Where to Buy Silver Bracelet For Men With Grams — 5 Ways To Wear It Now

The silver bracelet constantly has rivals in wrist wear. From the smartwatch to the leather bracelet, there’s a lot of different accessories in men’s fashion that want it’s ‘place’ as the mainstay of your outfit. However, the truth is that silver bracelets have a certain charm, and long-lasting appeal that makes them viable and more wearable if you’re looking for something to spruce up and bring forth luxury into your look. The bracelets that can move the needle and will make your outfit more fashionable, and dapper are styles that have a chunkier, and definitely can hold its own weight in grams. A few grams, or several ounces steady, of silver in your bracelet will certainly make your wrist sparkle, dazzle, and impress. However, the issue with silver bracelets for men in an era full of smartwatches is all about whether or not you know how to wear it.
Here you’ll learn about 5 key ways to wear the silver bracelet and exact places you can shop for this immediately.

With your professional outfit

Professional outfits are usually synonymous with a business outfit, often featuring an expensive wristwatch. A smart way to wear this kind of outfit is really with a silver bracelet. It’s going to add sophistication and fashion to your look. Professionalism is all about having a neat and put-together appearance and giving off vibes of really what a classy man should look like. But adding an effortlessly attractive accessory such as the silver bracelet will make your outfit more “you”. There’s no denying that adding silver bracelets to your look will give character to your outfit — often much-needed personality that can give you an upper hand in gaining trust from and partnerships and deals. The silver bracelet often is the hidden jewel in professional outfits from business suits, to even uniforms for work. While being confined to the conservative and often restrictive nature of the suit, the silver bracelet works with the professionalism and luxury look/appeal of the outfit but brings an art-based approach to the table. Silver bracelets at PILAEO men’s luxury Modern men embrace silver bracelets with grams, chunky ones, and are capable of turning a bland outfit or business suit into one that’s remarkably unforgettable.

With your casual outfit

Your casual outfits are usually styled with denim. With this in mind, we can often assume that you’re going after a relaxed look. Silver bracelets that are heavy and have grams will often be on your radar for your office outfit, but with a luxury t-shirt that features an emphasis on art and fit, you can wear a casual look that certainly is designer.
Streetwear has taken the menswear industry in some ways, and everyday men are waking up to the fact that you can certainly wear casual clothing but keep it neat. The silver bracelet is one of your key alleys with this kind of style. One tip for wearing casual + luxury: minimalism. Minimalist clothes that have an emphasis on fit and comfort are surefire ways to stay casual but keep it ‘together’. Silver bracelets coupled up with slim fit denim jeans and casual shoes, such as brogues, loafers, or moccasins are smart ways to not overdo the laid-back look but also put some ‘classy gentleman’ look into your outfit.

With your smartwatch

By now it’s clear that the smartwatch is a staple. This increase in wearing technology is a smart way to take advantage of traditional jewelry pieces for men such as the silver bracelet. Your look can effortlessly be alongside your smartwatch on the same arm and work together making your look modern, but sophisticated. Men who wear smartwatches get a certain rep for wanting to only wear smartwatches and toss other pieces. Defy expectation with a chunky silver bracelet that won’t just give you a sophisticated and mature look, but complement your tech-savvy style and know-how.

With your wristwatch (regular)

Whether it’s your newest Swiss-pickup or just a sporty wristwatch, you might be surprised to know that they too can complement your silver bracelet. Silver bracelets with grams tend to outshine other accessories you wear, but after all, at some point, you’ve still got to know the time. no? The trendy style for men always has its ups and downs. This means that accessory overdo can be more prominent than ever in some ways. Here are key ways to prevent wearing too much accessory on the wrist, especially when a silver bracelet, that’s heavy– and chunky is involved:
  1. Wear the silver bracelet on a different hand, other than the hand you are wearing your wristwatch on.
  2. Other bracelets that you wear should be worn on the same hand as your wrist watch.
If you have a cool silver bracelet that has grams, well it has grams. This essentially gives you more understanding when taken into context of how you pair it with your other apparel and accessories. You should certainly consider wearing your silver bracelets that are heavy on a hand, alone. All this makes it more bearable and balances out the other accessories in your outfit. Wristwatches have been long popular for a reason – and the fact that you can wear a silver bracelet with them just goes to show how complementary they are to your style. Their versatility goes to show how useful and timeless they are.
Silver bracelets too, are timeless and can be worn with a wide range of wristwatches and this makes them all the more valuable, especially considering that they can shift the tone of your outfit and wardrobe.

With an athletic outfit

Athleisure or athletic leisurewear has cropped up on the menswear scene more discreetly than anything else. The popularity of this trend that often mixes business casual with sportswear or even streetwear sets a playground for wearing sophisticated pieces with higher-end investment items, such as the silver bracket. You can wear your silver bracelet confidently with athleisure apparel. knowing that you do look in-style, and comfortable. The main benefit of athletic apparel is that you can be comfortable while having a sophisticated higher-end look to your outfit. The awesome thing about silver bracelets with grams is that they are usually chunky and can look rather appealing with sporty sneakers, sweat pants, and a polo shirt. The mixing and pairing of luxury fashion and comfortable sportswear are effortlessly convenient and easy to wear. Silver bracelets are one of the main pieces of accessories that work with this look, remarkably.
Summing Up
Your silver bracelet with grams may not be the first thing you plan on wearing with your outfit, however, it can truly be a mainstay of your outfit, regardless of the style you wear. The awesome thing about silver bracelets is that they are timeless and even though often chunky, and have several ounces or grams, they serve as staples of modern style that are sophisticated and often a nice mix of streetwear and business.
Whether you are wearing a look that’s professional, casual, or athleisure the silver bracelet complements your look by effectively serving a piece that will ass an air of confidence, and dapper, unparalleled style while being highly relevant and convenient. If you’ve enjoyed this article, like share, tweet this!

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