this fashion style that the crowd is. But even then,it is always admirable to push the so called limits of men’s style a bit.

Floral Velvet Dinner Jacket

Floral velvet dinner jackets are interesting because: they are almost always vibrant, and an easy way to show your passion, creativity, and character. Men’s fashion has been an a stunning sort of renaissance that makes for your velvet floral dinner blazer only admirable!

the Navy blue velvet dinner jacket will also do wonders for your look because:

Navy blue velvet dinner jackets are absolutely modern in that they really live to their ability to work in dual for the gentleman on the go, and the professional. These essentials are timeless because their fashion style never ceases and you can mix and match the outfit in a very smart way to be super flexible and dapper.

Black velvet dinner jacket

The absolute must common staple of all velvet blazers is the black velvet dinner jacket because:

The look is one that’s managed to be timeless and very relevant for decades. As one of the top staples of men’s fashion, the black velvet blazer remains as one of the leading men’s essentials in evening wear, particularly for dinner. Men’s fashion staples maui seem like they aren’t add abundant in a modern era, however timelessness, charm, and absolutely classy dressing is. If you want a look that will go on to serve As being one of the very pieces that make or break your wardrobe, then embracing luxury fashion with the black velvet dinner jacket is beyond wise.

Burgundy velvet dinner jacket

Burgundy is one of the main go to staples of men’s fashion. Here’s Why:

It proves just how essential dark but sophisticated men’s fashion is to a lifestyle of flexibility where you really aren’t sure when you’ll be required for a professional socializing! Making wearing burgundy blazers a habit of style is wise, especially for the modern gentleman who is optimistic about his future careers and really takes pride in a wonderful look. Staying really sophisticated is with your apparel in a modern era isn’t about coming off as overdressed or uptight, but merely owning your passion and extruding the confidence needed to push you forward. No wonder truly remarkable men are doing nothing but striving, especially in burgundy velvet blazers.

Graphic art printed velvet dinner jacket

Graphic Art Printed Velvet Blazers Are A Top Pick. Here’s Why:

Graphic art printed blazers aren’t the kinds of clothing to categorize as cookie cutter art on clothing. They are timeless essentials that in so many cases tell a story.
If you really want to look neat without having to resort to a graphical t-shirt with flimsy polo style attributes, then saying yes to modern luxury art, designed with artsy passion is for you.

Dapper gentlemen have gotten it right by embracing graphic based velvet blazers because:

They are embracing their individuality with poise and style and refuse to back down to nothingness in true art. Being able to express yourself in the art in one of the most powerful and meaningful ways to multi task with style.

The velvet blazer mens shopping guide

Shop for your velvet blazers based on the occasion, such as:


Velvet Blazer Jackets Are Suitable For Dinners Because:

Dinners are where it all happens. The ultimate place for you to show your etiquette and displays of mannerism and style in ways that pretty much have to live up to a sort of elegant norms. Velvet blazers or dinner jackets that happen to have velvet in them are the exact kinds of fashion apparel that complements the whole elegant nature of dinners, particularly more put together and gourmet/ upscale venues. If you are going to attend a dinner, wear a navy blue velvet blazer; In particular a design that’s got the exact amount of fashion flair needed to socialize and come off as outgoing, but also a certain neat, and professional knack.


You’ll Always Look Exceptional In A Velvet Blazer At A Wedding. Here’s Why: Weddings are events where you should probably try not to outshine the bride and groom with a stunningly attractive and shimmering velvet blazer. However, this does not mean that the style you choose has to be lackluster. If you’ll be attending a wedding, chances are you’re going to know at least a couple people attending. Staying in line with the expected norms of wedding attire is playing it safe. However, you can also stay low key with wise colors that are neutral, comfortable, yet outgoing. Wear a tan, beige, or brown color velvet blazer, particularly styles that have done level of pattern and artistic edge. Starting low key is smarty in some instances, but in order to be seen as an outgoing, charming gent, a subtly patterned blazer in a neutral he is a wise pick.

Awards show

Truly Cool, And Charming Outfits Are Required At Awards Shows. Velvet Blazers Complement That Because:

Awards shows are usually held during evenings, and they call for the crowds who are the most glamorous among them all. Elegant and charming colors such as burgundy, forest green, and even navy blue, ate certainly among top picks to wear on the event that you will be presenting yourself with elegance and poise. Opting for velvet blazers that have shimmer, even during night, will not only give you the credibility on the style department, but also that shimmer and stride to your step that will truly make you gentleman whose on the forefront of it all – passion, creativity, and integrity!

Prom and homecoming

Fashionable Velvet Blazers That Are Creative Make For The Ideal Prom And Homecoming Evening Jackets Because:

Prom and homecoming are not your every day events. And if your apt on anything regarding fashion, you’ll know that unusual times calls for unusual apparel. It isn’t unknown that prom and homecoming are events where highschool students embrace any and everything bold. Velvet blazers are shimmery, elegant, and really extrude luxury like no other kind of item in men’s fashion. For prom or homecoming wear velvet blazers that are bold and hip, while being able to really hold its weight on artistic significance.

Nature inspired blazers are excellent choices. Here Is An Example:

And so are monochrome black/white velvet blazer styles. Here’s An Example:

suit or tux yourself out in either of the two kinds of velvet blazers, along with pattern leather dress shoes and you’ll be absolutely nothing other than absolutely dapper.

No occasion at all — sporting around

Wearing A Velvet Blazer Casually Is Also A Popular Thing. Here’s Why:

Though velvet blazers have become synonymous with luxury, elegant, and even professional events, there are still really cool, and high end, casual designs that’ll put a real creative stride to your step. After all, who says just because your on a grocery store run, you’ve got to forego great style. If you’re casually wearing velvet blazers, it’s understandable that you embrace flexibility in style. Opting for colors such as burgundy, navy blue, and tan are wise and will really make your everyday style effortless, casually, but exceptionally comfy and neat.

Here is how to go shopping for your ideal colorway or design:

Shopping for your ideal colorway or design when it comes to velvet blazers is about careful thought of which colors of clothes tend to work with your own style. If you are A more professional gent, who finds himself in professional apparel atleast sixty percent of the time, a graphical based velvet blazer that’s very bright and bold in abstract colors may not be the exact style you should get. Unless of course you’ll be opting for that on a very unique basis. Get colors of velvety blazers that complement your lifestyle, habits and career.

Here is how to shop for the perfect size velvet blazer:

Some blazers, more or less have a reputation for being way too oversized. Shopping wisely for the right fit of your velvet blazer is the best way to get the most out of each wear. Though the slim fit trend has caught steam, and really does have the ability to make you look amazing, the best fit for velvet blazers are fitted, but slightly loose. Though velvet does have a bit stretch, getting them too small may restrict the mobility needed for simple tasks, but oversized can be just as troublesome. Blazer styles ability to fit depend solely on the craftsmanship. Some blazers may have slightest smaller sleeves than others, and some broader shoulders.
For The Best Blazer Shopping Experience, Shop For Blazers Based On Height/Weight Fit Correlation Because: To get your velvet blazer to look awesome and wear it the way the designer really intended for you to wear it, shop for your velvet blazers by basing your selected size on height/ weight. By using a height / weight size selection chart, you can get the best size possible. This is certainly wise to avoid pesky exchange and return hassles.

Summing Up

Though one of the most obvious and common pieces in men fashion may not be mentioned here – ties, they too have their place with velvet blazers. A sleek black tie or even bow-tie for that matter , along with a chic velvet blazer certainly makes for an attractive you, and is definitely not an uncommon sight on some of the world’s most savvy gents. However, the velvet blazer gent prefers a more outgoing, but respectful look, perhaps a slim fit tie. Style and charm are true companions here, and velvet blazers truly lead the way as the maverick “must have” item to have for a man who is a fashion icon in his own right.
PILAEO offers luxury fashion that uses creativity and passion to embrace the fashion forward gentleman. The PILAEO velvet blazer selection  features timeless styles for the utmost stylish gents around. The luxury fashion selection at PILAEO are is very inspiring to aspiring gentlemen and even tycoons who are after a well rounded lifestyle, of quality, character, and style! If you enjoyed this style and shopping guide. Like, Share Tweet This!

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