The Mens Brown Leather Satchel Briefcase Buying Guide

Mens Brown Satchel Briefcase Buying Guide - learn about how to wear brown briefcases

When shopping for a brown leather briefcase, especially with the satchel styles, it’s important to get a style that is comfortable and has character. It should also sever it’s purpose and be able to hold all of your necessary items in its compartments. 

This buying guide is specially for the men’s brown leather satchel briefcase style and will help making shopping decisions for this popular item. You can also get more insight into some of the other top briefcase styles at the Briefcase Buying Guide For Modern Men.

Brown Leather Satchel Briefcase - used for travel and convenience in business, and working. Can be worn with professional and unprofessional clothing.

Features Of The Brown Leather Satchel Briefcase

This is the most important thing to consider when shopping for a brown leather briefcase that has a satchel. You should consider features that are important for you, and most importantly, what  features specifically make a briefcase high quality for you. With a brown leather briefcase, you’ll want to consider things such as the level of tarnish that the leather material will have, whether or not the briefcase has any synthetic parts or variations in compartments.

You might be buying leather briefcases for work, so this is also one thing that needs to be considered. Your occupation and kind of daily work are certainly considerations you’d want to take into account. For example, if you are s guy who values highly the look and feel of your briefcase, then a crocodile briefcase will suffice. You also might want to consider mens blazer and briefcase combinations when wearing a brown briefcase, to ensure the combination is a great fit. However, essentially brown briefcases tend to pair well with many outfits, both professionally and casually.

If you are always on the go, then go with a briefcase that has a comfortable strap. This will ensure that you can efficiently carry everything that you need to while you’re traveling around. Even if you’re using your briefcase out on a weekend, there are ways to carry it while traveling. To find out more tips check out how bike racks can carry briefcases by the WA State Department of Transportation

Moreover, briefcase that allows you o carry around your essentials, should certainly have a compartment for your laptop. Brown briefcases with sachels have that extra dded secure latch to hold your electronics in position.


The material of your brown briefcase speaks alot about the purpose of it. In fact, briefcases don’t have to be just one type of material. Often times the satchel cover is a different material and may add to the unique look and feel of the briefcase overall, as different materials have different textures.

Brown Leather Types

For the gentlemen who is a busy office worker, or perhaps even the boss of his own company, a brown leather briefcase with a satchel is the ultimate statement piece. Find out more information on leather briefcases.

While faux leather is making headways into fashion, genuine leather is flexible. In fact, may top brands are considering replacing genuine leather with faux leather for environmentally conscious reasons. While traditional leather accessories are seen as staples, and have been a symbol of quality for some time, a true business man knows that most relevant companies are considering the importance of using sustainable fabrics.

Synthetic Fabrics for Brown Briefcases

Believe it or not, one of the most common leather alternatives for business briefcases are synthetic or faux leather briefcases. These essentials still have the structure of the traditional briefcase, and can do all of the same things, but have an extra added air of relevant in terms of overall fashion. In fact, synthetic leathers can have a designed tarnish which makes the design look classic and fashionable. In addition to the design and look, faux lather is sometimes very much stronger due to the nature of it’s manufacturing processes.

Hardware on Brown Briefcases

The hardware on brown briefcases with satchels and unique, as they complement the color. Hardware on brown satchel briefcases often have a polished gold color. This is the best complement for the look, and essentials looks good as apart of a casual and professional outfit.

Hardware on brown briefcase - gold colored hardware suitable for using it professionally or casually


As brown is one the most common colors of briefcases, there are several hues of brown that are common. This gets even more complicated considering that there could be a tarnish that occurs overtime. 

Brown color briefcases typically look great in a professional environment, however many men have been able to wear them casually with denim jeans.

One thing to mention is that brown briefcases can also have different stitching colors, which in turn can change the entire look of accessory. The luxury briefcase styles that are available form most designers vary in color and may make your outfit more unique than not!

Pockets and Compartments of Briefcases

Compartments are some of the most essential parts of briefcases, and helps keep all documents and electronic devices exactly where and how they should be. 

Depending on where you’re headed and which way of traveling you prefer, these compartments can come in use because you can often use the briefcase multifunctional.

All in all, it’s ideal to have your items secure a much as possible. Sometimes the satchel latch servers as an extra layer of security, which could be much needed, specifically if you’re in a hurry. Having that extra flap that’s not only fashionable, but also secures your essentials is an example of the great functionality of briefcase.

Convenience for Electronics and While Traveling

Your laptop has compartments for a reason. Ensuring that your electronics are free of marks will prolong their use and your satisfaction with them. Brown satchel briefcases have that extra layer of protection due to the satchel flap. This satchel makes the briefcase even more convenience, allowing you to carry it around easily and conveniently. In fact, most modern satchel briefcases have a special compartment for the laptops. This compartment could either be secure with a special padding or high quality material to ensure that it’s exactly what’s needed to secure your much needed accessories.

Brown briefcase used for business casual purposes - the long strap is suitable for business men who will be using the briefcase in or out of the office

Moreover, while traveling long distances on train or plane, it’s important to have usable compartments for tickets and other essentials while traveling. These convinces can make traveling easier.

Laptop Size & Weight

Brown leather briefcases with satchel flaps are available is a variety of sizes, however on average, they have about 16 inches. Or 37 cm with. This is about the right with for the average sized laptop. These dimensions should work for most electronic devices.

The weight of the briefcase should be a comfortable measurement, not too heavy. This way the items places inside can easily keep it comfortable to use.

The Cost of Brown Leather Briefcases and Where to Buy

While briefcases are available in a wide range of prices, it’s important to note that the prices of briefcases typically are in the $200-$300 range, however an vary depending on the size, and material.

Shop for mens brown satchel briefcases that have all of the aforementioned qualities, that way you can use them in or out of the office.

Taking Care of Your Briefcase

Your brown briefcase deserves all of the best care. It’s important to use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior, and be careful to not get it too wet. To clean the strap, remove it from the latch and clean it. 

Brown briefcase designed with two satchel latches and strap

Closing Comments

By now, hopefully you have all of the useful information that’s needed to make a decision on which brown satchel briefcase you’d like to buy. No matter what your purpose for buying it, your brown briefcase can improve your wardrobe and serve as a major aspect of convenience for you and you’re regular schedule whether traveling or at work.

Top Brown Leather Briefcases With Satchels

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Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger at PILAEO

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