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Getting the perfect look, that can effortlessly walk the very fine, almost not existent line between sleek fashion and luxury for men, comes with a hefty amount of knowledge of style needed, one that the everyday businessman-next-door might not be too fond of.
Retro Leather Genuine Crocodile Leather Briefcase At PILAEOBut this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel just yet, after all, style can be effortless with a few key essentials, most notably, the crocodile briefcase; An essential that is certainly shifting men’s perception of what true fashion means. For some time, it may have seemed as if a certain look for modern men was all too common with a conveyor belt-like reproduction of the same kinds of messenger bags, and chukka boots, along with that all too familiar plaid dress shirt. Crocodile briefcases are for the men who have the might to make initiative In an  era fueled by Starbucks aficionados, and social media led fashion fads. Three ways the crocodile briefcase is really changing fashion as we know it, are that they are introducing flair, and sophistication back into the lives of gentlemen, the briefcase is popular at the right time in fashion, where technology is increasingly a significant aspect of the industry, and it allows a traditional menswear item to coexist in an era where cool luxury backpacks and even clutches for men somehow came to rival their very existence. pilaeo-page-styledividerPILAEO mens fashion

Bringing sophistication Back  – The Crocodile Briefcase

Sophistication in menswear may have taken somewhat of a hit, somewhere along the lines of immense street fashion cultures around the world, and a newfound dare we say, vulgarity, and rebellious nature that’s managed to have an impact on style. The crocodile briefcase holds it’s charm in it’s remarkable pattern, look, and flair. Not just any material can offer an intrinsic look, and appeal, that has stood the test of time, through fads, and so called trends. Sophistication may or may not be in the eye of the beholder, but the crocodile briefcase look is one that seriously is making men think twice about steering away from an elegant look.

Classic Crocodile Genuine Leather Texture Brown Bag At PILAEO

Convenient & Style

In an era where technology rules, but style also is relevant, menswear has come to a cross roads where certain timeless pickups are going to be the definers of exactly what modern fashion for men is. With the compartmentalized pockets, and handle, which is often designed with the infamous pattern as well, convenience is a big part of the crocodile briefcase’s and backpack’s appeal. A stylish yet truly convenient essential such as the crocodile briefcase is high on any fashionable forward gent’s list.
Stylish Crocodile Leather Diagonal Cross-Section Brown Bag At PILAEO

The True Champion Of Traditional Menswear

Traditional menswear has made huge strides, there’s no denying that. A sleek, charming appearance has always been admired, but can modern men  keep the essential qualities of exactly what a gentlemen is, all while progressing in to the realms of post modern fashion?  Crocodile briefcases are one of the only essentials that can surely change and propel mens fashion in a new era, where tech, style, convenience, and charm are paramount to any gent’s lifestyle. A true champion of the excellent potential of modern menswear is truly the crocodile briefcase

In conclusion

A sophisticated, sleek style, along with convenience are just a few reasons why the crocodile briefcase makes for an excellent mens fashion pickup, as trends go in an out, throughout the years, having an timeless item that is a centerpiece to the changes of style in a new and vibrant era of style, is comparable to the value of not many other menswear items out there. And being apart of such a profound, and meaningful change is worth it, especially for fashion forward, dapper gentlemen.

gentleman-crocodile-shoulder-messenger-backpack-black-bag-1 gentleman-crocodile-shoulder-messenger-backpack-black-bag-6

PILAEO offers men fashion essentials and luxury briefcases for men that propels the lives of gentlemen in a modern era.

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